Hogwarts-CrestBobby kept himself scarce since his Quidditch practice with Tom. He loved his house-mate like a brother, but hated him at the same time. All the people whispered about him and Rose going to the ball together. What people didn’t know about the most popular couple is the young Gryffindor student was seconds away from asking Rose himself. Well maybe not seconds, but he was planning on doing what Tommy did.

Usually Bobby’s hands talked for him while his mouth rested, but today it was his eyes. They guided the student to his location and warned the others he didn’t want to be talked to. All the sandy-blonde haired student wanted was to find solace within the confines of the library.

Most of the people that lurked in the library kept to themselves or were too busy hunting down something important. It was the perfect place to distance yourself from talk of the lovebirds from Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.

Unfortunately young love, or whatever you wanted to call it didn’t limit itself to just those two students. It had found many targets at Hogwarts this year including the pair Bobby unexpectedly ran into.

Dan reluctantly tore his gaze away from Cissy, and looked toward the entrance of the library. “I wonder whit happened?’ he asked, intrigued by the mischievous possibilities the blast might bring. Grinning at the young Llewellyn lass, he offered his arm. “Wan’ to see whit tha’s all aboot?”

Cecelia smiled, “Well let’s go.” The two walked from the library arm-in-arm, getting odd looks from Madame Pince, apparently surprised to see Danny in the library.

The two stepped out of the doorway and practically ran into Bobby, his eyes downcast.

“Sorry, Sorry, Cissy. Sorr…Dan?” even though he wanted to be left alone Bobby gave Cissy a look as she was arm and arm with the Ravenclaw student. It wasn’t anything that read disapproval, but he never heard her mention anything about any boy she liked before. Granted he was lost in his own world for a little bit.

“Oi! Bob, innit?” Dan smiled. “Fit like?”After an elbow from Cissy, he added, “I mean, how are you?”

Cissy, smiling at her housemate added, “Yes, how are you, Bobby?”

“I’d rather not talk about it..gets complicated and involves Tom,” was his answer. Cissy would have seen threw any lies he could muster. They had known each other for a little bit now and started to know each other’s quirks.

“Ye look a bit mumpty, mate.” Dan glanced at Cissy, then went on. “If yuir wantin’ ta talk aboot somethin’?”

Britto sighed, “To be honest, I had a date set up that I fully intended on asking once I gained the courage. Sadly, I got beat to it…by the last person I’d want it to happen too.” Bobby shook his head,”Now I hear too many people talking about them. ‘Look how cute they are’, ‘Finally!’, and all sorts of lovely junk I just don’t want to hear. I mean how would you like it if your best friend asked out the girl you were go..,” his words trailed as he realized the cat was out of the bag in front of a guy he barely knew and his best friends’ sister. The man he was talking about was her brother and he was sure she knew that now too.

The Gryffindor student quickly rushed past them into the library from shock, embarrassment, and guilt.

Cissy and Dan looked at each other, neither quite sure what they should be doing. “You don’t think he was talking about…”

Danny shrugged.”I don’t know. I mean, I’m sure he meant Tom, but who’d yuir brother ask to the dance?”

Cecelia clapped her hands against her face, “Merlin’s beard he’s talking about Rose!”

“Rose? When did this happen?” Dan had a confused look on his face, but he shook it off. “Never mind. You c’n tell me later. D’ye think we should go in after Bobby? Or will that make things worse?”

“To be honest Danny,” Dan almost fainted when she called him Danny,”the first time I have talked to him was about a day ago. I say we find out what that noise was instead.”


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