Laun year 6 avie“So this is what it feels like Dame.” Laun said smugly as they entered the Slytherin common room. Damien for his part had a sinking feeling as he followed.

“Do I even want to know?” He shrugged with a roll of the eyes, his sense of doom increasing.


“Oh God…”

“No, no. No need to bow, or curtsey or any such thing.” Laun said, Damien silently wished for Dumbledore to burst in and announce that Laun becoming a prefect was a gigantic mistake…perhaps the venerable headmaster could throw in some pointing and laughing for good measure.

“Oh yeah this isn’t gonna end anytime soon.” Damien said his head falling into his hands.

“Gather round young ones, take out your notepads and prepare to hang on my glorious words!” He said gesturing to the first years. They staggered over, many actually giving the blond power mad Slytherin the rapt attention that would only feed his current case of acute megalomania.

“This is the Slytherin common room.” He motioned around like a game show hostess.

“Girls up that way and boys that way,” Laun paused for dramatic effect, “I’ll let any randy young git that finds himself going up the wrong staircase “by accident” find out what curses lay ahead for him.” Laun winked dramatically. Many audible gulps could be heard as the boys shuffled nervously.

“Oh Laun…let it go.” Diana smiled as she walked into the room followed by Rufus Wolfstead and Markus Deadwood and a few other older Slytherins. “You’ve been a prefect about two seconds and suddenly you’re Salazar Slytherin in tighty whities.” Diana laughed with a flip of her midnight colored hair. Laun groaned as he motioned for the now giggling first years to disperse.

“Ah well if it isn’t the beautiful Diana Orris-Whitmoor.” Damien said his empathic shame for Laun switching in a matter of seconds to what may have been an almost smooth Don Juan impersonation. This amorous air quickly earned him the ire of a now scowling Rufus. Diana meanwhile moved closer to Damien and ran her hand down his cheek, Rufus growing more visibly upset as she did so.

“You know Marspeck…I would love to accept one of your many, many advances there is only one thing holding me back…” She whispered huskily into his ear. Laun looked like he may be physically ill.

“What is it?” Damien asked excitedly.

“I don’t date anyone shorter than my house elf.” She laughed walking away. Rufus and Markus laughed as well. Laun just barely hearing Rufus whisper some other house elf themed comparison to Damien before Markus laughed even harder practically snorting as they followed Diana. Damien just kind of shrugged and tried to play it as if he wasn’t hurt.

“Heh…worth a try right?” He smiled half-heartedly.

“Yeah, you wouldn’t want to date her anyway. She’s allergic to garlic and you know that Italian Restaurant Date Plan #3 is your favorite of your date scenarios anyway.” Laun smiled reassuringly.

“Yeah that’s right.” Damien nodded wandering up the boys’ staircase. Laun’s reassuring smile faded into steely anger as he walked with a new sense of determination over to his sister. She was busy vapidly pretending to listen to Rufus and Markus while actually staring at her nails.

“Di stop second guessing your nail polish choices and shift your pompous arse in gear.” He snapped. Rufus looked like he was gonna say something but Diana’s amused curiosity was quicker than his crush driven rage and she got up and walked in her brother’s direction.

“And what can I do for you?” She mused half-heartedly.

“I love you but you are…, let’s see, how can I put this? Oh, I know… a bitch.” He snapped. This quickly shook her out of her self centered daze for a few moments.

“Excuse me?” She asked, her eyes fierce and predatory.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to go out with Damien, but you didn’t need to crush his spirit.” He was shocked that after he said this, she actually seemed to be thinking over what he said.

“I’m sorry, you are right…” His familiar pride swelled up again as she said this, “…for once.” and with those words it was gone.

“You just had to tack that on.”

“Hey just cus I was wrong doesn’t mean I stop being me.” She winked before returning to the others.

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