Hogwarts-CrestTom stared bleary eyed into the porridge he had just heaped into the bowl in front of him. “It’s already the first week of school and I’m studying harder then ever before.”

“Well you have to pass History of Magic and that’s all there is to it.”

“Yeah well I didn’t figure I’d have two professors. Nicolette is actually giving me assignments on top of the ones from Binns.”

Aeryn tried not to laugh as her eyes met the Ravenclaw grinning from her own table opposite them.”She’s a teddy bear really,” Aeryn waved lightly over at Nicolette. “Don’t worry about her.”

“It’s not her I’m worried about,” he said as he let a huge yawn escape.

“Morning,”An extremely chipper Cecelia Llewelyn said as she threw herself onto the bench in front of Aeryn and Tom.

Tom only grunted.

“Morning Cissy,” Aeryn Grinned. “Looking forward to tryouts?”

Cecelia’s mood came down a little, I dunno if I’m gonna get to try out.”

“Oh, you’ll get to tryout. Even if I’ve got to beat Tom over the head to get you a broom, you’ll try out,”Aeryn beamed.

“It’s not just that,” she said picking at her eggs, “I want to have both Mum and Daddy’s blessing, but I know Mum won’t ever allow it. It’s not that she’s mean, she just thinks studying is more important then Quidditch.”

“Well, Then she’s clearly nuts,” Aeryn laughed, helping herself to her own porridge. “We’ll sort it out, Right Tom?”

Tom nodded still not fully awake. As the three young Gryffindors ate in silence, A large flock of owls flew through the open windows delivering the daily post. “Is that Darius?” Cecelia said point at a large Eagle owl that carried a large package landed in front of her. The owl nipped lovingly at both Llewelyn kids, then flew back out the window. Cecelia’s eyes boggled as she took in the large box in front of her.

Aeryn looked from the box to Tom, and over to Cecelia. She gave a light smile. “What do you reckon?”Aeryn asked.

“Could be dress robes,” Tom said as he eyed package.

“Perhaps. But we won’t know till she opens it,” Aeryn smiled, pushing the box closer to Cecelia.

“Okay, okay already,” she said with a large grin as she began to rip open the paper. She threw off the top of the box to reveal more packing paper and and a piece of parchment folded in half. Cecelia took the parchment and read it aloud, “It’s from Daddy, ‘My dear Princess, I have spoken to your mother and she still stands firm on your playing quidditch, but I know the hard work that you have put into practicing all summer long I can not allow that to be wasted. You can thank Aeryn’s mother for what’s inside.” Cecelia ripped open the paper to reveal a brand new Nimbus 1700 that sat inside, “Oh my God!”

Aeryn saw the broom Cecilia pulled from the box. She recognised it all too well. “Wow. A 1700. Just like mine!” Aeryn exclaimed. “Congrats Cissy,” Aeryn smiled. “Now you’ve so got to tryout!”

“I wanna go try it right now, Come on Tom.”

“I actually have some reading to do before first period,” he said as he shot a venomous look at Nicolette.

Aeryn scoffed lightly. “I’ll come with you, Cissy,” Aeryn hopped out of her seat with a smile, ruffled Tom’s hair, and raced out the Great Halls double doors out to the grounds.

“Oy!” a familiar voice shouted from behind as they strode across the lawn. “Wait up, wait up, I– not you, I don’t know you!” Sam cried, avoiding some bemused students in her mad dash to reach Aeryn and Cissy.

“A Llewelyn owl and a mysterious broom-sized package? And no one comes over to tell poor Sam that there’s a-” she glanced at the broom in Cissy’s hands- “-a new Nimbus 1700 in play?! I’m outraged. First Tom withholds the Benny story about the Woollongong Shimmy, and now this? I smell foul play. Foul, foul play and I’m utterly disappointed. Aren’t you Gryffindor types supposed to be chivalrous?”

Aeryn’s eyes flashed with mirth. “Yeah, but unlike you soft Hufflepuffs, we don’t have that absurd need to share every feeling we have every second we have them. You’re sabotaging my new team; getting a look at my Chaser like this.”

Cissy went red. “I’m not on the team yet.”

“I’m Captain, of course you’re on the team.”

“Favoritism! Blasphemy!” Sam shouted, trying desperately not to laugh at her own bravado.

“It’s not like that,” Aeryn laughed. “We’re off for a fly. Would you like to come?”

Sam’s jaw worked before she, unable to take it anymore, broke into a wide grin. “Yeah, alright.”

“Besides, Sam,” Ryn continued as the three of them started walking, “Your dad owns Quality Quidditch Supplies– couldn’t he get you a Nimbus easy?”

“Sure,” Sam shrugged.

Cissy frowned. “The Nimbus 1700 outflies your Cleansweep by 10 kilometers per second in acceleration and has a better turning radius.”

“Yes, it does.”

“Then why not get one?”

Sam grinned. “Well, where’s the challenge in that?”

“You’re a madwoman,” Aeryn laughed. “Absolutely barking. But I love your style.”

The three girls were able to fit into the shed without too much of a squeeze as Sam and Aeryn rummaged for their own brooms, which had become nearly buried in the three days the shed had been open for student use.

“This is so not worth it… I may just keep my broom in my dorm this year, this is ridiculous…” Sam muttered. “D’you want me to grab a Quaffle, too?”

Aeryn bit her bottom lip as she mused over the idea. “Sure. Why not?” she replied, smiling. “Just remember, Sam. We’re friends here, not opposition.” Aeryn stuck out her tongue and shot Sam a playful wink.

“I’ll play nicely; until we have actual team tryouts I figure I can play with whomever I want. ‘Sides, Tom’s the one that gets all scary and competitive. I couldn’t count all the times he’s nearly killed me on all my fingers and toes.”

Cecelia laughed, “I KNOW! You ever hear about the time when I was two and Monty accidentally caused me to start floatin’ around the dining room like a bubble, and Tom wanted to use me for a bludger.”

Sam rolled her eyes. “Anyone who knows the Llewelyns knows that story. That and the incident with the peanut butter and the flesh-eating slug repellant. I swear, you all tell like the same three stories at every social gathering.”

Cecelia giggled, “Well, Daddy does love to talk.”

Aeryn tried hard to stifle the laugh that bubbled out of her in response to the two girl’s bickering.

Sam grinned evilly. “Oh, don’t avoid the stories Ryn! You should memorize them; you’re the one who wants in on their mad family.”

Aeryn blushed deeply. “Yes. Well…” She was lost for words. Changing the subject quickly she started off towards the pitch. “Come on girls. We’re not getting in the air like this.”

Sam winked at Cissy. “Hop on; I’ll serve.” The youngest Llewelyn mounted her broom, and shot a look at Aeryn, who was already in the air.

“I’m not sure if I should–”

“Quaffle’s in play!” Sam shouted, chucking the red ball as hard as she could into the air and sending Cissy pelting after it before kicking off herself.


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