Star Wars: Galactic Tales – Between The Empire and the Rebellion 1.6

tiila_avKieran was on a diplomatic mission of sorts; a nice change of pace, he had thought to himself, from kill after kill. A Hutt crime-boss had contacted the Imperium about assistance with an off-shoot rebel band that was causing him some trouble. The Emperor had instructed Kieran to meet with one of the criminal’s agents to decide whether it would be worth risking knowledge of the Empire openly helping criminals just on the off chance that even one of these rebels might be connected to the Alliance.


He had been sent to the palace of this criminal, Durga, on Nal Hutta. As the attendants saw to his ship he was shown his way into the throne room. There before him was the great Hutt Durga Besadii Tai, a black mark over his right eye and surrounded by servants of varying species and oddity, a red robed figure stood out prominently among them.


“Master, this is the Imperial envoy.” The servant who had escorted Kieran in said before skittering off.


The thick scent of crime oozed off of the greasy blob of flesh. “Greetings esteemed guest. I trust your trip was well. . . ?” He inclined his head as much as his neck would allow.


“Very well Lord Durga, you may call me Emissary Theron.” Kieran said pleasantly, “The Empire is eager to settle this matter…one way or another.” It wasn’t exactly a threat, but it was more…the option of one; and despite this vague option it was said with a seemingly sincere smile and a pleasant voice.


The slit of Durga’s mouth split in a wide grin. “As are we. We feel that the eradication of this pest would be very beneficial to the both of us.” He reached out to a silver platter and dug out a bright red fruit, sticking it into his mouth. The juice of it streamed down his chin as he greedily crushed it in his teeth.


Kieran showed absolutely no outward reaction to the vulgar display before him and pressed on, “Until we see more, the Imperium is as of yet unsure that the benefits outweigh the cost that would come from using Imperial Troops to aide a known criminal, despite the fact that we have overlooked your activities in the past…that is now a sticking point, as we would be eliminating individuals that are just making up for the lack of any official law.” Kieran said perfectly polite.


“Suspected, Mr Theron, never convicted.” He laughed heavily. “But, that aside, you do not need to even be overtly connected to us.” What could pass for a sly grin crawled across Durga’s face. “Does the Emperor need a reason to eradicate Rebel scum?”


Kieran’s smile seemed perfectly sincere to any onlooker but it, in fact, was a calculated effort on his part allowing Durga to think he had made some headway. “I’ve been instructed to observe what information you have over the night and to monitor the situation from here, before making my recommendation. If that is alright with you of course.” Kieran asked nicely, though ‘no’ was by no means an option and both of them knew it.


“Yes, yes. Of course. We have our finest guest room set up to the specifications sent to us. I have made arrangements for you to meet with my advisor to discuss matters during your stay.” The red robed figure that stood to Durga’s left took a few steps forward and bowed to Kieran in a form of silent introduction. Their anonymity was unnerving.


“I would honored.” Kieran said, returning the gesture with a subtler bow of his own.




Kieran’s quarters were some of the nicest he had ever received on a mission, evidently they had been informed of some of his particulars, as everything was set up up in an orderly fashion; nice right angles. Kieran was supposed to report his decision to Durga in the morning. At present he sat at a desk in the corner of the room, his back to the door, going over some of the data on these rebels that Durga had collected while he waited for the advisor Durga had spoken of and sure enough there were soon three firm knocks on his door, announcing the advisor’s arrival who had come with perfect punctuality. Kieran stood up and turned to face the door. “Enter.”


The door opened and in walked the familiar hidden figure. The face and body of this mysterious creature that had kept Durga’s company for the past several years was hidden behind the thick material. From within the folds of cloth came an unexpected feminine voice. “Is the room to your liking?”


“Yes, thank you.” He said pleasantly, with a strategic smile. The negotiations had begun the moment she walked into the room.


She entered further in, still standing at a polite distance. “Then I trust we can begin our talks?”


“Have a seat.” His voice was kind as he gestured to a nearby chair. He stood, moving to the middle of the room, hoping to bring the visitor further into the room.


Bowing again, she took a seat in the lush red chair that adorned his room opposite him. “Thank you, Emissary Theron. My name is Tiila Sadi. I am one of Durga’s more diversified negotiators. I hope you find my visits as enjoyable as they are beneficial.”


“I’m sure I will, Miss Sadi,” He said pleasantly as he sat across from her in another chair, “So to begin with, how long have these attacks been going on?”


“The Rebels have been interrupting our spice trade on Ylseia for several months now.” Tiila shook her head, the material swaying but never revealing the face beneath. “I am unclear as to their motives but it has been quite a thorn in Durga’s side and he is willing to do much to eradicate the threat.”


“Does he have any names, you know, any way to confirm that these rebels are affiliated with the Rebel Alliance?” Kieran asked, taking out a data pad to record any notable names she may have for him.


“The Rebel symbol marks their vehicles and those that have been captured confess to ties with the terrorist organization.” She paused a moment. “Are you hungry Emissary?”


