It was midnight. The moon was full and the sky clear. Somewhere in the distance a dog was barking.


Even at this late hour there was activity on the streets below. The hooker at the corner. Her pimp in the car across the street. Further up the block a man was vomiting in the alleyway across from the bus stop.


Hell’s Kitchen. Selina Kyle knew this place like the back of her hand.


By this point she was almost home when she noticed movement out of the corner of her eye.


She might have missed it all together if she hadn’t spent so many hours up her on this roof during the hot summer months.


As she turned to face her foe, a length of rope suddenly lept out of the shadows and caught her securely around around the wrist.


“Batman!” she hissed, tugging against the lasso in an effort to get free.


“No more tricks. No more games.”


Stepping into view at the corner of the stairwell, The Batman was an imposing figure. Garbed in a black leather cape and cowl, he was dressed as a bat.


A hard jerk on the line brought Selina down to her knees.


“Face to face once again, my lovely foe,” purred the Catwoman “I thought I left you at the museum under a pile of old bones.”


“Hand over the diamond.”


“You know, they say follow your heart… right?” “You do have a heart, don’t you?” she chided. “Besides, it looks like you’ve got me right where you want me?”


The Batman said nothing. He had diamonds of his own in his eyes.


Reaching into her shoulder bag, Selina let out a small sigh. “You know, you could compliment me on my costume.” “You do like cats, don’t you?”


“I prefer bats,” The Batman said coldly as he loomed over her.


“Such a hard-case!” Selina said with a sniff. “You need to losen up… have some fun,” she pouted. “Here, CATCH!”


The diamond was airborne and sailing towards the edge of the roof in an instant, but is was all she needed to cut the line with her razor-sharp claws.


The Batman immediately let go of the rope with a growl and dove off the building after the diamond.


“Another life, another time, lover!” she called back over her shoulder as she sprang to her feet and ran.



Much later, Bruce Wayne stepped into his father’s study and closed the doors behind him.


Removing his cape and cowl, he tossed them aside onto the chair.


It would be morning soon. Time for some rest.


“Curious,” he said to himself. “What’s this?”


Stepping over to the mantle above the fireplace, he discovered a small hand-written note.


The outside was addressed to “The Batman”. Inside there was a cryptic message along with a New York phone number, and what appeared to be a stylized circle of some sort.


“You are invited into the Circle. – Burbank.”


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