diva_av“Alright, Glee’k.” Bralor stood in the corner of the Diva’s suite with Chiss. After the vague news from Trey there was perhaps a little bit of regrouping to be done. After all a team effort may have just turned into a solo mission. “We don’t worry about what Trey is playing at. Too late in the game for for change ups. Whether Kyra shows up to do the job or not, you do the job. And we meet back up as planned.”

“Understood.” Krynn nodded. “I will proceed as instructed in the plans.”

“Don’t try and carry for both of you if you end up solo. You take the most and easiest to carry, Cash. Jewels. Goods. Whatever.” It was like giving the old mission briefing back in the army, except this time they weren’t flying in on a short range transport under fire by droid army tanks. That would likely be easier than what this evening would entail by the time it was over. “You don’t wanna be slowed down.”

The blue-skinned man looked stern, but also uncomfortable in his thoughts. After a moment, he looked back at Bralor. “Am I to understand that, despite the potential change of plans, killing is still to be maintained at a minimum?” This had been bothering him for some time, and he felt the need to address it again, just to be certain.

Although he was sure Bralor had not been informed, Krynn’s mistress had instructed him to kill as necessary to ensure her secrecy, but the ones to whom she seemed to defer had given him specific orders to the contrary. He had known when he’d first heard her voice that she was his purpose, whatever that purpose would be realized into, but in such a case as this, he was still uncertain as to whom he was supposed to acquiesce.

“This is a misdirection and stealth job.” The Mandalorian was digging through the pouch on his belt.”Not a smash and grab. Bodies are just gonna attract an amount of attention that we just don’t want.” His eyes rose a bit, catching the Chiss’s, “That said everybody on this ship knows who you’re with. If somebody catches you in a situation that compromises our cover, well…” The ease to which Krynn was willing to take a life had become more than apparent. Bralor smirked a little. “You discretely leave their body behind.”

Krynn nodded. “Discrete. I am capable of being discrete,” he said, nodding. “I shall ensure that there is no evidence to link my activities to the Diva or any member of the crew, even if it means surrendering my own life or freedom.”

Bralor chuckled. “If it comes to that just make sure you look like a victim, not predator.” He left the query of whether or not that was even possible unspoken. Instead he held up the datasplicer he had put together earlier. “Here. Pal put this together. Should open the locks to all the rooms.” He tossed the stick into the Chiss’s blue hands.

Examining the device, Krynn nodded. “I’m certain it will be effective.” He wasn’t used to trusting unknown tools, or other people, so this was going to be an interesting experiment. He got a ‘feeling’ off of Kyra that made him uncomfortable at times, but nothing that warned him of danger… justsomething.

He got a feeling off of Bralor as well, but there was an edge to it that wasn’t there with the woman. And at the moment, still being the “new guy” in his lady’s entourage, he felt reassurance was in order. “I will endeavor to prove equally effective,” he said, hoping to show both a level of trust in the tools he was given and his level of commitment to the Diva’s task.

The Mandalorian clone looked at the blue skinned Chiss a moment, pausing. After a moment he nodded, a small smirk on his face. He still wasn’t sure what to make of the strange addition to their crew, but he put his faith in his little sister. “I’m sure you will.” Bralor scooped up his helmet and strolled to the door. “Come on.”

Adjusting the draped black material into its strategic positions, Tiila looked over her shoulder at her rear view in the mirror behind her to ensure she passed the dress code, even if only just. “A lesser woman wouldn’t be able to wear this dress in public.” The black was cut with expanses of pink as most of the woman’s skin was exposed between the cris-crossed silk. “But I really need as much of my skin open to the air to pull off what is needed of me.” The wicked glint in those ice eyes told that she didn’t mind one bit the attention she would be receiving in the dress she was almost wearing.

“But a lesser woman wouldn’t have that over-abundance of skin to begin with.” Though the words were something she would have said to the Zeltron before the spa, Aidenne’s tone was light, almost teasing. Completely unashamed of her own nakedness, the delicate Diva looked over her own dress to make sure it was perfect before it touched her own spotted skin.

And Tiila teased right back. “Be nice or I’ll make them hate your singing.” The empty threat was playful, toying. The pink woman fluffed the mass of ocean colored hair on her shoulders, running her fingers through to tousle her locks into a ‘just out of bed’ way.

Those golden eyes turned slightly speculative. “We should experiment with that sometime. Not tonight of course.” Shaking her head, the few artful curls hanging loose about her shoulders brushing lightly over the smooth skin, Aidenne chuckled. “But I tend to believe there’s very little we couldn’t make a room full of people do…”

“And ever more we could make three or four.” She pulled the pencil thin brush out of its inky pot and swept dramatic lines just above and below her lashes, keeping a sleepy heavy lidded look as she let the make-up dry. “We could probably stop one person’s heart.”

The tiny Diva’s smile was wicked. “Probably…” Certain she was nearly perfect, Aidenne reached for her dress. Her poisoned fingernails, ran gently along the black silk, smile turning somewhat mocking. Even with her smaller size, there was nearly double the material of Tiila’s dress. “I may need help with the laces,” she said, sliding the corset-style bodice over her head.

“I would be more than happy to bind your tiny little body up.” The tone in the woman’s voice was borderline naughty as she turned and crossed to her partner. Black tipped fingers strummed slowly down the loose loops threading the corset, brushing the orange skin beneath. “How tight do you want it?”

Chuckling, Aidenne looked over her shoulder at the taller woman. “Well I wouldn’t want to fall out. As long as I can draw a breath we should be fine… for now.” Her lips curled up in a smile that matched Tiila’s tone. “Now… after the show… that’s an entirely different matter.”

The Zeltron wrapped the cords around her hands a few times. “Then I will only tighten it enough to keep it on…” She pulled tightly, jerking the two sides of the dress closed. “…for now.”

The little Theelin shrugged, looking down to make sure her the V of spots that graced her breasts were properly accentuated by the tight black silk. “You’re the object of desire for the evening… I need to be unattainable.” That wicked light sparked in her eyes again as she added, “for now.”

Slipping her fingers and straightening and tightening each rung individually, Tiila tilted her head to the side, making sure the dress was even. “Don’t you worry, I will keep the eyes for the evening, you keep the ears.” She pulled the bottom lengths again to take up the slack she had gathered and looped the ends in a simple elegant bow. “And I am sure I can help you out after the show as well.”

That wicked smile seemed to grow and grow. “You may have to wait your turn… or we can share…”

“We’ll see. I am not used to assistants.” She took a step back to admire her work. “Perfect.” Bronze bracelets jangled as she rested her hands on her bare hips.

Aidenne smirked and turned to face the Zeltron, looking the pink-skinned woman up and down slowly. “Agreed,” she said with a smile.

“We seem to be doing that a lot lately.”

“Good. We could use a few more miracles tonight.” Chuckling, Ures’vn Bralor stood in the open doorway with his helmet tucked under his arm. Krynn flanked in to the side behind him. Standing there in the room and looking upon the pair of ladies – the aces up their sleeves in tonight’s job, he had little doubt that anyone would have any clue what was going on under their noses.

The two men stepped into the room. “You both look lovely.”

“Of course we do.” The tiny Diva gave a little shrug. Her golden eyes sparkled, seeing the apparent humor in his comment, but didn’t quite meet her brother’s gaze. Though he was well-trained enough to know to enter the room with a compliment, he’d offered it to both. And, while it certainly wasn’t a false observation, there were limits to how far Aidenne’s spirit of sharing would go.

“And you both look perfectly intimidating. So I assume we’re ready.”

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