Danny year 6 avie1Dierdre opened the door to the compartment to find Dan and Cissy chatting and laughing. Smirking to herself at the sudden silence that engulfed the cabin, she fixed her cool gaze on Dan. “I’m supposed to remind you that you’d look foolish if you decided not to leave after the train has stopped,” she reported, clearly sharing some of Ambrosia’s amusement at the situation. “You’re free to go.”

Dan sighed and stood. “This trip seemed to go quick.” He smiled at Cissy. “Talk to ye later, okay?”

A chorus of giggles erupted from the assembled girls, but Cissy replied, “That’d be great. Maybe we can go for a flight sometime?”

Danny sputtered something that sounded vaguely positive as he left the compartment. ‘What’m I thinkin’?’Dan wondered. ‘I cannae fly fer nothing! I have t’ do somethin’.’

He looked at Diedre. “You look way too pleased with yuirself. Y’sure you aren’t related t’ Ambrosia?”

“You’d be shaking in fear if I was,” the redhead chuckled.

“Any chance they’ve caught the gits what impersonated Foozle an’ me?”

“Not as far as I know. Don’t worry though. Rose found a silver lining in this for you, but no one’s just going to let it go.”

Danny nodded and headed toward the exit. Leaving the train, he saw Aeryn getting off next car. ‘Perfect!’He jogged over toward her and yelled “Oi! Aer…” but stopped short when he saw Tom walking down the stairs behind her.

Aeryn quickly turned back to see Dan shouting after her. She turned back to Tom. “Save me a seat. I’ll be there asap,” she winked and tried to push her way back through the first years steeping apprehensively off the train towards Dan. “Hey. Where have you been? Tom was looking for you.”

“Really?” Dan’s brow furrowed. “Any clue as to why?”

“Not especially,” she smiled. “You’d have to ask him,” she flicked her hair casually back and leant up against Danny as a group of second years rushed past. “So, what did you need me for?”

“Well.. I dinnae know where t’begin. See, I was stuck in a compartment with Cissy, an’ she was interrogatin’ me an’ we got to chatting an’ laughing an’ I stared deep intae her eyes, an’ then the train stopped an’ as I was leavin’ I agreed to go on a flight with her sometime an’, well, you’ve seen me fly before, roit?”

Aeryn laughed. “I’m not entirely certain I would call that flying, hon!”

“Aye. Well, I was wondering if ye woulddnae mind giving me a few flying pointers.”

“I assume this is between you and me?” she asked playfully.

“‘Course. I din’t really want Tom t’know about it, now do I?”

Aeryn smiled her most flirtatious smile. “Mum’s the word,” she whispered into his ear, putting a finger to her lips. “No one will know.” she winked, bounding away carelessly towards Tom.


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