Céilidh year 6 avie1“MacAllister,” Melissa Upton called out as Céilidh stepped from the car, “I need you to help escort the first years across the lake.”

“Uh, sure Mel, no problem,” Cee replied. She stole a glance at the rest of her friends as they made their way toward the carriages, a look that was not missed by the Head Girl.

“Sorry, Cee,” Mel said, clapping her on the shoulder, “I know it’s a suck duty, but I really need your help on this one.”

Céilidh shrugged and gave Mel a half-smile and headed off to the sound of Hagrid’s booming voice calling for all the first year students to gather around him. The wide-eyes youths clustered about the gigantic man in awed silence. “Now don’ be worry’n aboot yer bags, they’ll be makin’ their way to the castle their own way.” Hagrid stumped down the narrow trail leading away from Hogsmede station towards the boat docks.

Falling in line with the senior prefects Céilidh trudged along down the path. With only a scant bit of light from the intermittent torches that lined the trail, Céilidh dug her wand from inside her robes. The thin rod of rowan wood was strangely warm in her hands but she thought little of it as she uttered, “Lumos!”

The tip of her wand blazed with a light so bright, Céilidh thought for a moment she’d cast the wrong spell. A sky, crisp and clear filled her view next. She looked about, trying to get her bearings and the field blurred and shifted and snapped back into focus and she was over the castle grounds.

“She chants, she staves,”

“She rants and she raves,”

Aeryn and Tom’s voices sang out from somewhere outside her field of vision. She twisted around to ask them what was going on and again her vision blurred and abruptly came into focus. This time on Belle Beaverbrook, who seemed to be cradling something small and furry in her arms.

“And just a wee thing can you see that…”

“Belle… what’s -” Before she could finish her question, Céilidh’s vision lurched again. Her head was spinning and it was all that she could do to keep her lunch safely stowed away in her stomach. Lando’s face snapped into view, at first very close to hers, then gradually falling away – towards the ground that was rushing up to meet them.

“She’ll grow,
She’ll fall,
She’ll fathom it all…”

She shut her eyes a split second before what she knew would be a fatal impact with the flagstones of the school courtyard, but the impact never came. Instead, she jolted upright in her seat at the Gryffindor table. Céilidh looked about to get her bearings. The sorting of the first years was just getting started and everyone around her was talking and joking, telling tales of the summer break and having a good time in general.

“Hey Ginger,” Tom called from the other side of the table, “You okay? You look like someone just walked over your grave.”

“Aye, Ah’m okay, Tommy,” she replied. Her eyes searched across the room, scanning the Ravenclaw table. Of the past few moments, the fact that Cassidy Chambers’ eyes locked on to hers almost immediately came as no surprise.

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