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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.72

Danny year 6 avie1Cissy led her date out to the dance floor as the instruments began a slow song. As Cissy put her hands on Dan’s shoulders, he wrapped his arms around her waist and they began to sway to the music. The stars in the ceiling lit the dance floor and occasional streaks of gold, red, blue and green flashed over the dancers as the comets blazed through the ceiling/sky. Danny removed Cecelia’s McGonagall glasses and gazed into Cissy’s eyes. He flashed her his best smile. “Yuir leukin’ richt bonnie t’night, hen.” As he spoke, a funny look crossed Cissy’s face and she stifled a giggle. Being far from the reaction he expected, Danny was surprised. “Whit?” he asked, confused.

The two wove through the other dancers. “Oh, Danny,” she said with a roll of her sparkling green eyes...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.71

Hogwarts-CrestUntil that moment, Forster had been mostly unaware of his fellow classmates. Despite the fact that he hadn’t been looking forward to the dance, he was still happy to be here. But at the comments made by Rose’s father, he looked around and was very impressed with everyones costumes. He hadn’t been lying earlier, Deidre was breathtaking, but upon seeing Céilidh, Forster suddenly found himself blushing and having trouble drawing breath, or thinking for that matter.

Dierdre was also enjoying the excitement around them and had to admit that the other costumes looked absolutely wonderful also. She loved how Rose had been brave enough to color her hair. Dee had thought about it but decided to keep it red in the end...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.70

Hogwarts-Crest“Oi!” yelled Belle across the dance floor,using her normal voice rather than the Snape voice charm she had prepared for later. “You! In the goblin outfit! Leave those pumpkins alone!” Her anger was directed at a student who was trying to use the floating jack o’lanterns she had charmed as pinatas. As the goblin beat a hasty retreat she weaved her way through the crowd to inspect the damage.

Turning to face Beowulf, who had hurried alongside her , her face was a combination of menace and exasperation. “What’s the time?”

Eric grinned. “Four hours and thirty seven more minutes, Belle. Exactly one minute less than the last time you asked me.”

“Oh bollocks.”...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.69

Tommy year 6 avie1As the shimmering pair reached their friends, Nicolette and Laun stopped to greet them. Tom walked up and shook Laun’s hand, “Fantastic entrance sir.”

“Thanks, the frog part was all Nicolette.”

“So that’s what that was all about,” Tom said as he remembered the past conversation with Professor McGonagall.

Rose was more interested in things far more important than a mere spell. “Oh my goodness! Your dress is incredible. You look perfect! And you kissed Laun–sorta–right in front of everybody. What did that feel like? Was he bumpy?”

Crinkling her nose, Nic laughed. “A little, but the effect was so worth it!”

“I’ll have you know, that I was not bumpy, even as a frog my devilish good looks can not be surpressed.” Laun laughed in mock-vanity.

“You look beautiful tonight Nic,” Tom kissed his cousi...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.68

Nicolette year 6 avie1As Laun came up on the Ravenclaw common room, he realized that he had to answer a riddle to get within, he waited for the brass eagle to give him a question.

“How is a raven like a writing desk?” The voice came finally.

“Does it have something to do with feather quills?”

Before there was much of a chance to answer, a wooden door shimmered into existence on the stone wall. The door opened a crack and a familiar gray eye peeked out at him. “Laun?”

“Thank God because I had nothing.” He smiled, “You look very nice.” He said self-consciously fixing his tie.

She opened the door and peeked out first left, then right, before ushering him into her common room. He could tell from looking at her that she had not activated any of the charms yet for her costume.”Everyone here has left already...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.67

Rose year 6 avie1“Boy,” Tom’s eyes boggled at the decorations, “This is so much better than last year.”

“Ach, the noodle incident,” the other two Gentlemen said almost nostalgically.

“I didn’t get the smell out of my hair for a week,” Rose giggled.

“So shall we get some punch then, I’m thirsty,” Cecelia smiled brightly at Dan.

Dan shot a glace at Foozle. “Ah’ll gae get it. Don’t lat ony o’ the ither blokes reive ye awa, hen.”

He wandered off toward the table and drew two cups. As he walked back to his friends Peter Porsblat and Rufus Wolfstead stepped in his path. Porsblat was dressed as a Death Eater, while Rufus was just wearing his usual robes. As Danny tried to walk around them, Peter cut him off. “Well, well. If it isn’t one blood traitor dressed as another.”

Danny ignored the insult with a shake ...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.66

Hogwarts-CrestForster was running late. As much as he had protested Pythia’s statement. He knew it was true. The charm on the corsage was almost perfect, and he mended the little mistakes that his cousin would learn about next year. He placed the case inside one of his larger pockets as he rounded the corner and stopped.

Never before had the Wicked Witch of the West looked so stunning. Her dress was not quite what the muggle book, or movie, had ever shown. While still jet black, the bodice, cut into a v-shape, hung low on her and was a dark shade of green with silver piping just to outline the design. The skirt was typically ankle length, it was belted at the waist and had a dark green center panel in the front of it, matching the bodice nicely...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.65

Hogwarts-Crest“Okay Ryn,” Sully said as he lead Aeryn by the hand up to the stairs next to the stage, “I need to get back up there. The guys are waiting.” This was true. Up on the stage Evan and the rest of the Hufflepunks had already re-slung their instruments and were now waiting on Sully’s return.

“But I just got here?” Aeryn teasingly whined as she followed him up to the stage. “I hope you get enough time off for a dance or two.”

“Evan said Dumbledore wanted us to do more than just work at the dance, he wanted us to have fun too. So we are getting plenty of breaks between sets. This is just the first one.

“Well good, but I hope you won’t get too jealous if I dance with someone else while I’m waiting on you,”she winked.

“Are we talking about Tommy?”

“That’s a possibility,” she said coyly.

Sully laugh...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.64

Tommy year 6 avie1The group of friends stood in the entry hall. The excitement, the laughs and chatter among their small group rivaled all those that that passed by them as they stood by the great wooden doors.

“Well,” Tom said as he checked his watch, “Rose should be down any minute now.”

“Brither,” Orlando tapped Tom on the shoulder, drawing Tommy’s attention up the steps with a nod of his head. “Tap o the stairs,”

Tom turned around. With graceful steps that seemed to barely touch the ground beneath her feet, the perfect image of one of the Hogwarts founders descended toward them. The silken dress was a deep midnight, seeming to almost draw the light into it as she passed by. Bronze piping sparkled across the daringly low cut bodice and touched the light cap sleeves...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Of Bludgers and Ballrooms 2.63

Hogwarts-CrestBelle’s great black costume swooped behind her as she reached the entrance to the Ravenclaw common room. She always dreaded this. She was nowhere near as smart as Eric and more often than not when she came out to the tower to meet him she would have to wait around for another student to wander by who would know the correct answer. However, it turned out to be her lucky day.

“Wizard is to niffler as Muggle is to what?”

Belle grinned. Thank god it was an animal question. “Hedgehog.” At that the door swung open and Belle almost bumped into a very robust looking Eric.

“Belle I was just coming to wait for you,” Eric said, his face breaking into a smile. A charm had made Eric appear larger than normal and he had taken off his glasses...

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