Star Wars: Galactic Tales – Between The Empire and the Rebellion 1.2

kyra_avTrey crept up to the southern edge of the Dlarit estate, his dark suit blending in with the shadows. He surveyed the stone wall and smiled. It was rough, with regular metallic spikes topping it — spikes far enough for a Hutt to slip between. He pulled a mask up over his face and slipped on a pair of goggles. Placing a foot on the wall, he hefted himself up and grabbed a spike.


Pulling himself to the top, Trey peered across the lawn. Spotting a nearby Bilba tree, he slipped over the fence and sprinted over to the tree. Crouching down, he surveyed the distance to the balcony.”That guard might pose a problem,” Trey thought, spotting the burly man in the ill-fitting suit toting a DC-15S blaster. Trey slid his stun blaster out of its holster and waited. Smiling as the guard turned, Trey charged, closing the distance in seconds. The guard barely knew what hit him as the weapon sent him crumbling, unconscious to the ground. Trey looked up and retrieved a thin cord and small grapnel from his belt. Swinging it once, he lofted it to the balcony where it found purchase.



The north side of the estate butted very nearly to a cliff edge, the bottom lost to the mists below. The sheer drop-off afforded a gorgeous view of the landscape on the far side of the chasm, and added an extra layer of security for those within, without any added expense. Save for this evening, that is. A lone figure carefully inched their way along the narrow strip of ground. A large observation bubble, empty at the moment, obstructed any further lateral movement, and after a brief pause the figure leaped – much higher than anyone should be able – to the top of the wall. A short hurtle over the balcony wall and quick dash to the door where the figure pulled a device from a pouch. After a moment the door slid open and the figure ducked inside.



Trey surveyed the unconscious guard below as he reeled his climbing line up to the balcony. Off in the distance he could see the concert hall where Diva Aidenne’s performance should be winding down, and the after-show cocktail parties should be ready to start. Turning to stare at the transparisteel doorway, he examined the surrounding wall. He found the disguised dataport and jacked his portable interface into the system, carefully slicing the security protocols.


He smiled as the sliding door whooshed open, admitting him to the study. A lush carpet covered marble flooring, and highly polished wooden furniture was tastefully arrayed around the room. Arper Dlarit knew how to live. Glancing at the desk, Trey quickly rifled through the drawers, nabbing a handful of credit chits in the process. “A man should keep things like this locked up.” he quipped to no one in particular.


Giving a large painting of Thyferra’s forests a glance, Trey shook his head. He knew there was a safe there, but checking his interface’s display for the best route to the art vault, he slid his stun blaster out of its holster and opened the hallway door.



A ceiling panel slip up and to the side. Half a breath after a shadowy figure dropped silently to the floor. The figure crouched low, pausing a moment as if to make sure the slice on the security sub-routines was, in fact, still working and no alarms had been triggered. Satisfied for the moment, the figure pulled out a datapad. The soft glow illuminated a woman’s face as she checked her location against that of her goal. Not too far now. The service passages proved efficient to keep the service and maintenance droids from view, but they had the added benefit of keeping anyone who wanted to break in, and acquire property, from view as well.



Walking past the open lift doors, Trey slipped around the corner. He opened the door to the service stairs and made his way to the basement, where a locked access door waited. He went to work on the door and in seconds it popped open. Trey made his way down the corridor to the private gallery’s west entrance. Placing an ear on the metallic vault door, Trey strained to detect any sound coming from inside. Hearing nothing, he pried open a computer access panel and patched in his interface, dealing with the more complicated security on the vault. Tapping a final key, the door cracked open. With his back to it, Trey pushed the doorway open and slipped in. He shut the door and turned to face the vault.


The open vault.


The open vault where at that very moment a red-headed woman was carefully lifting the score, hisscore, from its transparisteel case. Her eyes went wide and for the briefest of moments they both froze. That was when the alarms when off.


“Fierfek!” the woman exclaimed. She threw her arm out in Trey’s direction, an action for which he instinctively ducked. To his surprise the security door slid open and the woman cleared the space between the case and the doorway in an eyeblink. Her arm came out again and the door began to slide shut, but Trey dove, wedging himself in the doorjam. His breath left him for a moment as the door continued to close on him.


“Wait… you’re not going to leave me here for the security droids, are you?” he grunted, but the pressure of the door seemed to lessen slightly.


The woman moved closer, “You have a way off planet?”


“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t,” Trey replied with no lack of sarcasm. The door squeezed in on him again, “Okay, okay… you let me out of here and I’ll get you off planet.” He held out his left hand, as his right was on the wrong side of the door, “Deal?”


The red-head clasped his hand as the door slid open, “Deal.”

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