Hogwarts-CrestForster walked slowly back into the castle, mindful of the stings he had received in the greenhouse. He was quite grateful he had a free period today, he would have to replay his mistakes in his mind, and it would give him a few chances to experiment with a few potions and tonics he was developing. Sprout must have been distracted because she didn’t notice that he had snuck one of the venomous tentacula seedlings out of class. Provided that he didn’t accidentally kill it, he would see if Ambrosia would sneak it back in for him.

Looking up Forster smiled. Despite being stung he was in good spirits, and seeing his two of his favorite people had him feeling even better. He waved at Dierdre and Ambrosia with the hand that had received the fewest barbs from the tentacula.

Rose grinned and waved back. Forcing Dee to skip along with her, she took the slight detour to Forster’s side and paused to give his hands a critical look. “I’m not going to lecture you… right now,” she scolded.”I’ll save that for our official times.”

Forster’s eyes took on a hurt expression, “What? I tried!” He glanced at his hands and back up at the girls again. “They’re nasty little blighters and I swear they can sense fear.”

Rose drew herself up to her full height, coming almost to his shoulder. “Don’t worry. I’ll protect you.”

Looking down Forster mussed Rose’s hair. “If you say so teach, when’s the first lesson?”

“Well I’m pretty flexible. I can squeeze you in just about anywhere you’d like.” Rose thought for a moment until she noticed the grin on Forster’s face. “Not like that!”

“Forster, are you getting Rose to agree to do bad things with you again?” Dierdre gave a grin at the blonde girl as she caught up to them.

“I never do bad things,” Rose pouted, with a toss of her blonde curls.

“Exactly,” Forster countered with a sly wink, “She does good things. Very very good things.”

Dierdre rolled her eyes but still had to give a laugh. “Well, I already knew that so lets move onto something new.”

Forster previous embarrassment vanished with the opportunity to ‘play’, “How about you, Deidre? Would you like to do good things?”

“Uh, hello? Slytherin.” Dierdre readjusted her books to carry easier. “How about we let you and Rose here take care of all those ‘good’ things and I’ll get the rest, deal?”

Rose’s cheeks were slowly returning to their non-blushing state as she shook her head. “Um… anyway… we were talking about tutoring… weren’t we?”

Dierdre sighed and paused to glance out a nearby window. Walking over to it, glancing for a brief moment to make sure her friends weren’t too far off, the red head watched the students below as they made their way to the next class of the hour. It seemed like there were more and more witches and wizards every year.

Rose gave a little pout as Dee wandered off to the window. “Oh sure… start a naughty conversation and then leave me in the middle of it.” Her expression changed as she watched more students filing in from Herbology. With a grin and a wave, she bounced on her toes a little as Tom and Bobby joined her.

“Hey Rose,” Tom said as he returned her wave, “I got a question for you.”

“I have an answer,” she chuckled, casting a fleeting glance at the quiet boy beside her friend.

“Well you know about the Halloween Ball this year?”

“Yes!” Rose bounced again. “I can’t wait.”

“Would you want to, you know, go with me. I figure it’s the easiest way for both of us to get through this. So you want to?”

Bobby remained quiet although he was tempted to ask about Aeryn since the whole train incident, but digressed. “I gotta go gang, got a few things to take care of,” Britto moved past his friends not saying much of a goodbye or giving a head gesture for one. He wanted to get away before he heard an answer and felt it was time Aeryn returned the favor from earlier.

“Oh…” A small frown creased Rose’s brow as she watched Bobby leave. “I’d love to,” she finally answered, finding her normal smile. “Now we just have to think up the best costumes ever. And of course, I have to force Dee and Forster to find the perfect dates.”

Tom smiled and ran his hand through his hair, “Great. Yeah we’ll need to come up with costumes, you got any ideas?”

“Hey Tom, Rose, Forster,” Aeryn seemed to have appeared from nowhere. She slipped her arm around Tom’s and beamed at them.

“We’ll have to talk about our costumes later, Tom,” Rose answered with a chill little smile. “Right now Forster is walking us to class. Right?” Without waiting for an answer, she grabbed Forster’s arm and began to drag him away. “See you later.”

“What was that all about,” Aeryn said looking up at Tom.

Dragging Forster away from all the touchy-feelyness, the tiny Ravenclaw spotted a large figure hovering silently behind Dee. Trying to hold back a giggle, she slowed her steps. “So… should we rescue her or not?”

Mather, a large Slytherin boy, known for his brawn and brutishness and certainly nothing else, held out a paper to the one Slytherin girl he liked out of the entire school. “Uh, here Dierdre. Yours?”

Turning around, though loathing to, the red headed Slytherin looked up at the rough race of the one boy who never seemed to want to leave her alone. She took the paper without a word, folded it and placed it within one of her texts. Dierdre rolled her blue eyes when she realized that Mather wasn’t going away, then held out the armful of books she carried.

“Here Mather, carry these for me.”
With an almost embarrassing eagerness the tall brutish boy took the books and like a proud sentry remained at her side with the books tucked safely in his massive arms.

Forster glanced over his shoulder, “I think she’s doesn’t need rescuing. Mather on the other hand…”

“But he looooooooves her,” Rose giggled.

“Be nice,” he chided.

“I don’t feel nice anymore. Now come on, keep us company while we walk to class. Please…”

Forster wanted to make a retort, but held his tongue. “Gladly. Do you want me to escort you to the dining hall afterwards?”

Certain Mather was glaring at them, Rose walked beside Dee as she nodded to their friend. “Of course we do. You don’t have anything better to do anyway, do you?”

“Work on a tonic, but I can do that while you two lovelies are in class. Who am I to pass up the chance to be the envy of the entire student body by escorting two of the loveliest prefects to walk these hallowed halls?” Forster donned a cheesy grin and made a slight bow.

“You are just too chivalrous Forster.” Dierdre couldn’t help but grin a little as they made their way down the long hallway.

“Aren’t I just?”

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