Nicolette year 6 avie1Nicolette sat next to Laun idly picking at the food before her. She had little appetite without her nerves tying her stomach in knots. It was odd that she had known this boy her whole life but had never just sat and had lunch with him. “So. . . How’s prefecthood?”

“Oh I’ll be totally mad with power any moment now.” Laun smiled with a small mirthful laugh, as he put another fork-load of food into his mouth

“Yeah, I bet you do enjoy having some authority. The power dole out punishment and rewards as you see fit.” She chuckled. “Hopefully it doesn’t go the same way as when we were little. I remember the party you threw where you insisted everyone call you ‘Your Highness’ and wore that dreadful gold cape around all day.” She popped a grape into her mouth bemusedly.

“God I was adorable.” He smiled, “Those were the days. Man these are delicious, I wonder what kind of seasoning the house elves use on this.” Laun wondered with a grin as ate some more of chicken dish in front of him.

“Laun!” A cheerful voice shouted, a voice Laun not only immediately recognized, but the sound of which caused him to jump up from the table; nearly knocking his plate over.

“Cor!” Laun practically bounded over to the plump yet beautiful young woman Nicolette knew to be his ex-girlfriend Corrina, the muggleborn.

“I feel like I haven’t gotten to see you at all this year.” Corrina cooed. Laun’s eyes never left hers and the look on his face was the kind that Nicolette herself had long wished he would send her way.

‘Colette’s eyes narrowed at the other girl. She was at a loss. While she wanted to curse the hair off of this intruder, she knew the wrong word would negate all the progress she had been making. She bit her tongue and painted on a sore attempt at a pleasant smile. “Oh, Corrina. . . Hello. . .”

“Hello Nicolette.” Corrina said adjusting here tone at sensing the proverbial lowering temperature from where Nicolette sat.

“You want to join us?” Laun said gleefully, somehow totally unaware of the tension in the room.

Nicolette fought to keep her eyes from rolling. “Yes, come eat with us. You look. . . famished.” Corrina looked her after she said this as if reading her face, and than she laughed a little.

“No thanks Nicolette, I wouldn’t want to get in the way.” She patted Nicolette’s shoulder as she said this, darting her eyes over to Laun as she said the words ‘get in the way’.

“In the way of what?” Laun asked confused.

“Oh Nic’s just working on something, though it looks like it’s not gonna work out well.” She kissed Laun on the cheek and laughed to herself again as she began to walk away, “I’ll see you later Laun.”

“Okay Cor! Come by my com…I’ll come by your common room later!” He corrected himself mid-sentence. After a moment, just staring after her retreating figure, he resumed sitting, “What were we talking about again?” He smiled.

The brunette hid the napkin she had shredded during the short visit and returned her attention to him.”You two seem to be on abnormally good terms for being exs.”

“Oh yeah, we ended on really good terms, we were going in different directions…and we wanted to end it sooner rather than it happening messier and more antagonistically later.” His words didn’t match his eyes, which clearly spoke to how he wished that they were still together. “She introduced me to her cousin Francine even.” He said this with some bitterness, “She’s great…”

Despite her ulterior motive, she was still concerned for his happiness but this news was terrible. Her heart sunk. “You are seeing a muggle?”

“…Yes.” He said rather hesitantly. Something told her it wasn’t that she was a muggle that was giving him pause but that he was dating this muggle.

“Does your mother know?” She could not hide the disappointment on her face or in her voice.

“God no.” His face resumed a happy expression at the thought of his mother’s possible reactions. “I’ll probably never tell her.”

“Well. . ,” she sighed, “maybe you’ll find a girl that your mother will approve of some day.” The last sentence was tinged with hope. Laun thought about this for a moment and than his more genuine smile returned, with a small laugh.

“I didn’t mean to monopolize this conversation.” He said changing the subject, “How’s your love life going these days?”

Nicolette flicked a chip across her plate with a carefully manicured finger. “Like anything would change in the past three months that hasn’t changed in the past fifteen years.”

“Now that can’t be true, you could get any guy you want.” He winked.

“You have no idea how wrong you are. . . ” Her food remained mostly untouched. “There’s a reason I’ve never been on a date.” She shook herself out of the poor mood she had been put into. “No time for boys anyway.” She put her smile back on. “I have to get the most OWLS this year.”

Laun took the hint to move on, “I have to at least get more than one.” He laughed knowing that despite his poor studying habits, good grades came easy to him.

“Oh, you’ll get a few, I’m sure. It doesn’t take too much work to get a few.” She nudged him. “I, however, need as many as I can get.”

“Oh? I was under the impression you were doing very well. I mean you are a ravenclaw after all, sorry for the stereotype.” He smiled.

She really laughed this time. “Not because of grades. I just need them. Are you kidding? I have high marks in everything. I need them like you need that shiny little pin you are so proud of.”

“Ah a pride thing. I get that.” He winked.

“LAUN DOLIOS ORRIS-WHITMOOR!” A shrill yet oddly melodic voice rang out. They both turned to see the picturesque and furious form of Diana Orris-Whitmoor. She motioned for him to come over to her, and she didn’t look like she was willing to wait.

“Agh, what the heck does she want?” He rolled his eyes, “Listen I’ll talk to you later Nic.” He smiled.

She returned his smile. “I’d be careful what I promised if I were you. I will hold you to it.”

“Count on it.” He winked. He walked off towards his sister. She grabbed him by the arm and led him out of the Great Hall.

“How could you start dating her! You can’t date a mom-clone! Than mom will make me date a mom-clone…only you know…a guy…”

“Cygnus is like mom…only you know…a guy.” Diana got a dreamy look on her face and than resumed her tirade.

“Never you mind that. Let’s go!” And with that the Orris-Whitmoor siblings left the hall.

Nicolette sighed heavily back at the table. She was almost tempted to indulge in the large chocolate cake floating a few feet from her face. “A muggle. . . not even a mudblood, but a muggle. . . . Well, we will see about that.” She dropped the napkin confetti onto her plate and walked out of the Great Hall. “I wonder where Rosie is. . . ” With that, she went off to look for her housemate.

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