arden_avKyra leaned into the blade, forcing it down through the thick steel of the vault door. It was tough going, since the lightfoil didn’t have the same intensity of a Jedi lightsaber. Still, things were moving along faster than if they were trying to slice the combination. A safe the likes of the one they were cracking was bound to have a fail-safe on the number of times the wrong sequence of numbers could be entered before fusing itself shut. Oddly enough, the manufacturers didn’t seem as concerned with forced entry attempts.

The auburn haired apprentice wiped the sweat from her brow with the back of her gloved hand. They’d all changed into more ‘work appropriate’ attire. “Wonder if there’s any way to tweak this thing?” She remarked absently.

“Don’t. Like I said, it’s a family heirloom.” The sentimentality coming from a man who just shot his father with a stun blaster was a bit surprising. “I don’t want the last bit of my family’s heritage disassembled.”

Kyra shrugged, “It’s not like I’d leave it all over the deck of the Soul.” She had reached the bottom side of the safe and reversed direction, clearing away traces of slag, and starting down the other half.

Trey glanced back at the girl before resuming his watch on the approaching corridor. “All the same, don’t. Those lightfoils aren’t exactly made to Jedi specs. You try to up-gun it, it’s just as likely to explode as work.”

“Alright then,” Kyra grunted, cutting through the last bit. She motioned Trey to give her a hand with the door to keep it from falling to the floor. “No tweaking.”

Arden walked back around the corner, her acquired deck sweeper still sitting in manicured hand was hoisted up on her shoulder. “Nothing from Bralor or his team yet.” Arden looked back down the hall once more, “Shouldn’t they be here by now?”

“I would have thought so, yeah.” The thief looked around, frowning. “I hope something didn’t blow the deal on their end.”

Diva Aidenne’s entourage strode through the Princess’s lavish halls. At its head was the Mandalorian guard. Bralor’s dark cloak draped back off his shoulders, giving everyone who dared a glance in their direction an eyeful of the burnt orange armor that was signature of his people. Even polished as it was, the blast scoring implied that it had seen plenty of action. His hands rested cautiously at the pistols on his hips, but his head never seemed to move. He saw everything.

As he moved any in his way simply stepped aside to clear a path for them and the Chiss that carried up the rear ensured that none would dare step forward until the foursome had completely passed. With the occasional glance over his shoulder he found that while none dared fall in line behind them for several meters, most of the people were drawn to follow suit.

Between her escorts the Diva strolled almost lazily, seemingly indifferent to all they passed. And yet, despite the almost tangible superior air, people followed, drawn to the exotic little Diva and her equally exotic companions. It didn’t take the Diva’s pink-skinned friend to compel them to trail along behind. They simply couldn’t help themselves. It was Aidenne’s greatest tool and she used it like a true virtuoso: for good or ill, people wanted to be near her.

The entourage maneuvered toward the entertainment wing. Passing the theater the seats were already filling, murmurs of their excitement for the coming show spilling to the buzz in the halls. Bralor lead them back stage. It would be the safest place for them to split up without being noticed.

The door to the Diva’s ready room slid open, revealing a thin Ocsinin that waited for the lady of the evening amidst the many bouquets that filled the green room. The young servant stood, closing his pupil-less eyes as he reverently bowed his head ever so slightly. “Anything the lady requires is my-”

There was a soft click and then the cool voice. “Out.” Those black eyes opened and looked up, nervous. They darted from the dark visor to the faces behind him.

Aidenne’s golden-eyed gaze passed over him. Her eyebrows rose ever so slightly, her silence speaking volumes. Then, in a move that ensured his continued good health, the Ocsinin finally took the hint and slowly backed out of the room.

As the door slid shut behind him, the Diva’s lips curled in a wicked little smile. “You enjoy doing that,” she accused her brother.

The black T tilted down to reflect her alight eyes. “It’s good to enjoy what you’re good at,” he replied with that flat tone, but she of course knew he was smirking behind that mask.

The adrenaline of the thrill of the job was starting to work its way into his system. This was where things would start to get really interesting, and they would see just how well this rag-tag group would play together. Looking back up, he addressed the whole team. “This is where we split up for a bit.”He looked to Krynn, “You know where you’re headed, Glee’k.”

The Chiss nodded, holding up the datastick. “Executive Suite, station 3.”

“Good. Alright then, Ambassador,” his gaze fell to the voluptuous Zeltron with all her properly exposed pink skin. “it’s time you take your seat.”

“Go.” The Diva absently waved a mottled hand toward the door. Already examining her reflection in the mirror that covered the far wall, her golden eyes sparkled with malicious humor. “And don’t get caught. I’d hate to have to kill any of you.”

Looking just slightly amused, Tiila placed a tiny pink vial in the Diva’s vanity. The color of the glass was nearly identical to her skin’s hue. “Put a little of this under your nose and on your lips. It won’t completely protect you from what I am going to do but it should help. It is going to be very powerful.”Her eyes sparkled playfully. “Break a leg, theelin.” She turned with a sweep of blue waves and black satin to make her exit.

Bralor looked at Krynn and then to Aidenne and back. “Don’t be long.” As his hidden gaze fell back upon the Diva he simply gave her a thumbs up. He had no doubts to her success tonight. When it came down to it, if there was one thing the Diva knew how to do, it was knock them dead.

He slipped back through the doorway, his line of sight catching the hugging black satin and pink skin. As her hips swayed down the corridor, the few hands backstage were entranced by the exotic figure. His presence didn’t even register. “Have fun,” he told her.

Inside the room Krynn stood silent a moment, regarding the demure woman. Looking over his shoulder a moment, he straightened his back, well aware of the Mandalorian’s concerns for the timing of the job. “I will not be caught.” he reached forward, taking her slender fingers in his hand.”But if I am, I will readily accept the fate you offer me.”

Her delicate hand looked even smaller in his, surrounded by a sea of blue. As the Diva finally lifted her eyes to meet his, she was smiling again. “We’re two of a kind,” she told him, musical voice dropping into a low tone. “We don’t fail at our tasks. I won’t have to kill you today.”

His head tilted in a small nod, “No doubt a fate we all prefer..” He gave her hand a small squeeze, gently crossing over her knuckles with his thumb. “Until I return to you.” The Chiss stood straight and retreated from the Diva’s room.

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