Laun year 6 avieLaun sat back in the carriage still enjoying some of the sweets he had bought off the train. Sam jumped on just before the carriage took off. He noticed she had an odd look on her face as she sat down next to him. Laun non-verbally offered her some of the sweets, holding some of them out to her. She showed no sign of noticing this gesture.

“Hey Sammers… is something wrong?” He asked popping a meatloaf flavored every flavor bean in his mouth. Her eyes flickered from the candy to his face.

“Men. You lot SUCK.”

“Wow, okay it’s gonna be one of those discussions. Are we talking about any man in particular or are we all pigs again?” He said now munching on a pumpkin pasty.

“Both,” she muttered viciously, grabbing a licorice wand and biting into it ferociously.

“Tell me of your troubles my wayward friend.” He smiled knowingly.

“Well I was all excited to see Shawn and for a while we were sort of getting somewhere and then he just made this stupid pricky comment and Foozle’s messing with my head and…” she tucked her knees under herself. “It just hasn’t been a fun train ride.”

“We still have the carriage ride that could be fun, and the sorting ceremony you know one of the first years always faint! Even if they don’t maybe this is the year that the sorting hat will finally just break into glam metal like I have always predicted.” He laughed.

A smile threatened to tug at her lips, but she bit it back, determined not to be cheered up.

“…and than Snape will get up on the faculty table and breakdance in a glitter robe!” He shouted excitedly.

A smirk wasn’t quite a smile, but he was getting there. “Breakdance? Here I was hoping he’d do a hustle with Professor Trelawney.”

“Now wait, let’s stop a moment and drink that image in.” He laughed and looked off into the distance, as if he was watching a giant movie screen showing Snape and Trelawny dancing their hearts out.

Sam merely slumped down further into her seat. He slid over closer to here and put his arm around her shoulder.

“You know a wise wizard said once, an owl and a hawk may marry but the hawk may never hoot.” He said sincerely.

She raised an eyebrow. “Translation?”

“Some guys just don’t get women. Give him a chance, to learn your language. Just a little time…to learn to hoot.” He smiled warmly.

She snorted. “You’re terrible with metaphors, Laun.”

“But?” he goaded.

“But you’re very good at cheering me up,” she murmured, leaning back into his shoulder. “Thank you.”

“Hey, you’re always there to cheer me up; remember after Corrina and I came to that very mutual decision to end things…mutually?”

“I have no memory of such a thing. I remember that time when she dumped you, if that’s what you’re on about…”

“Let me down gently!” Laun corrected faux angrily. “And to think I comforted you, vile wench. By the way I’ve been taking bets on what’ll take out the DADA teacher this year. You in?”

“I’m so in. Put me down for 7 sickles on… spontaneous combustion.”

“Ooh that’s a new one.” Laun said in such a way that if he had a moustache he would be twirling it evilly. The carriage bumped along as they headed towards the school, finally the stone towers of the place coming into sight.

“Well, I’m probably one of the few witches who’s seen This is Spinal Tap.”

“Seen wha?”

“It’s a muggle thing… it’s a fake story about a fake band, and their drummers all die suddenly of mysterious causes. Spontaneous combustion, choking on their own vomit, mysterious gardening accidents ‘better left unsolved,’ that sort of thing.”

“Oh wow, you won’t believe this but ten people put money on ‘choking on their own vomit’ in the pool.”Laun laughed.

Sam blinked at him. “Was that, ‘choking in the pool’ or was that ‘choking’ in the pool? Because if there’s a pool at Hogwarts I didn’t know about I will be very upset.”

“The latter,” Laun laughed, “Though if we do have a pool, I’ll be the first to guess it holds some deep dark secret.” Laun smirked.

Sam snorted back laughter. “That’s it! That’s what Salazar Slytherin was desperate to hide from the muggleborns! The Chamber of Secrets is actually his private jacuzzi!”

“That bastard! And God what secrets it must have…really who would want to be in it after he has. Yech.”He laun said faux-gagging through laughter.

“I’d rather spend time in Moaning Myrtle’s toilet.”


“She’s this really annoying ghost that haunts one of the bathrooms on the second floor. ‘Woe is me, I’m a ghost, no one loves me,’ and so on. Standard fare, really.”

“Ah well, sounds like she could use the company.” He laughed. Finally the carriage came to a stop and the two of them exited and made there way up to the castle.

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