Young Justice 2.0 – A World Without Justice 1.8

pg2-avCasey tried the best she could to keep at a normal pace as she made her way through the pedestrian traffic around the subway station. It was hard for her to shake the feeling that something was wrong, and not in the “Mom’s off to foil the Ultrahumanite’s latest plot” kind of way. Reaching the brownstone that was the headquarters of the Justice Society, Casey took the full set of steps in one leap and was inside the building before she realized that she hadn’t needed to clear her entry with the security system.


Something was most definitely wrong. “Uncle Ted?” She called out, moving through the museum and into the working areas of the brownstone. “Tommy? Courtney?” The building was unusually quiet, giving way to more anxiety as Casey moved from room to room, but finding no one.


Hearing the television on in the lounge, she poked her head in. There was a half-eaten sandwich on one of the tables. It appeared as though whoever had been there had simply walked away in the middle of their lunch. Not something too uncommon, but the television had caught her attention. The local news had broken over the usual late afternoon programming with a special report.


“… from all over the city that entire police precincts, fire stations, and many area hospitals have suddenly turned up empty of officers, firefighters, doctors and nurses. Eyewitness reports say that individuals simply vanished. We’re not exactly sure what’s happening, but we’re being told that the Mayor’s office has been flooded with emergency calls…




An eerie green glow appeared from behind Power Girl, followed by a voice she knew fairly well.”Casey! Do you know what happened?”


The statuesque blonde turned around, expecting to see Scott, but not prepared for the costume he was wearing. “Scotty? What’s with the mask?”


“After watching my parents vanish, decided I needed a secret identity. Call me Teen Lantern.” Scott leaned against a chair, watching the images of chaos flashing across the television screen. “Looks like it wasn’t just my parents and Grandpa Alan.”


“I lost contact with Mom too,” The full gravity of the situation was settling more heavily now. “C’mon, let’s get to the comm-room, see if we can get a better idea how wide-spread this is,” Casey said, backing out of the lounge.


“Might need to start thinking about a costume myself,” she added under her breath.


As the two made their way towards the comm-room Scott glanced over to Casey, “We got a plan?”


Casey moved over to the console and began tapping in a sequence of keys. “You mean one that doesn’t involve having someone pinch me to make sure this isn’t a dream?” Scott’s mouth opened, but Casey cut him off, “Only in your dreams, winky.” After another few keystrokes, she turned back to the young man.


“I’ve sent a priority alert out on both JSA and JLA frequencies. With any luck, someone out there will be able to let us know what’s going on. But for now,” she tossed him an earbud, “it’s time to be big damn heroes.”

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