Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.77

Hogwarts-CrestDumbeldore climbed down the stairs, and moved towards the food table where Belle was hurriedly cramming her face.

“Enjoying the dance so far, Belinda?”

Belle looked harried.”To be honest sir, I’ve napped through most of it.”

Dumbeldore smiled. “You and Mr. DuMorne must be commended. The night has been a success so far. However, in the absence of the band, perhaps now would be a good time for the additional entertainment that you had planned. Once that is complete, I’m sure the houseelves could take care of any additional chores needed to be done, and the pair of you can take a much deserved respite.”

Belle’s face blanched. “You want us to perform? Now?”

“I would say so,my dear.” He stroked his beard, those kind eyes examining her from behind the half moon lenses. “At the end of the next charmed song, perhaps?”

“Sure Professor.”

Belle’s face paled, making her Snape face look even whiter, if such a thing was possible. She made her way to the dance floor and roughly grabbed Danny by the arm as he danced with Cissy.

“We’re up.”

“Whit?” his eyes shot over to the stage “Wait, now?”


“Oh great,” the Ravenclaw grumbled. “Cissy, I’ll come right back as soon as this is done.”

The younger girl gave Dan a peck on the cheek. “You’ll be great. Break a leg.”

As the pair turned away and headed towards the stage Belle pulled out her wand, and pointed it at her throat. “Vox Imitae,” she said, and then turned her wand on Danny and did the same thing.

Arriving at the stage they were greeted Dumbeldore. “You both ready?” he asked kindly, to which both students nodded a response. “And I must say, Daniel, you look quite handsome this evening.” With that he turned and headed on to the stage, quickly grabbing the audience’s attention as the enchanted instruments finished a tune.

“As I said before, we have more entertainment in store this eve. So with no further ado, please welcome the two students whose tireless efforts have made this evening possible Belinda Beaverbrook and Daniel Dumorne,” he extended his hand toward the edge of the stage where the pair waited, “or should I say Professor Snape and… me.”


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