Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Endings and Beginnings 6.32

Danny year 6 avie1As the hissing of the train came to an end as it finally came to a stop at King’s Cross station. All the kids piled off the train, grabbing their trunks and greeting their parents.

“You better write me every week,” Cecelia said as she threw both her arms around Danny’s neck as they stood on the train platform in London, “You being gone almost the whole summer is so unfair.”

Danny grinned at his girlfriend. “Ah cannae promise that, hen. Ye ken whit intercontinental owl service is lik’.”

Cecelia pouted slightly, “Well at least as much as possible then. I dunno how I’ll be able to stand it.”

“It’ll be okay,” He pushed up at the corners of her mouth with his fingers. “A’ll ainlie be gaen fur a couple weeks, then A’ll come ‘n’ see ye ilka week.

“You better,” Cecelia slugged him in the shoulder.

“Och, ah wull,” he laughed, “unless they American girls entice me tae bade langer.”

Cecelia’s eyes narrowed, “You are not funny.”

“Okay,” Tom said as he pulled trunk off the train, “You’re sure your folks are okay with me coming to visit for a whole week?”

Bobby smiled at his friend, “Course! Already worked out the details and everything Tommy. You’re my brother, and besides, you said it yourself, you needed to see the real muggle world. And I’ll miss you annoying me,” a playful punch in the arm was given to Tommy after his own bags were taken down.

“Says the person who spent most of the early part of the year moping,” Tom grinned.

“I was young and confused!” Bobby yelled in mockery before heading to the right platform walking past his friend, 9 and 3/4s. “One, two…” he stopped seeing the blonde he spent most of the train ride home with. The teen smiled at Rose and signaled for her to come close.

Holding Idril’s cage in her hands, Rose gave a faint smile as she joined the boys. “When were you ever confused?” she teased mildly.

He smiled wickedly looking at both of them, “Thinking Tom ever had a chance with you. Your standards are too high for him anyway.”

For once, Tommy wasn’t the one getting hit. Shifting Idril to her right hand, Rose punched Bobby in his arm, never losing the small smile on her face. “Be nice. He lives next door. He’ll see me a lot more than you will this summer.”

“She has a point,” Tom grinned.

“She usually does and most of the time it’s right. There’s always that one time out of ninety-nine that she’s wrong. This time is not that one,” he smiled holding out his hand. “Sorry, mate.”

Tom threw his arm around Bobby, “No problems at all mate.”

Pulling his friend close, Bobby hugged Tom, “Brothers hug,” his tone was jovial as he was with the two people that mattered the most to him at the school.

Tom returned the hug, “I’ll see you in a few weeks.” He patted Bobby on the arm as he walked toward where his parents stood waiting for him on the platform.

Forster barely bothered with his things. They were in a pile, somewhere, but they were safe. No one would be messing with them unless they wanted to tangle with and irate cat, and Brock had gotten much bigger this year. His things were not important, he had someone to find.

“Oi I don’t care if the term is over,” Sam yelled at a group of first years, “you lot stop acting like a bunch of flying monkeys and get off the ruddy train with a modicum of decency.” She ran her fingers through her hair as she pulled her own trunk of the train and onto the platform.

Hearing his girlfriend’s voice, Forster worked his way through the crowd as quickly as he could. “Do you need any assistance with that, Miss Monkshood?” He reached out for her trunk as a grin spread across his face. “I’m pretty sure it’s the boyfriend’s duty to lug around heavy luggage, or that’s what a Ravenclaw once told me”

Sam smiled, “Oh really and do you always listen to strange Ravenclaws?” She giggled as she kissed him on the cheek.

Forster blushed at the public display of affection. “Only when they seem to know what they’re talking about, and with all the books she’s read on the subject, I figure Rosie knows a thing or two, but enough about strange Ravenclaws. I was wondering what my favorite prefect had planned for her summer.”

“Well I have the all England Quidditch finals that Daddy got me tickets for,” Sam said as she readjusted her glasses, “and I believe someone was supposed to go with me,” her eyes sparkled behind the lenses.

“I’m sure that that special someone is counting down the days. For the excitement of the game and,” he bent over slightly kissing her on the forehead. “More importantly for the quality of the company.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere Mr. Barclay,” she said mockingly.

Forster acted aghast. “Then I’m doomed.” he said with a laugh.

“Most likely,” Sam closed her eyes and nodded.

The offer of chivalry aside, Forster was convinced his girlfriend had managed to pack away half of the castle in her trunk. “So are your folks coming to get you?”

“Yeah,” she said as she craned her neck over a group of third years that had just walked in front of her. As she did her face brightened, “There’s daddy,” the little Hufflepuff squealed

Forster smiled as he heard the joy in Sam’s voice. “I suppose it’d be bad form for me to kiss you goodbye since I haven’t exactly met him. Well, I’ve met him, but not since we well.” Forster bit his tongue as he tried to find the right words.

Sam grinned as she grabbed him by the hand, “Come on,” she ordered, “My parents are going to love you.” With that, she dragged Forster forward.

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