Daily Archives March 8, 2014


joe_avQuiet echoed throughout the Looking Glass as she drifted through space. Most of the crew were tucked away in their beds. Night and day were null concepts in the black but people still tended to turn in at the same time. The only movement was Tyler who had gotten stuck with watch duty while the others slept. Silently, Joe crept out of his bedroom and moved towards the front of the ship. He slipped into the bathroom on the same side as Tyler’s room to avoid waking anyone unnecessarily. He laid his towel on the sink and began to peel away the bits of Joe. 

As the last of the clothing dropped to the floor, Joelle stood and appraised herself in the mirror. It had been so many weeks since she had a proper shower, it was lucky she had found herself on a ship that had such a luxurious commodity...
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