Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.19

bb-av“Not so damn tight!” Redbird winced. “Are you wanting to keep me from breathing?”


Diana secured the flexicast’s lashes tight along the girl’s back. “Will it keep you from talking?”


Redbird smirked as she pulled her top back down, “Funny.” She looked down at the archer’s leg,”You need help with that?”


She stepped back, looking at her thigh. The bandage was soaked a deep crimson with her blood. A sigh fell from her lips, “Nah.” Despite what she said she still cringed a little as she pulled the adhesive loose. Even in the heat of the moment, Redbird had done an exceptional job of removing the arrowhead without exacerbating the damage. “It’s just a flesh wound.”


She sat down, carefully cleaning out wound. “Hey…” She didn’t look up to meet the girl’s eyes, even though she had called for her attention. Instead she reached for the jet injector and loaded it with an a concoction of antibiotic and painkiller. “You saved my life down there. Thanks.”


Redbird chuckled. “You’d do the same.” She looked at the door out of the med bay and back to Artemis. “Do you really trust frosty tips?


The meds flowed through her and almost instantly the archer could feel her leg relaxing. This time her sigh was one of relief. “Define trust.” She smirked and went about wrapping the cut back up. “I don’t think he’s a villain if that’s what you’re asking. Villains don’t think they’re as charming as he thinks he is.”


“Good point, but I still don’t know what his full game is yet, and until we do,” she stood back up, much stronger then before, “We need to play this close to the vest.” Redbird walked over and inspected Artemis’s wrapping job.


The archer wrapped dark protective tape over the bandages. “I dunno how close we can, Red.” She got to her feet. “Right now he’s kind of the gateway to everything we need to know.”


“Yeah, I know.” Redbird pulled back her hood. “So now what?”


“Figure out how bad bad is.” Artemis headed for the door. “And how smart very very smart is.”


The pair pushed through back into the monitor room, “So, Mr. Daniels…” Just as they had found him the first time, Garret was hunched over that computer, his fingers punching all over its keys with quick succession. “We in?”


“Yeah… we’re in…” The sound of his voice was grim to say the least.


“What did you find?” The Scarlet Squire folded her arms across her chest. “How bad is it?”


“Bad… They’re gone.” He rand his hand through his hair and shook his head. “All of them.”


“This is real bad.” Redbird sighed. As she looked over the monitors, a glint from space caught her eye. She turned her head to see a green glow rocket toward Earth. “Is that?”


Artemis was still focused on the blue tipped Garret Daniels. “What do you mean all of them?” That sinking feeling she had felt before, that urge to vomit? It was back. “Like all of them all of them? That’s not possible.”


“I think that’s…”


“How can they all be gone?”


“I dunno how. From Dubai to Graceland, Tokyo to Helsinki, we have world wide loss of… it looks like… heroes, police, fire, military, militia, even some athletes, all over the age of… holy crap… eighteen.” He looked back at the girls, his eyes almost haunted. “One year shy…”


“Yeah, that’s definitely-” The green comet dropped into the earth’s atmosphere. Seconds later it was gone. No glow. No trail. Nothing. The Girl Wonder sighed. “Nevermind…


“What?” Artemis turned her head.


She she shook her head. “It’s the planet. Just the planet.”


The archer dropped into one of the Justice League chairs. Her head leaned back against the arrow shape embossed into it. She palmed her face, the scope of every thing sinking in. “Crap…”


“We’re all the world has.” Redbird rubbed the back of her neck. “So what do we do?” She slumped again into the same chair she was in before.


“Well,” Artemis took a deep breath. “If’ it’s just us young kids we need to do something. That guy breaking into a cop car was just the tip of the ice berg of a mess of trouble this ship his heading for…”


Rett gestured to a darkened hallway, the wall lined with doors of indeterminable destination. “There’s an armory behind what looks like some sort of trophy room about two doors down that hallway.”


“We may need to see what’s in there.” Redbird gave her partner a look. “We may need more than what we have to stop what’s going on.”


With a smile, Rett pushed a few keys that activated the sound of mechanical movement. “Door’s open!” He spun the chair around to face the girls. “Anything else you ladies need?”


Diana reached across the table and dragged her bow toward her. “We’re not just going to leave you here. You do realize that, right?”


“Hey, I was here before you!” He shot playfully. “Besides, what if some other wayward ladies find their way up here?”


“They’ll manage without your charm,” she smirked and thumbed toward the door. “Let’s go, flyboy.”


“I suppose I can’t blame you.” He stood, slipping his hands into the pockets of his pajama bottoms.”I’ll protect you.” His ironic comment was obvious, him being in no way an imposing or protective figure.


“You really are full of yourself, aren’t you?” Redbird rolled her eyes.


He laughed, crossing the room to join the girls. “Yeah… I can see a sense of humor isn’t in your skill set, Birdie.”


“That’s not something they teach in Bat-school.” Artemis lead the way out, “Lets see if we can maybe find you some pants too…”


Garrett looked down at his pajama bottoms. “What? I’m wearing pants…”


The teen huntress chuckled a little despite herself, “When they say heroes wear jammies, they don’t actually mean jammies.”


“Unless you’re talking about Ma Hunkle.” The Girl Wonder actually cracked a slight hint of a smile.


Diana paused. She turned, laughing a bit more. “Touche.”


Never losing his charming grin, Rett raised a brow. “My what now?”

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