Rose year 6 avie1Dierdre stood in the doorway of the last car, making sure the rest of the younger students got off and made their way to the right carriages. First year seem like such a lifetime ago now that she found it difficult to relate to ones this young and new to wizarding anymore. Maybe being a prefect would help her out with that.

She finally exited after the last child and grabbed her suitcase and cloak before turning to find the prefect carriages. Already she could tell, from the commotion on the train earlier, that this was going to be an interesting year at the ancient school of magic. Her blue eyes scanned for Rose, hoping to ride with her to Hogwarts.

After a moment or so she spotted the familiar head of golden hair, way at the back of the station and hurried over to her. “Rose! Wait up, I’m riding with you.”

Stepping between Dee and sight of the still miserable Eric, Rose quickly left the cursed boy in Cass and Belle’s capable hands and moved to intercept the Slytherin girl. “Dee! Um… this one is kinda full. Why don’t we go find another one? Besides, I haven’t heard all about your summer yet.”

Arching one eyebrow in suspicion Dierdre gave a small smile, letting her eyes take a brief attempt in seeing past Rose before deciding she probably didn’t need to know anyway and turned halfway back towards another carriage. “Alright, though I’ll more than likely bore you as I didn’t do much of anything really. I’d rather hear about your summer instead.”

“Oh it was nice,” she gushed, bypassing several acceptable coaches as she searched for the perfect one.”But I missed everybody. Well… everyone except Tom and Cissy; I saw them nearly every day.”

“I spent most of my time staying out of my parents ways this summer, though I did have some fun practicing with a few good potions from last year.” Her blue eyes held a glint of a more wicked side to her sense of humor.

Rose’s green eyes widened. “You’re kidding. Like what?” she asked in a hushed whisper.

“Well one of them will numb pain for about a fort-night so you can do a little more work without worrying about it. It has to rubbed on though, and you have to be careful not to really hurt yourself or you’ll never know about it.” She stopped in front of an empty coach and looked inside. “What about this one?”

Looking up and down the row of carriages without catching sight of the face she was most anxious to see, Rose finally nodded and began to climb in. “The prefects bathroom better be worth it. People are going to think I didn’t miss them,” she grumbled as she took a seat.

“I don’t get why you’re making such a fuss over just a bathroom.” Dierdre sat down opposite of her best friend and set her things beside her.

“Well… they wouldn’t have even mentioned it in our meeting if it wasn’t something amazing.” Giggling softly, Rose snuck a glance out the window. A few students were still looking for a seat but she didn’t see any faces she was eager to share with.

“Maybe we’ll be lucky and won’t have to share this thing with anyone else this trip.” Dierdre followed Rose’s glances and gave a sigh. “But no such luck here, huh.”

“Oh… well sharing wouldn’t be so bad… would it?”

Dierdre turned her azure gaze back to Rose. “It depends on who we might have to share it with.”

Rose managed to resist for several moments before breaking down into hysterical laughter. “We could always find Mather.”

Dierdre gave her friend a sharp glare. “Oh, you will so take that back.” She crossed her arms over her chest and did her best not to break her expression, but around Rose it was rather difficult to do.

“Ok. Fine. We’ll find you someone a little less… well, a little more… someone not him this year.” With one final glace out the window, Rose resigned herself to having to wait until after the feast to see anyone else. “But it has to be someone cute… and someone not afraid of you.”

Dierdre gave a laugh. “Good luck with that one, but you might be better off finding a girl for Forster.”

“Oh trust me, I can do both of you. No problem.”

“Look out world, a Ravenclaw who can multitask.” Dierdre gave Rose a wink then remembered she had something for the golden haired girl. “Oh, by the way, I got this for you over the summer. I hope you like it, I wasn’t sure which ones you didn’t have yet.”

Rose stuck out her tongue even as she held out her hands for what she was almost certain Dee would give her. “You got me a boyfriend?” she teased. “Wherever did you put him?”

Dierdre couldn’t help but smile as she pulled out a rather pretty looking book, thick with many chapters and a cover art of a lovely castle surrounded by a border of violet ribbons intertwined with one another. The title, ‘Mistress of the Estate’ was printed in embossed silvery letters. “Here you go. Take good care of him though, cause he’s just a paperback.”

With a happy little squeal, the tiny blonde threw her arms around her friend. “Thank you so much. I almost got this one but then I changed my mind and got Mistress in Chains instead.”

Returning the hug the slytherin girl gave a quick shrug of her shoulders. “That’s alright, I almost got that other one and but then I changed my mind too. Good thing I’d say.”

For a long moment Rose was silent, green eyes fixed on the cover of her book. Slowly she flipped through the pages, pausing to read a somewhat steamy kiss. “Do you think there’s something fundamentally undateable about me?” she asked finally.

Dierdre looked puzzled at her friend’s question. “Not that I can see, but what’s the big deal with having to date someone anyway? It’s not like it’ll help us pass OWLS any easier.” Dierdre had decided a year or so ago that she wasn’t even going to worry about dating; that it would only distract her and set her back from her goals. At least, that’s what she kept telling herself.

“You’re right,” the little blonde sighed. “And besides, I can always start collecting cats if I get too lonely being single forever.”

“Exactly. And I hear that Persians make perfect lap warmers.” Dierdre leaned back as much as she could in her seat, though to get really comfortable she had to slouch a bit and let her feet slide out to nearly touch the opposite seat. “Be sure to have a few cats reserved for me too.”

“Oh no. You have to get your own.” Rose put on her best ‘crazy cat-lady’ face and cackled wildly. “Mine are my babies and I’m going to leave all of my belongings to them when I die.”


Ignoring her friend, Rose began to pet her invisible cat. “Don’t listen to her, Fluffy. She’s just jealous I wouldn’t give her one of your thirty brothers and sisters.”

Rolling her eyes Dierdre chose not to say any more and instead continued to look out the small carriage window to watch the other students quickly file into their own rides to the school. “You know, it doesn’t seem to matter that we come back here every year knowing whats to greet us when we arrive, I still wonder what new things they’ll bring out to make it better than the last year.” She mused aloud, her chin now resting in her hand and her elbow on the window’s thin, little ledge.
It was dark out, the sun having set a short while ago leaving the air with a feel of shadowed mystery all around.

Rose nodded silently and crossed her legs as she settled back to feel the movement of the carriage as it started off toward the school. “I’m sure it’ll be wonderful,” she said finally. “We’re prefects; it has to be.”

“You’re way too optimistic, you know that right?” Dierdre said with a grin as she watched the scenery rush past them as the castle came into view and drew nearer. Within minutes, as always, they were landing in front of the massive stone steps of the school, each carriage door opening on its own to allowing the students to file out to begin their new school year.

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