Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.82

Hogwarts-CrestAfter her and Danny’s performance Belle felt more energized, almost as if she was enjoying herself, a thought unfathomable just a few hours earlier. Eric and her had even made their way onto the dance floor for a few of the faster songs, Eric coming dangerously close to tripping over his own legs. Belle decided he had far more coordination when he was on a broomstick. After a bit she began to get thirsty and offered to fetch them some more punch. Eric had been eating quite a bit of the food as well, though Belle didn’t seem to have much of an appetite, so she swung by the table to grab a couple more pumpkin pasties for him before heading to the punch bowl where a very pretty Rowena Ravenclaw was getting some punch.

“Hello Miss Sheridan” said Belle, completely forgetting that she currently looked and sounded exactly like Severus Snape.

Rose nearly dropped her glass as the potions professor addressed her. True, tonight was beautiful and magical and enough to make nearly anyone nice… but that seemed a little unlikely. Still, she’d never dream of being rude to one of her teachers. “Um… hello Professor Snape.”

Belle looked sideways at Rose for a second before remembering exactly what her appearance was this evening. Grinning to herself she decided to have a little fun with her friend. “Did I see you slip something into that punch bowl, Sheridan?” She said with a hiss, trying hard not to laugh. “Maybe something you got from that misanthrope MacFoozle, or perhaps your equally disreputable housemate? I’d hate to think that Beaverbrook and DuMorne would have to endure detention with me because their attempts at organizing this dance were ruined by a fellow student.” Belle could barely keep her face straight as she tried not to double over in laughter.

This was more of the Snape Rose had grown to expect, but she was completely at a loss for words at the Professor’s accusations. “But.. I Professor. I swear I never did any…”

“Silence I don’t want to hear any of your…” and at this Belle bent over unable to hold it together any more, howling in laughter so hard that she actually had to kneel down.

“Oh, you are so evil.” Cheeks coloring, Rose managed to look horribly offended for a good few seconds before giving in to laughter as well.

“Oh god…my stomach hurts…” sighed Belle who was still laughing as she got to her feet. “You should have seen your face. I swear you looked like I wanted to hang you. No wonder Snape’s such a git – that was just too much fun.” Belle said as she wiped away a tear.

“Well I’m glad you enjoyed yourself,” Rose said primly, spoiling her offended image by sticking her tongue out at Belle. “Please tell me I’m not the only one you’ve fooled tonight.”

“No. I’m pretty sure I made a couple of second years wet themselves and that was even without the voice charm said Belle, finally composing herself,and pouring two glasses of punch out of the bowl. “So how has your night been? I see you’re not hanging out with Tom anymore.”

“It’s been the most perfect night ever!” the tiny Ravenclaw answered. “And I’m sure Tommy’s around somewhere. He kinda disappeared after he helped me find Bobby.”

“So that who the second glass is for? About time,” said Belle nodding her approval.

It’s the most wonderful thing ever,” said Rose, positively beaming. “And you? Your night?” she asked as the two began to make their way back towards the dance floor. “I suppose your second glass is for Eric?”

“Yeah, he’s been in such a fantastic mood tonight. It’s been something else. And now that I’m done with the damn dance I can actually enjoy myself.”

Rose winced as she looked out across the dance floor to find Eric. “Maybe not quite yet,” she said, pointing to where their friend was slowly being surrounded by the typical pack of Slytherin oafs.

“Oh… perfect,” Belle said wearily, and she instinctively began to roll up the sleeves of her robes, an action that everyone in Hogwarts unmistakably knew would lead to at least someone getting knocked on their butt, at the very least. However, just as Belle went to head to the impending disaster, Rose grabbed her arm and held her back.

“You can’t beat people up at a dance!”

Belle sneered. “Another reason to hate them.” Rolling her sleeves back down she continued on towards the dance floor just in time to see three members of the Slythering Quidditch team take their bullying to another level and begin shoving Eric.

“What is the meaning of this?!” Belle said in her best malevolent tone, hoping that if her costume and voice charm was enough to fool Rose the far more daft Slytherins would be even more gullible.

“What… Professor?” said the eldest boy turning to face Belle. “It was nothing sir, we were uh…”

“Silence! The three of you leave here immediately, and plan on seeing me tomorrow night at midnight on the Astronomy Tower. An evening of cleaning telescopes may give you time for… reflection.” Belle could tell from the trio’s expressions that they were completely buying her act. “If I see you in here again tonight you will be spending the next Hogsmeade weekend in the Forbidden Forest wrestling red caps.”

The three Slytherins took off with a dart, and were out of the Great Hall in moments. Belle’s disguised visage broke into a wide grin, as she turned to Rose. “Oh, I could so get used to this!”

“You’re amazing!” Rose gushed, grinning at Belle then reaching for Beowulf’s hand. “You’ve got the best date ever, Eric.”

“That I know,” said Eric smiling, thankful for yet another timely appearance by Belle. “Although,” he paused looking her square in the face, ” she may be the ugliest date ever.”

“Hey! When did you get a sense of humor?”

“I know,” said Belle in a sarcastic tone.”Kind of creepy isn’t it?”

“I demand that you act like this all the time,” Rose laughed. Looking up at the Snapified Belle she had to make a little face. “But you do look a tiny bit creepy.”

“Well I guess between spooking those Slytherins and making Rose wet herself…”

“I did not wet myself!”

“I guess,” Belle continued, sticking her tongue out at Rose as she did, “I’ve had about all the Snapish fun I can have in a night.”. With that, she withdrew her wand and pointed it towards her head. “Relente! Belle’s face immediately began to transform. Her nose lost it’s crooked shape and became more rounded and pert, her teeth straightened and her chin shortened, as her hair began to change color and revert to its short purple state. Within a minute her face was back to its normal appearance.


“Much.” grinned Eric.

At that moment Bobby appeared at Rose’s shoulder. “What did I miss?”

“Belle’s evil… but at least she’s pretty again,” she answered with an impish grin. “Now, come on. Now’s the perfect time for a romantic slow dance.” She paused before dragging Bobby away and winked at Eric. “Have fun you two.”

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