Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.5

lantern-avTranslucent green forms of Jenny Lynn-Hayden and Kyle Rayner stood in their kitchen, looking down at their son. “Tonight’s a school night. You know the rules.” the woman said.


The Green Lantern’s image nodded. “And have you even started on Of Mice and Men yet?”


Scott Rayner was stunned. His dad had been on Oa for the last week. How did he know about an assignment Scott hadn’t even told his mom about.


Reading her son’s expression, Jenny laughed. “Your dad and I were in high school too. It had to come up sooner or later this year.”


“Okay, fine.” Scott rolled his eyes. “I can’t fly to Star City. Can I at least do a movie group on the Z-Box tonight?”


“Sure,” the woman’s image said. “As long as your homework is done, you’ve finished two chapters of the book and you’ve done your chores without using the ring.”


The young man’s face dropped. “Aw man.”


It was Kyle’s turn to laugh. “Sorry, Scotty. Your mom has spoken.”


“The JSA meeting should be over in a couple hours,” Jade said. “I should be home…”


Abruptly Jade’s image vanished. Scott looked over at his father. “Dad? I lost Mom.”


“Me too.” Knowing his son’s Starheart powers were more closely linked to Jade’s, he asked, “Can you find her?”


Scott shook his head. “No.” Pausing a moment, he concentrated more. “Can’t find granddad either.”


Kyle frowned, worry evident on his face. “Be there in 30 minutes. Meet me 350,000 feet above the brownstone.”


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