“No, no thank you.” He said politely but inwardly he was suspicious or at least was beginning to be. It was an unusual offer for what was supposed to be a simple trade of information.


She nodded as she replied as if she knew what he was thinking. “I like to make sure my company is as comfortable as possible. Is there anything else I can get for you?”


“I think we should get back to business, Miss Sadi,” He gave her a reproachful look, “Are any of these prisoners you spoke of still alive?”


“Of course, I apologize. To answer your question, no. The prisoners did not survive the questioning process.” Her voice showed no sign of sadness or regret for the loss of life she spoke of, even though he knew they did not pass from this world pleasantly.


“That’s unfortunate. What other vital information can you offer me Miss Sadi?”


The hood tilted to the side in a silent question. “Do you not know why I am here?”


“What kind of question is that? Miss Sadi, if you are not here to offer me any new information then clearly you need to let me in on what purpose you do serve.” Kieran said, consciously letting some of his frustration bleed through.


Tiila stood. “I am here to convince you of our need. The Rebels have been hurting our business and I am here to do everything in my power to get the Emperor on our side in this matter.” She made no movement towards him.


“Oh?” He said quietly amused, “And just how are you going to convince me?” He asked coldly staring at her, placing the data pad on the end table by his chair.


The young woman reached up and pulled her hood back. Underneath the hiding material was a far fairer face than he expected. Beautiful alien pink skin framed by light blue waves of hair that were complimented by more intense blue eyes had been hidden beneath the thick wool. Her heavy lidded gaze moved over him from head to toe appraisingly. “I was told to use any means necessary.”


“Ah, a Zeltron.” Kieran said emitting a soft disapproving click, “This is a move I had not expected Durga to be desperate enough to make.” He said shaking his head in amusement.


She frowned slightly. “You are not required to make use of all my methods.” It was not well hidden that she was disappointed. Her skin let off a subtle amount of pheromone to the air. It was almost an unconscious reaction to exposure. “I am here simply to negotiate the Emperor’s assistance. I take offense to your remark about my race.”


“Oh you take offense to that,” His well practiced cool was slipping, perhaps it was the pheromones slowly working in his system, “Are you really going to pretend that he sent you here for any other reason than to get me into bed?”


Her pink cheeks began to get deeper in color. “I have served Durga in many negotiations that never even involved one on one encounters.” She was careful to keep her tone. This was still supposed to be diplomatic after all.


He stood up and took a deep breath, her power was starting to effect him even more now. “You are beautiful, I will give you that.” His eyes fixed on hers.


Returning his gaze, she allowed her scent to permeate the air more. “Thank you.” She still made no advance towards him.


He realized his mistake to late, he had been over confident, he should have killed her once he realized what she was; now his own body was turning against him. He looked away from her and walked towards where he had put his things, trying to force his hand to reach for his concealed lightsaber.


“Please. . . can we just go back to talking?” She took a step towards him, holding out her hand in a pleading gesture. “I did not mean to upset you.”


He could not bring himself to grasp the weapon and instead turned around, his gaze steely and intense. “You want to go back to talking, do you?” He said almost angrily, taking a step closer to her.


“We could. . .” Her eyes lowered momentarily. “If that is what you want.” The closer he got to her, the thicker the air became. After a moment of pure weighted silence, Kieran closed the gap between them by pulling her fiercely into a kiss. He buried his hand in her hair and tightened his fingers around the ocean waves roughly, controlling her. She made a light whimper as he crushed their mouths together, her body resting against his. Her lips were soft despite the power of his kiss. He abruptly broke apart, but kept his hold on her hair and with his other hand held her waist. “Is this what you want Tiila Sadi? Grown in the labs of Arkania, no parents to disappoint or to love you, traded and traded again, passed around by crime-lords, raised by a true Zeltron who looked on you with disgust in his eyes! Is this what you want?” He snapped, their faces barely an inch apart.


Her body shook in his arms. She put her hands on his chest to steady herself. His anger was powerful, she had never had someone project emotion like his before. She had definitely not had someone speak of her past. “I. . .” She needed to be careful or his raw emotion would wash her away. She pulled against the hand tangled in her hair and put her lips again to his, this kiss sweeter than the last. His hand relaxed and let her go, instead resting firmly on her neck and ran his other hand up her back stopping at her shoulders and pulling her body in tighter to his. He surged them backwards, the two crashing against the wall behind her and he began to kiss down her neck. She rolled her shoulders as she put her arms round his neck, the robe falling open part way in the front revealing a deep V of pink flesh.


He let her go, leaving her resting on the wall, and tore his shirt over his head revealing the black Sith tattoos that ran up his sides and over his upper chest and and shoulders. Her eyes searched the midnight marks that decorated his torso and her brows raised appreciatively. He returned, shoving himself back into her. He grabbed her face and their mouths reconnected hotly. Her hands, now fully emerged from the ends of her sleeves, ran up his arms and onto his shoulders, strong silver painted fingernails digging into his white flesh. Caught up in his fervor she bit hard into his lip. He pulled back momentarily but not because he was upset at the bite. His face was almost blissful and still extremely intense with his eyes meeting hers. A bead of red welled at the site. He touched his lip and looked at the crimson across his finger. His smile became even more animalistic and he licked his lips, cleaning the blood with his tongue.


