trey_av“So let me get this straight,” Trey said as he leaned against the bulkhead massaging his temples.”You guys got stuck with bad intel, too?”

Bralor nodded. “Yeah. The safe was bone dry.”

“Great. And all I got was her.”

“You know Arden’s right,” Bralor slid down into table “two empty hands tonight puts us a might short on a payment that’s already almost late.”

“So it was a bad night?” Diva Aidenne didn’t pause as she stepped into the room, her tall, blue-skinned bag carrier right behind her. “Here I was hoping we’d all have victory stories to share.”

“Aidenne,” Bralor smiled looking up on the diva, “please tell me a man died tonight.”

“Welcome back, Diva.” Vullif had a frown on his face. “Who’s your new sidekick?”

Aidenne ignored Trey’s question for the moment. “Yes, a man died. And his grieving widow was so touched my my concern that she didn’t even take me up on my generous offer to refund the price for my performance here tonight.” Apparently there was no hiding things from Krynn, so she felt no hesitation in being honest with her shipmates.

The Mandalorian nodded, seemingly pleased with her. “And the boy friday?”

Her golden eyes narrowed as she glanced back over her shoulder. “Actually… we need to talk about that. Krynn? Could you bring the food in here then give us a minute alone please?”

Krynn nodded to her walking in with the bags of food and setting things out on the tables. eventually he finished and looked back asking, “Where would you like me to wait?”

“Just… anywhere out there.” Aidenne waved a negligent hand then waited for him to leave the room before sinking into a chair. “Should I ask about your nights first?”

The rest of the crew shot each other sheepish glances, but it was Trey that spoke. “It was the typical night.” he said with a shrug.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” With a long sigh, the Diva ran a hand through her brilliant hair. “Mine was completely routine until I got here to the ship.” With that she proceeded to tell them her story of finding Krynn in her room and his oddly sincere insistence that he was meant to find her.

Trey scowled. “So you found him in your quarters.” He leaned back and looked at the ceiling. “You do know that means he broke into my ship. Did that not register?”

Aidenne placed a hand on her lips and gasped. “I must have completely missed that part when he showed up on my bed and told me he knew the codes for the ship,” she replied with a roll of her eyes.

Bralor shook his head, “So you took the intruder who showed up on your bed shopping.” He looked at Trey and got up. “I guess that’s one way to do it.”

“He seemed to have little interest in my… skills.” Gold eyes very cold, Aidenne stood to leave as well. “And while I may not believe him, I can tell that he at least believes what he’s saying. So we got some food for the ship. What did your guest do for us again, Trey?”

Trey stood as well. “I’ll be in the cockpit.”

The bottle clinked on the table as he set it down. “The Soul.” He pulled the cork off the top, chuckling to himself, “funny name for a flying coffin.”

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