Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.79

Hogwarts-Crest“There was air back in the hallway, you know,” Rose pouted as Tom led her out through the heavy oak doors and down onto the grounds. “And if I get my dress dirty…” She knew she didn’t even have to tell him what her mom would say about all her hard work covered in grass stains.

“Trust me, Rose. Just a little farther.”

Golden light spilled from the windows in the great hall, bathing the grass at their feet with radiance as they walked toward the small, vine covered gazebo that stood well within the watchful eye of the castle. Any chaperon passing by the windows inside could clearly see the area, ensuring that, in this location at least, only school endorsed activities were taking place in this romantic spot. Her pouting fading away into a certain smug suspicion, Rose allowed herself to be led up the rough wooden steps then stopped, truly speechless as she looked around with wide eyes.

The climbing clematis and wisteria that twined with the ivy had been enchanted for the evening, each flower giving off a soft purple glow. The lush growing walls of the gazebo blanketed the sounds from the castle and accentuated the soft night noises of nature. Feeling almost certain she’d been spirited away to some otherworldly island, Rose let her now teary-eyed gaze fall on the most important part of the whole scene.

Bobby stood there brandishing a bouquet of bright pink roses that gradually turned white as the five petals made it closer to the hip. Ambrosia would have known these were commonly called French Roses, but the shock may have made her overlook textbook lessons… at least for the moment. “For you m’lady,” the waiting gryffindor spoke confidently thanks to the very long talks with several friends. Thanks to them he finally realized what was really happening with the shocked blond staring at him as the flowers were given to her. His hands even took a moment to intertwine one into her long hair. Oh the courage friends can give, Bobby finally confessed his true feelings while wearing tights no less. It was part of the Lancelot costume with the silver armor and deep red, hopefully not too revealing, fabric.

Rose looked between Tom and Bobby, her face a mask of shock, “Tommy,” her voice shook, “What’s going on?

Tom just smiled as he walked right up to Bobby. He took Rose’s hand and placed it in Bobby’s, “Bobby, I believe this heart belongs to you,” Tom kissed Rose on the cheek and backed away.

The other Gryffindor paused for a moment as crimson filled his face, “I spent so much time loathing a fictional couple I’m not sure what I should do next…well besides one thing at least,” the teenager confessed not sure how the honesty of the nature would be taken by either.

Rose couldn’t help but laugh. “You talk too much,” she told him.

A smirk came across Bobby’s face as he waited for a few moments before holding his date close; he watched Tom trying to hide a smile before spinning Rose around creating an opportunistic moment that delivered a slow and deep kiss worthy of several romance novel covers just like the ones that danced across Rose’s bookshelves.

“And, I’ll take that as my cue,” Tom said to himself as he turned on his heel and walked back inside.

Breathless and blushing, Rose barely noticed Tom leaving. “Do that again and I just might forget all about my kiss with Cee.”

“I was meaning to ask you about that. Something about a bar??” Britto smiled, “Maybe I don’t want you to forget entirely… I heard she was a good kisser. I’ll know what to strive for and hopefully be better than one day. Also, I hope not to get slapped like my friend there,” a chuckle escaped the teen’s mouth as he recalled everything in shaky detail between the feint whispers he gathered. Now if that headache that made itself comfortable in his head would only fade away things would truly be perfect. Heck, even with the pain it already was.

Rose shut him up again with another kiss; she was starting to feel like she was pretty good at it. “Speaking of being slapped,” she said finally. “Do you want to go back inside later and meet my daddy?”

How quick red can change to white after the simple phrase, ‘meet my daddy’, is uttered out of your date’s mouth before your skin flushes. The man probably had stacks and stacks of letters explaining his actions when he thought much differently about Tom and Rose. ‘Today my friend Bobby was so mean to me Daddy!’ echoed throughout his mind in the guise of Rose’s sweet voice, followed by images of a very angry father willing to harm anyone that caused his daughter any amount of pain. Sweat started to form on the boy’s brow, “Ar…ar…are…you that’s ..wi..wi..w..wise?” A brave knight, he certainly was not.

“Don’t be silly. He’s dying to meet you. I’ve told him so much about you.” The tiny Rowena stepped away from her date and spun around under the enchanted flowers. “But it’s so beautiful out here. I hate to leave so soon.”

“We could always come back you know,” the boy said foolishly, but with hints of bravery laced in between. Looks like Rose wasn’t the only one with a guttered mind tonight.

An almost wicked smile graced her lips as she looked Bobby up and down. “So… are those tights?”

“Would it make me any less manly to say I’m a man in tights? If so then, no; they’re just really stretchy pants.”

“Let me think about it.” Tapping a finger against her lips, Rose walked around him to get a better look at all angles. “Before I decide, you need to somehow make up for calling me a tart and stuck up… though the flowers are a good start.”

Sweat started to greet his face once more as he was honestly stumped. He was really clueless here because the dance was coming up, but his skills in dancing were far from impressive. Chocolates never crossed his mind either, but they should have. Even Bobby knew the power of chocolate to most women, but with all the flowers he felt it was a little overkill. He wanted to make up for all the bad things he’d done not make her suspicious of any potential new ones. His eyes closed and an awkward pause set in as a familiar song played in his head. “I’ve nothing much to offer,” he watched her eyes as the song kept playing in his mind and while the boy’s lips continued the song in the room, “There’s nothing much to take. I’m an absolute beginner and I’m absolutely sane. As long as we’re together, the rest can go to hell. I absolutely…” again another weird silence set in. Wide eyes looked over at Rose as a new realization and question formed in his head.

“You what?” Rose prompted, giving him a curious look.

“I…I just realized…I can’t finish this song, at least not right now. Might be a day, a few weeks, months, years, but one day I’ll finish it. When I know everything is right. I’ve said a lot of bad things I never truly meant. So I want to say some good things when I truly mean them.”

Her delicate fingers brushed across his lips. “It’s ok. We’ve got all the time in the world.” A light shiver sudden shook her small frame and in an instant she was taking the opportunity to move in closer, lifting his arm and moving it around her shoulders. “Let’s go back inside for a while. I really want to dance with you.” She deliberately left out the D word this time. After all, her father would find them soon enough.

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