The influx of his passion shocked through her body and she gasped passionately. “Oh Theron.” She pushed off the wall, throwing herself into his arms once again.


His face fell momentarily, though she did not see it. He pulled her to him, “Just now,” He whispered into her neck, “Just for tonight, call me Kieran.”


Kissing his slightly swollen lip, she nodded. “As you wish, Kieran.” She tugged his hand, pulling him towards the creme colored bed.


“Hold on…” He said huskily and moved away from her. Turning around, he picked up the discarded shirt, folding it neatly and placing it on a nearby table.


He heard her voice from over his shoulder. “They told me of your. . . preferences.” He heard a rustling sound directly behind him. “I was told you would appreciate my. . .” She paused and allowed him to turn, he looked at her bare form and his hunger increased ten-fold, “symmetry.”




Light filtered into the room, Kieran’s eyes opened and he found himself lying in his provided bed with his arms wrapped around the warm soft Zeltron hybrid Tiila Sadi. He went against his instincts and remained instead of jumping up and neatening the room as would be his routine. He brushed his fingers through her hair, her head lying on his pale chest. She moved a bit, still sleeping peacefully. Who could blame her after the night they had? “Tiila…” He whispered softly.


Her eyes closed tight before opening one and peeking up at him. Moving a bit, she rested her chin on his chest. “Yes Kieran?”


“Theron, Theron will do…” He said almost coldly, though his arms around her were still tender.


Gently tracing the marks on his chest with her index finger she nodded obediently. “Of course, Theron.”


“We should get ready,” he said almost hesitantly, “Your master is expecting me.” Though he still made no move to get out of the bed or even the position he was in.


He was acutely aware of her skin against his as she wriggled up to be level with his face. “He also understands that negotiations can take longer than expected. He would never make demands on your time. Durga is begging your master for his help.”


“And he’ll be getting it. It was always the Emperor’s intentions to aide him, he just wanted as much information as he could first. I’ve got all the info we’ll need, not as exciting information as the Emperor had hoped but it will do.” He said with a contented sigh and the hint of a grin.


She opened her mouth in a mockery of insult. “Not exciting?!” She pinched the now tender spot below his ribs. He stifled a smile and grasped her hand, his face becoming almost grim.


“We really should get moving.” He said seriously. He didn’t mean to be cold; it was just better this way…


“Very well.” She sat up, the sheets fluttering down around her waist. Putting one leg over him, she straddled him momentarily before drawing the other leg with it and gracefully stepped to the floor. Her hips swayed as she walked across the room to retrieve her cloak from where they had left it on the floor. Despite himself he watched her all the while she moved, before giving into his instinct and looking towards the window. In seconds, all but her head and that mane of blue hair was completely covered. “Do you want to go now or do you need time?”


He stepped out from under the sheets without modesty and collected some of his well folded clothes from where they were put away, I just need to refresh myself a bit, tell your master that I will be right along.”


Nodding she smiled slightly and, resting her hand on his chest, kissed him on the cheek. “I will leave you to that then.”




In Durga’s throne room Kieran found himself once again facing the great Hutt and his attendants, refusing to let his eyes drift the scarlet robed figure at Durga’s side.


“So my official recommendation to the Emperor will be to send his troops to aide you with your Rebel infestation, Lord Durga.” Kieran smiled politely.


Tiila leaned over to Durga’s ear and whispered something. The giant slug-like creature’s body wriggled happily. “This is great news Theron! I am happy to hear that negotiations went so well. I told you that my advisor was skilled did I not?”


“You did at that, Lord Durga, you spoke true.” He said smiling, sincerely this time.


“For our thanks we will let it be known that we support the Empire wholly and will not stand for Rebel stirrings among our ranks.” He laughed in a deep throaty way. Tiila whispered to him again and was answered with a nod. “My advisor thanks you for your time and generosity. They tell me it was a most pleasant arrangement.”


“Yes, most pleasant.” Kieran said straight-faced with a small nod, “The Emperor thanks you for your support Lord Durga and If that will be all,” He accidentally let his eyes linger on Tiila and quickly refocused them straight forward, “I will take my leave of you, if you could have my ship prepared.”


Durga smiled knowingly and nodded. “You and your master have been very kind to us. If you ever require a favor of us in the future, you need only ask.” His thick arm gestured and a handful of slaves headed towards the docking station to fuel and stock his ship. “They will see to it that you are quite well taken care of for your trip home.” The Hutt let out another belly laugh and stroked the peculiar creature chained at his feet.


“I thank you as well Lord Durga, you…and your advisor…have shown me great kindness as well. I am sure…that we will meet again.”

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