Nicolette year 6 avie1Danny sat on a plush couch in Ravenclaw Tower, his feet propped on the low mahogany table before him. He stared idly out of the windows, looking at the mountains. It seemed Dan was always staring at the mountain range in the distance..

Nicolette came trouncing down the stairs jovially until she noticed that someone else was in the room to which she collected herself and continued to the common room followed closely behind by Rose who bounced in and flopped onto the big fluffy couch next to Danny. The brunette laughed slightly behind a sigh. “Lady like, Rosie, lady like.”

“Hello, ‘Colette.” Danny glanced over his shoulder at his fellow fifth-year, and went back to looking at the mountains. He turned to Rose. “Good thing we didn’t see Nicolette trouncing down the stairs so happily.”

Nic looked to Danny pinching her face. “Shush you. I don’t mind you guys but I wasn’t sure you or Rosie hadn’t brought some nasty little Hufflepuff in here with you as you are wont to do”

“I don’t know any nasty little anyones,” Rose sniffed. “Ooo… but I do think Danny would look cute trouncing around the room. Should we make him try it?”

Danny began to feel outnumbered by the girls and looked for an escape. “I… um… I think I gotta go… um, to the library… or something…”

“Liar. You don’t even know where the library is. I am surpirsed that word is even in your vernacular”

“I know where the library is!” Danny retorted futilely.

“Oh? Where is it then?” Nicolette smiled, waiting for the undoubtedly wrong answer.

“It’s in the dungeons, right?” He crossed his fingers hoping, by luck, he got the correct answer.

“Wrong, now you have to stay” ‘Colette plopped down on the couch next to where he had been sitting.

Dan sighed and dropped into the couch between the two girls. “Fine. What?”

Ambrosia smiled her wicked plotting smile. “I’ve got a great game to play.”

“Oooooo Game? I love games” Nicolette wiggled in anticipation.

“This is called…. how many times can we make Danny blush in a minute,” Rose said with an evil laugh.

“But you ALWAYS win that one!”

“Ok… this time I won’t resort to reading him any passages from my books.”

“Good, that is downright pervy.” Nicolette caught herself. “Uh, not that I have read any of them. . . ”

“What? It’s not like I’m acting them out. Ever…”

“Geez… Not this game again.” Danny threw his hands up in exasperation. “Can’t I just… do extra Ancient Runes homework or something?”

The bouncy blonde put a hand to her heart in shock. “Did… did he just ask to do homework?”

“You could,” Nicolette looked thoughtfully. “I have some Ancient Ruins testing cards if you really want. . and some sample tests. . . ”

Danny grinned. “I’ll do twice as much Runes homework as I did yesterday.”

“Twice an amount of zero is still zero” The brunette looked unfazed by his bargain.

“Drat,” thought Dan. “They’re on to me.” He leaned back and looked between the two girls. “I’m a little surprised that no one has asked me what I talked to Cissy ’bout on the train.”

“Oh, we already know” Nicolette inspected her nails as she spoke, nonchalantly.

He nodded. “Oh, well that makes sen…DWAAAAA?” He sat bolt upright and looked at them.

Without looking up from her nails, the dark-haired girl spoke again. “Girls talk, Danny”

On the other side of him, the blonde added. “And seeing you make faces like that makes them talk even more.”

Danny set his elbows on the table and cradled his head in his hands. “I jus’ hope they aren’t talkin’ t’Tom.”

Nicolette laughed “Girls talk, but they don’t talk to boys”

“Yer talkin’ t’me, aincha?”

“But we aren’t telling you any girl secrets now are we?” Nicolette raised a brow.

“Only that there’s a information network among ye gals that rivals the floo network… I’m more concerned some lil’ gossip like Jasmine Zhang will report what went on durin’ the trip to Tom… with her usual embellishments…” Danny looked at the girls. “You both know I’ve got a thing fer Cissy, why don’ you tell me who yuir chasin’?”

Ambrosia batted her eyes at him. “We’re sweet innocent girls, Danny. We don’t chase.”

Fine, then. Who’re the pair of you madly in love with, then?” Danny shot back at his companions.

“Madly. . . In love?” Nicolette laughed.

“Aye. Somethin’s gotta warm even yuir cold heart, Nicolette,” he said mischievously.

“Nope,” She shook her head defiantly. “my heart is pure ice”

Ambrosia sat up, remembering. “I have to meet Tom in the great hall to discuss. . . something.” And with a toss of her curls she bounced right out of the room just like she had entered it

The two watched her leave suspiciously for a moment before deciding not to ask and going on with the conversation. “Nae, I’m sure that some boy makes yuir stomach flutter an’ yuir pace quicken when he strolls by.”

Nicolette frowned “I have no idea what you are talking about Daniel Kieran Dumorne”

“Well, if ye won’t tell me, I’m gonna go practise Quidditch.” With that, Dan hopped up and strolled towards the door, whistling a jaunty tune.

“Nooo,” Nicolette begged. “Don’t leave me. You know I can’t stand that game and Rose has disappeared”

Danny turned and sauntered back into the common room. “Yes, dear Miss Ainscough?”

She pouted. “It is boring in here all by myself”

Walking back toward Nicolette, Dan asked, “Well ‘en, whatcha want ta do?”

The brunette shrugged. “We can play chess, or strike fear in the hearts of firsties”

“Aye, we could at that…” Dan’s voice trailed off as he spotted a couple first-years wandering down the stairs, familiar-looking parchment scrolls in their hands. “I got a better idea. You up fer some fun?”


