arden_av“I’m just gonna return this tell her about Trey’s celebration then leave. Her highness can find her way to the lounge herself.” The short blond pilot thought to herself as she paced in front of the Diva’s door. “I should prolly just go meet Bralor and Trey and give it to her later.” She paced just a bit more,”Poodoo!” She took a deep breath and knocked.

No answer.

The blond knocked again.

Still nothing.

“Oh for the,” Arden sighed, as she put in the override code to open the door. Well at least it will be easy, she thought as the door slid open. The blond walked inside and tossed the borrowed dress and shoes on the bed.

“It’s not enough to put my clothes on your grubby body, now you have to throw them?” Sunset hair still dripping from the refresher, Aidenne stood in the doorway to her private bathroom with her arms crossed over her bare chest. Clearly not expecting company –though it would have been no different even if she had– she had reverted to her favorite practice of wandering through her room naked.

“Oh uh,” Arden said clearly embarrassed. She averted her eyes from the Theelin’s wet naked body.”I uh didn’t know you were here, and uh all,” she waved her hand toward the other woman in the room, “ya know.”

The tiny Diva chuckled, amused by the girl’s discomfort. Instead of covering herself, she strolled into the room to pick the dress up off the bed. She held it up to the light, making sure that Arden hadn’t ruined it somehow. “Did you at least have fun in it?”

Trying to make sure she didn’t get a full look at the diva, the pilot’s eyes went to the floor, “Oh yeah, if you could call getting stuck in a tiny floor safe…” she made the mistake of looking up and directly into the mirror across from her getting a full shot of the diva. Feeling her cheeks flush, she quickly moved her eyes up to the ceiling where another mirror gave her a great top view, “You have got to be kidding me!” She quickly closed her eyes.

“What? Did I miss a spot?” Aidenne asked with malicious innocence.

“This would be why I hate you,” Arden grumbled.

Despite herself, the Diva actually laughed. “It’s not like I’m disfigured or anything. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with my body.” But, in a rare moment of niceness, she wrapped a soft golden robe around her delicate frame. “So it was all business then?” she asked, going back to the subject of Arden’s time in the dress.

“Pretty much,” Arden heaved a heavy sigh. She was still mad at Trey for not telling her all of the plan. She was supposed to be his partner, and he didn’t tell her everything.

Aidenne stared at the young pilot for a moment, chewing on the inside of her lip. “Sit down,” she ordered finally.

Arden gave a sideways glance. She was about to fire off a sarcastic comment toward the small assassin, but then thought better of it and did what she was told.

“Here.” With a long sigh, the tiny Diva brought the girl a glass wine from the delicate crystal decanter that always sat on her vanity. Helping herself to a glass as well, she sank down onto the bed next to Arden. “So you got all dressed up for the wrong kind of action.”

Arden sighed. She took a sip of the wine and promptly shuddered. “I dunno. There are times I get so frustrated. Trey held parts of the plan from me. We’re supposed to be partners and I legitimately didn’t know his plan.”

A frown creased the Theelin’s mottled brow. As much as she hated to admit it, she could understand the feeling. “That’s… inconsiderate.” It was as close as she could come at the moment to agreeing.”And foolish.” Why was she still talking? She was done… wasn’t she? “And very typically male. It’s not as if sharing the details with you would have harmed the mission in any way.”

“I know right?” Another sip crossed her lips, “There are times I really feel like I’m just the hired help and not a part of the team. Sometimes I feel like I’m really just not needed.” A strange look crossed Arden’s face. Why was she telling her this?

Aidenne rolled her eyes then reached out to swat the younger woman on the back of the head.”People do not pull elaborate heists to secure the freedom of the hired help.” She shook her head.”He may be rather horrible at expressing it, but I’m certain you’re important to him.”

“Ow,” the blond rubbed the back of her head, “And let’s not forget his first priority is keeping the ship in his name and not Durga’s.”

The Diva shrugged. “He can do both.” She took another sip, letting the taste slowly linger on her tongue. “He is male after all.”

“Yeah well.” Arden stood up and crossed the room. Aidenne’s room was so different from her’s. Aidenne’s was significantly more girly. “Maybe if I was more…of a girl. The pilot thought to herself.

“Yeah well,” Aidenne repeated, her mocking tone sounding almost affectionate. Almost. “With eloquence like that, it’s no wonder he’s throwing himself at your feet.”

Arden’s eyes narrowed. “Funny.” She crossed toward the door, but stopped. She turned back around. “Thank you.”

The Diva merely drained her drink, watching the younger woman with an expression that bordered on suspicion. When it became apparent that the pilot wasn’t going to turn the ‘thank you’ into a joke, she gave a small smile. “You’re welcome.” Then, hiding her discomfort behind another shrug, she added, “you’re welcome to my closet anytime you feel like dressing like a woman.”

The blonde’s shoulders drooped as the door opened in front of her. “Trey is throwing a celebration lounge. I’ll see you there.” The door shut behind her.

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