Hogwarts-CrestThe light from the fire was beginning to die down as the last group of Gryffindors yawned their goodnights and started sluggishly up the stairs towards their dorms. Tom, Aeryn and Cecelia were the only ones left, sat in the three armchairs around the fire.

“I’m going to head out too,” Tom yawned. He gave Cecelia a little hug and started off towards the stairs himself.

“What? No hug for me?” Aeryn mockingly asked, giving puppy eyes.

Tom smiled wearily and shot the blonde gryffindor a wink as he started up the stairs. When she was certain Tom was out of earshot, Aeryn leaned in closer to Cecelia.

“So Cissy. I heard you had a little bit of fun on the train today,” Aeryn smiled as she took a sip from her mug of Hot Chocolate. Cecelia blushed a little. Her feet pawed the floor, indicating that something haddefinitely happened on the train earlier that day. “Want to talk about it?”

Cecelia blushed a little more. “Where to begin?” she mused playfully.

“Try the beginning.”

The two girls laughed.

“Honestly though,” Cissy said thoughtfully, “I’ve known Danny all my life, he’s a really great guy.”

“Annnnd?” Aeryn said beaming.

Cissy blushed. She turned her eyes away from Aeryn and toward her mug of hot chocolate, “and, I kinda like him.”

Aeryn took a moment and looked down at her mug of chocolate. “Like, Kinda kinda..” She twirled her finger in the mug and licked the chocolate off the end. Smiling, she looked back up “..Or You’d kinda like to lick chocolate off of him?”

Cissy head shot up, mouth a gape, “Oh my Gawd! EWWWWWW!”

“What?” Aeryn exclaimed. “I’ve never done it.. But you know..” Now it was Aeryn’s turn to blush. “..yeah.”

Cissy laughed hard, “So who are the top three guys you’d want to lick?” She said as a wicked smile crossed her lips.

Aeryn coughed her mouthful of hot chocolate back into her mug. “Well, Um…” she paused for a moment, resting her mug in her lap to count on her fingers. “Well.. Um.. There’s Gilderoy Lockheart. I would doanything for him,” she sighed. “And David Bowie. That guy is HOT!” she sipped from her mug while she pondered the third choice. “Hmmm… And..” Aeryn’s mind reeled with ideas. She wanted to say Tom, but this was his little sister, so she tried to scramble a third name out of her head. Oh.. and Donovan Blackadder. He is SO dreamy!” Aeryn looked up to see Cecelia smiling, and she returned the look with a smile of her own. “Now.. you never did answer my question.”

Cissy rolled her eyes and pretended to look intently into the fire, What question would that be?”

Aeryn smiled. “Do you like Dan, or like like him?”

Cissy shifted uncomfortably, “I dunno, he and Tom have been mates forever and he’s been in my home more times than I can count, but,” she sighed heavily, “do I like him?” she smiled sheepishly, “Yeah, I think I do.”

The older Gryffindor made an Awww sound and put her mug down on the side table to hug Cecelia.”That’s so sweet,” Aeryn reclaimed her seat and her mug. “If you need anything, you know, I’m here, right?”

Cecelia nodded her head, “I know. Same for you.

Aeryn finished the last of her chocolate. “Well. It’s late, and classes start tomorrow. We should probably try and get some sleep.”

“Yeah,” Cissy said standing up and finishing off he cocoa, “See you at breakfast tomorrow.”

“Done deal,” Aeryn smiled.

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