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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.82

Hogwarts-CrestAfter her and Danny’s performance Belle felt more energized, almost as if she was enjoying herself, a thought unfathomable just a few hours earlier. Eric and her had even made their way onto the dance floor for a few of the faster songs, Eric coming dangerously close to tripping over his own legs. Belle decided he had far more coordination when he was on a broomstick. After a bit she began to get thirsty and offered to fetch them some more punch. Eric had been eating quite a bit of the food as well, though Belle didn’t seem to have much of an appetite, so she swung by the table to grab a couple more pumpkin pasties for him before heading to the punch bowl where a very pretty Rowena Ravenclaw was getting some punch.

“Hello Miss Sheridan” said Belle, completely forgetting that she currently ...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.81

Laun year 6 avieLaun smiled and laughed as many other students came by to compliment him on he and Nic’s entrance.

“Wow they really like us!” Laun smiled, though before she could answer Damien came running over.

“Duuuuude that ROCKED!” Damien squealed.

“I know we were working on it for awhile! Mcg helped a bit.” He laughed.

Nic’s smile shimmered brighter than her dress. “Well, we did add our own flair to the whole thing though.”

“LAUN!” Corrina shouted with a smile as she joined them. Laun turned to her and as usual when he saw Corrina he got the look on his face that says; ‘where have you been all my life?’ He hugged her with huge smile.

“Cor, you look beautiful!” He said brightly.

“Oh please I only chose to come as Helga cuz all I need was a cup and a yellow dress.” She smiled bashfully.

“AND cu...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.80

Tommy year 6 avie1Tom walked back through the large entrance doors, There that’s done, he thought to himself, as long as the little bugger doesn’t mess it up they’ll both be happy. There was still a strange buzz in the air as he walked back into the dance. The first thing he noticed was that the Hufflepunks’ instruments were playing themselves without the actual band members on stage.

“What the hell happened to the band?” Tom said as he rejoined the rest of the gentlemen, shimmying about in the back of the room.

The wolf clapped Godric on the back. “Thare wis…” he looked over to Albus and back, “an amshach. The hail band came daun wi a case o the bat bogeys.”

“You’re joking.” Bigby nodded. “He’s not joking.” Godric looked to Albus, who also shook his head. “Wow, are they okay?”

Albus shook his head...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.79

Hogwarts-Crest“There was air back in the hallway, you know,” Rose pouted as Tom led her out through the heavy oak doors and down onto the grounds. “And if I get my dress dirty…” She knew she didn’t even have to tell him what her mom would say about all her hard work covered in grass stains.

“Trust me, Rose. Just a little farther.”

Golden light spilled from the windows in the great hall, bathing the grass at their feet with radiance as they walked toward the small, vine covered gazebo that stood well within the watchful eye of the castle. Any chaperon passing by the windows inside could clearly see the area, ensuring that, in this location at least, only school endorsed activities were taking place in this romantic spot...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.78

Danny year 6 avie1As Dumbeldore turned away the pair came on to the stage both taking steady breaths. “Don’t be nervous Belle,” Danny whispered in a voice not his own.

“Let’s just get this over with,” Belle replied in an equally familiar, yet foreign tone. “You start us off.”And with that the two stepped to the front of the stage, to raucous applause.

Danny cleared his throat and gulped down a last bit of nervousness as the applause went down and the crowd’s attention became focused on ‘Dumbeldore’ and ‘Snape’

“I must say, Professor,” began Danny, rocking on the balls of his feet, “these prefect boys and girls have some very odd names these days. Why here at Hogwarts, Hu’s in Hufflepuff, Watt’s in Slytherin, Idanoe’s in Gryffindor… ”

Belle forced a puzzled look “That is what I want to find out, the names...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.77

Hogwarts-CrestDumbeldore climbed down the stairs, and moved towards the food table where Belle was hurriedly cramming her face.

“Enjoying the dance so far, Belinda?”

Belle looked harried.”To be honest sir, I’ve napped through most of it.”

Dumbeldore smiled. “You and Mr. DuMorne must be commended. The night has been a success so far. However, in the absence of the band, perhaps now would be a good time for the additional entertainment that you had planned. Once that is complete, I’m sure the houseelves could take care of any additional chores needed to be done, and the pair of you can take a much deserved respite.”

Belle’s face blanched. “You want us to perform? Now?”

“I would say so,my dear.” He stroked his beard, those kind eyes examining her from behind the half moon lenses...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.76

Hogwarts-Crest“Thank you, thank you. Is everybody having a good time tonight?” The whole of the dance seemed to erupt in raucous applause, acknowledging that they were indeed already having a good time. Evan beamed. “Excellent! Our next song is an original by our lead guitarist David Sullivan. It’s called,” Evan stopped for a second and pinched his nose. Shaking off the tickle he continued, “Sorry about that. Okay, it’s called,” but Evan stopped again, and this time he sneezed.

Out of his nose flew a translucent green bat flapping madly. Evan stared at it as it hovered in front of him, his face a mix of shock and confusion and wonder. Before he could react properly he went into a quick sneezing fit. Four more large and drippy bogey colored bats flew out of his nose...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.75

Céilidh year 6 avie1“Ach…” Bigby Wolf fanned the lapels of his soft black coat with one hand, as he twirled Red. Her hooded cape splayed out around her as she spun. “A tell ye, Ginger… It’s sweltrie tae be a wouf and jink aboot like this.” A toothy grin played across his muzzle. “A’course it coud juist be the company…”

“Why Maister Wouf,” Cee’s painted eyes playfully narrowed on him, “whit big eyes ye hae.”

With a playful laugh she dragged him off the dance floor and away from Danny, Tommy, and the girls. The pair jogged over to one of the refreshment tables. “Ach… Ah caud use a wee nip.” Red muttered as she ladled some punch into her cup.

“Oh, yea?” Foozle patted at the breast of his coat with a crooked grin.

“Fooze,” she shook her crimson locks, regarding him with mock disdain, “Ah’d loose me badge.”


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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.74

Hogwarts-CrestDespite Nic’s warning, Cassidy had actually managed to be one of the first to arrive at the ballroom. His date had been ready when and waiting, and they made their way while everyone else in the castle was apparently doing some last-minute primping. When Rose told him of the meeting place, he’d been curious, though not even the least bit nervous. His capacity for worry was already taxed… he had no real concern for the “date.” It was, after all, merely a means to an end.

Which is why it surprised Cass so much that he’d been enjoying himself. Rose definitely knew him better than even he’d expected, and she’d found him an intellectually-challenging, interesting, and entertaining girl… and someone he’d never had chosen for himself...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.73

Céilidh year 6 avie1“It seems we’ve been deserted, Ginger,” Foozle said, watching Tommy and Rose exit.

“Oh, aye,” Céilidh replied. Her eyes were tracking a different couple, however. If there was one part of her plan that she wasn’t completely comfortable with, it had been how Forster’s date might react. Her fears were laid aside when she happened to catch Dierdre’s eye while Fors’ back was to her, and the Slytherin girl shot her a wink and a hi-sign. She held her arm out, “Shall we?”

“Ma pleisur…”

Several things happened on the way to the dance floor, and nearly all of them involved Céilidh’s costume. It seemed that between one step and the next, her hemline dropped to just above the knee and her cape grew to cover her rear. Another step and her blouse untied, smoothed itself out, and tucked in neatly...

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