Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.7

lantern-avScott Rayner hovered at the edge of space, scanning the Earth for any trace of his mother or grandfather as he waited for his dad to appear. Soon a faint green star winked into existence, then grew to a streaking emerald comet.


Waiting for his father to hit the atmosphere, Scott prepared to match his speed. But he wasn’t prepared for the sight of the Green Lantern vanishing as he hit the fringes of Earth’s atmosphere, a green contrail the only clue he had been there.


Having just witnesses a second parent vanish in the span of an hour, Scott began to freak out.”What the Hell?” he shouted, looking around. He quickly scanned the area around his father’s last position. While he didn’t find any trace of his father’s familiar energy signature, he did detect something else, something dark.


As quickly as the panic had hit him, Scott’s brain began to work. The words of Ted Grant echoed through his mind. “Doesn’t matter how hard she hits you, kid. What matters is how quick you hit back.”


Scott figured he had to do something, and he might need to step up. His parents had made sure he had the willpower, self-control and skills his powers required, making him train with both Ted Grant and Kilowog, but they had kept him away from their work. His father always said he could become a hero “When the time was right.”


Scott wasn’t sure that the time was right, but it was necessary. The young man’s ring flared, shifting his shirt into a facimile of his grandfather’s uniform. A dark green mask formed on his face, and he held his ring before his eyes.


“Earth calling Oa. Earth calling Oa. Hal, John, ‘Wog, anyone there?”


Kilowog’s face appeared before Scott. “What’s up, Poozer?”


“We got a situation on Earth. Mom vanished, I can’t detect Granddad Alan and Dad disappeared when he hit the upper atmosphere.”


He paused, choosing his next words carefully. “I know I’m not technically a member of the Corps, but right now I’m the only Lantern on Earth, and you’ve trained me in ringslinging. I’ve gotta call an SP-4902. Earth is under planetary quarantine.”


The image of Kilowog nodded. “Fair enough, kid. Your pop always said you were gonna be a deputy in 2814 when the time came.”


Next to the alien’s face, Hal Jordan appeared. “Kilowog is right. You’re the current Earth GL, Scotty. I’ll let K’dhyzn and Ssarrvaahg know, they’ll throw a cordon up around the solar system. Let us know as soon as you find something.”


“Roger that, Uncle Hal. Scott out.”


The images of the Lanterns faded, and Scott dove for the last place his mother had been, the JSA Brownstone.


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