Laun year 6 avieLaun had to find Nicolette before he forgot he had her sweater. It looked very expensive and he was almost nervous holding on to it. She had left it at his parent’s house, during their last gathering of all the Slytherin alumni, they had one for all the holidays or whenever they needed an excuse to buy a large amount of alcohol. He had known Nicolette for a long time thanks to these parties but he didn’t really know her know her and he always was a little uneasy around her for two very related reasons; she was very pureblood and all that went with that, and because of this…she reminded him of his mother. He found her just outside the Great Hall gossiping cattily with one of his female housemates. She had always seemed more at home among the Slytherin students than her Ravenclaw compatriots; he had always wondering why she wasn’t placed in Slytherin House. He hesitantly approached her.

“Nicolette?” He asked, alerting her to his presence.

She turned to him, at first looking as if she were about to say something really wicked. As she recognized him, she smiled. “Oh, hi Laun.” With a quick gesture she dismissed the other girl. “What can I do for you?” She had an unusually friendly look about her.

“I wanted to make sure you got this.” He gently handed her the sweater, with a sincere smile. “I can be absent minded, who knows, in a few weeks you’d have ravage through my room to get it.” He laughed.

Her hairline burned red at the thought of being in his room but she managed to keep the smile on her face. “Oh, thanks. I, um, guess I forgot it at your mom’s party.” She got a little bit redder. “I have no idea how it got in your room.”

“Oh well it didn’t, well it did…” He took a breath, “I brought it back with me, you left it at my parent’s house.” He smiled, “I’m sorry it took me so long to get it back to you. As I said before, absent minded.”He winked, making the ‘crazy’ gesture around his ear with his hand.

“Heh, yeah.” She fidgeted with her necklace uncharacteristically. “I am glad you returned it. I couldn’t remember where I left it and I really liked this one.” She was at a loss for things to talk about but didn’t want the conversation to be over. “So, how are your parents? I haven’t seen them in months.”

“They’re good, Dad’s still trying to stay awake at the Wizengamot and Mum is still hypocritically running the auror office. They talked very highly of you when they asked me to get the sweater back to you.” He winked,”How are your folks?”

“Really? They did?” She pushed a stray lock of hair behind her ear. “My parent’s are fine. I guess. Mom went back to Narbonne two days after the party and dad has been holed up at the ministry trying to get regulations on unicorn blood straightened out.” She shrugged slightly. “Not much to say.”

“Well I didn’t mean to interrupt your conversation before,” he said biting his lower lip, “I just wanted to make sure I got that back to you.” he ran his hand through his hair and started to turned away.

“No, um, wait. I was done talking to her anyway.” She smiled as a thought occurred to her. “Have you had lunch yet?”

“No actually,” He smiled, “You wanna go to the great hall?”

“I would love to.” She relaxed and looped her arm with his, escorting him into the Great Hall. “That party was lovely. I really like your house.”

“Yeah that’s not the only thing you like i think.” He smiled a wry smile.

“What do you mean?” She answered hastily, nervous.

“I saw how you and the Durmstrang boy Fredrick Von Roon were chatting.” He winked, “Your secret’s safe with me.”

“Fredrick?! Oh, my, no. No, no, no. God no. We were just discussing the differences between Durmstrang and Hogwart’s curriculum.” She laughed a bit. “He is definitely not my type.”

Laun gave her a funny look at this.

“What?” Nicolette asked self-consciously.

“I’m sorry, it’s nothing it’s just your laugh,” he paused, “It’s just one of the things about you that remind me of my mother. You could be her twin.” He winked with a smile.

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