Danny lowered his voice and leaned closer to Nicolette, ducking behind the couch as he did so. “You see those two firsties just come down? Those scrolls in their hands?”

Nicolette leaned in and matched his tone. “Yes”

“Well, they got the scrolls from me an’, how would you put it?” Danny grinned and, in a horrible Nicolette impersonation, went on, “my disreputable Hufflepuff friend.” He let out a low chuckle. “They’re magically reactive maps to a nonexistent mobile candy stash. The maps trigger illusions in certain locations, which flicker out when any map gets within six yards of the ‘cupboard’. Took Foozle an’ me practically all holiday to rig up the magic fer the maps an’ illusion triggers. Then, first night we were back, we set up the illusions. Wanna watch the wee ones go nuts tryin’ t’get the sweets?”

Nicolette looked distastefully for a moment. “That boy is the wizard equivalent of cotton candy. Although I am slightly impressed that you actually did some studies and ofcourse I want to watch”

“Nae, we dinnae study. We jus’ researched the necessary magic an’ figured how to mesh ’em into a cohesive whole.”

“Um, that’s studying”

“Again, I think yer missin’ the point.” Danny grinned. “We worked this out ’cause we wanted to. Studyin’ is what we’re forced t’do.”


“Y’know, you could be impressed at the complexity of the magics, the intricate forces we were tryin’ to mesh t’gether. But yuir jus’ impressed that we did some work.”

“Aww.” She patted Danny’s cheek. “Of course I am impressed”

Dan grinned at her. “Enough patronizin’, huh? Le’s go watch some young’uns race down the hall to the vanishin’ sweets.”

Nicolette grabbed Danny’s forearm and the two crept out the common room after the pair of first years. She usually did not condone Danny and his insufferable friends shenanigans, but she was bored and this particular plot seemed like it utilized some pretty impressive magic.

“Watch!” Danny appeared to be having a great time. “They’re gettin’ close to th’ furs’ location, between those two armor suits.” As the younger students got closer to the location Dan had pointed out, a colorful cabinet shimmered into existence. The first years let out a squeal of delight and rocketed forward, only to have the cabinet vanish when they were less than a half-score paces from its location.”What do you think of that?”

Nicolette nodded her voice sounding rather impressed. “Nice. Very nice actually. You and that mu-, um, slacker did this all by yourselves?” Nicolette caught herself before insulting his friend.

Danny shot his housemate an icy stare, but calmed a bit when Nicolette looked a little repentant. “Aye. Foozle worked out summa the map’s workin’s, keyin’ each to it’s user. Quite complex actually. An’ I enchanted the illusion triggers an’ such. Takes ’em fifteen minutes t’reset and reappear in the same location again.”

“Amazing. . . Really. Maybe you two could utilize your apparent talents in the school effort?” Nicolette teased Danny.

Looking thoughtfully at Nicolette, Danny replied, “Maybe yuir right. I should give up this sort o’ tomfoolery, buckle down, hit the books, study har…” his face broke into a wide grin and he started laughing. “Oi! I really thought I could get through that with a straight face!” Grinning at the Ravenclaw girl, he added, “Why should I apply m’self to school? This is so much more fun, an’ it exercises the same sort o’ magics I’ll need t’know fer my OWLs, an’ likely a little beyond.”

She shoved him lightly, smiling. “Tease. Well, I suppose I’ll take what academics I can get from you. Do you have one of those scrolls on you?”

“Why d’you want one?” Danny asked, his face clouding with suspicion.

“I just wanted to see it for myself. From the victim’s perspective.” Nicolette looked sheepish. “For educational purposes. I don’t know how you did it.” Nicolette bit her bottom lip.

Going into what seemed to be a well-rehearsed spiel, Dan replied, “Fer the low price of three Galleons, I’ll be glad t’sell ye one o’ MacFoozle an’ Dumorne’s amazing Sweet-Seekin’ Maps.” Dan laughed. “But I’d have to replenish my stock. I’m sold out, an’ Foozle has all the extras at the moment.”

Nicolette sighed heavily. “All right, where is Macfoozle. And if you tell him why I need one I will hurt you, badly.” She wagged her finger at him.

“Why, Miss Ainscough!” Danny replied with mock sincerity. “I would never, ever think of telling my friend that you needed one of our little contrivances so you could puzzle out how a layabout an’ a halfbreed managed magics you cannae figure out.” He grinned.

“I should certainly hope not. Mr Dumorne, because I would hate to let it slip to my student that you are actively sweet on his sister.” Nicolette retorted gently threatening, the playful smile never leaving her face.

Danny grinned wider. “Relax, Nicolette. I was only teasing you. I can get you a scroll, but we might want to wait until our little venture is played out.” Dan chuckled again. “If you can wait that long, I’ll even hand over copies of our notes. Deal?” He finished by holding out his hand.

The raven-haired girl laughed. “Yeah, I know. I was teasing back.” She put her manicured hand into his, shaking it firmly. “Deal.”

“Of course,” Danny added with a mischievous glint in his eye, “You never said I couldnae tell Tom why you need a map.” With a wink and a chuckle, Danny dashed off down the hall.

“Hey!!” She began to give chase before a cluster of Hufflepuff students rounded a corner to which she sniffed in their general direction and huffed off.

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