Star Wars: Galactic Tales – Between The Empire and the Rebellion 1.1

The Sephi known as Overseer Etan was nervous; he had never had an imperial emissary visit him personally. This man, he was unable to procure his name, was coming with the highest clearances and priorities but seemed to have to no legitimate rank or title. Etan was told that he was merely coming to perform an innocent inspection of the new Empire sponsored moisture farm being constructed on Thustra under Etan’s watch. His attendants bustled around him just as nervously, though they didn’t know the real reason for their superior’s fears. As he walked to the landing bay, Etan’s ever devoted second in command Ye’Criep heeled at his side like an obedient dog. Babbling something about everything being up to date and how ahead they were in terms of progress. Etan said nothing, nodding every now and than, the younger Sephi could never know the true dangers they had to fear from the Empire. They arrived just in time to see the sleek lambda class ship land; it was smaller than most ships of that class he had seen. Before he knew it, and well before he was ready for it, the helm of the ship opened as the ramp lowered. The man who exited the craft was far younger than Etan, and yet the Sephi official could not help feeling his heart beat faster at the dark robed stranger’s approach. Something about him sent chills down Etan’s spine and he was now very aware of how silent the room was.


“You honor us with your presence.” Ye’Criep said suddenly, noticing that Etan was mysteriously speechless and not wanting their people to appear rude.


“You are too kind; I am but a humble envoy of our beloved Emperor.” The man said; his tone silky and melodic but his yellow-green eyes were predatory and cold, “Could you please show me to my quarters?”


“Yes of course.” Etan said finally speaking, his eyes meeting with the stranger’s for the first time, “I’m sorry for my rudeness, I am Overseer Etan.” He extended his hand in greeting; the stranger did not take it.


“You may call me Inspector Mickan.” He said even toned, his dangerous eyes narrowing at Etan. The “Inspector”‘s eyes reluctantly wavered from Etan, as Ye’Creip led him away.




Kieran had arrived, and as usually the accommodations were less than wonderful. He had spent most of his first moments there rearranging all the furniture and accessories in the room to his standards, which as usual involved a lot of right angles. He was mildly unsettled with himself that he had given his father’s name as his alias on this mission, so absent mindedly, so carelessly, as if it were any other name. He pushed those thoughts away; images of his father and mother were not a distraction he needed at the moment. He needed to get Etan away from the herd, and proceed from there. Suddenly there was a buzzing sound as the com-link activated:


“Excuse me sir, but we’ve prepared a team of attendants to guide you around our facilities whenever you are ready.” Etan’s fear betrayed him as he spoke, if there was anything an Emperor’s Hand could read well it was fear.


“I’m ready Overseer Etan.” He said politely, Unlike Etan, Kieran could hide his emotions as easily a Clawdite could hide his face. There was soon a beep indicating that his tour guides were at his door.


“Open.” He said off-handedly. The door opened to reveal two droids, he calmly went with them but stopped short when he noticed one droid was missing an arm. He felt like his skin was crawling as he looked at the disgusting lopsided machination.


“You are excused.” He said fiercely to the damaged droid.


“Excused, sir?” The droid repeated in his mechanical voice.


“I do not enjoy repeating myself.” The droid left swiftly leaving the other one behind. He would have preferred two attendants, even numbers, it would have been better with even numbers.


“Much better with even numbers. One droid, one is a good number, one is a prime number.” He said aloud, as he walked along with the chaperone droid.


“Should I be recording this sir?” The remaining droid asked hesitantly.


“No, there is no need.”Kieran said frustrated, “Let’s just begin the tour.”




The workers were leaving; the day was over at last. Etan found himself at the end of this fine day of work anything but satisfied, he sat alone in his office completely afraid for his life. Inspector Mickan would be joining him shortly with his “findings”. Etan knew why that man was here though, he was sure the others were fooled by this so called “inspection” but Etan knew what that man was.


“Will they’re be anything else sir?” Ye’Criep asked sheepishly.


“No my friend, you can go.” The Overseer said grimly. Ye’Criep smiled hesitantly and left the room. A few moments later, the doors reopened, revealing the dark robed figure of Kieran AKA Inspector Mickan.


“It would go easier, Overseer Etan, if you would simply confess and reveal the location of your rebel friends.” Kieran said his silky voice taking on an almost serpentine quality, his yellow-green eyes shining in the dark.


“Please…I am not one of them…” At these desperate words; Kieran moved closer, never breaking eye contact.


“Do you think we are fools Overseer? You are visited here ,during the planning stages of this wondrous facility that the Empire has given to your people, by Sericka Mogg; a known member of the Rebel Alliance and suddenly in the convening months you maintain steady communication with several encrypted locations. If this is simply a coincidence please tell me.” There was no sense of condescension, or cruelty, his voice was steady and almost chillingly polite, though his eyes told an altogether different story.


“She…asked me to make this farm a hideout, she knew my uncle was a Jedi…she hoped that bringing up his memory would make me…make me want to help her. I said no.” His voice was breaking with emotion.


“At first…but than…” Kieran urged soothingly.


“They kept contacting me. Something about this location being perfect for some operation they were running and…they knew I had never reported their first request to the authorities…they said that that meant I could….” He was sobbing now, “I could be trusted.”


“And you helped them.”Kieran finished the thought for him matter-of-factly, not angry or surprised.


“…Yes…” He stood and turned away from the younger man, “It was only for a few months, a few of their people stayed here for a little while, than they left. It was just for a little while. Than I never saw them again, they never included me on any plans or any meetings. They never divulged the locations of other hideouts or headquarters…” He turned around swiftly, “I swear!”


“I believe you.” Kieran said quietly with a small smile, and than suddenly Kieran’s hand flew up and a jet black dagger flew out of his palm hitting Etan square in the center of his forehead; killing him instantly. Kieran collect his weapon from the corpse and left, as he did so he passed a trembling Ye’Criep in the hall. The younger Sephi shuddered and looked up at Kieran. Without hesitation, Kieran spoke to the man as he walked away:


“Congratulations, you’ve just been promoted.”



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