Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 5: Endings and Beginnings 6.33

Hogwarts-CrestBobby’s mom moved through the kitchen checking cabinets and other nooks and crannies in the kitchen for various goodies. A nervousness lingered in her voice, “Are you sure there’s enough food Robert? I mean… he won’t be offended or anything for not having that butterbeer, right?” she asked.

“Mum. I get the same food there as I do here for the most part. It’ll be fine. The magical world isn’t too different,” said Bobby shaking his head. “The only way you’d offend Tommy is by giving him expired bread, or fruit that’s gone fuzzy. I promise,” he spoke while stopping his mom with his hands. After a moment his arms wrapped around her embracing the woman into a hug, “Thanks mum. For this, I don’t have too many friends ’round here and Tommy’s like my br,” Bobby stopped himself from saying brother. It was the awkward situation that would every once and a while rear its ugly head. Having Tommy be the brother Bobby actually wanted sometimes made his younger brother Kevin feel unwanted.

That was far from the truth, but the Brittos were brothers of blood. The worst fight Tommy and Bobby had was a big misunderstanding about a woman. The worst fight the Brittos had Bobby couldn’t remember, but they were like any other set of brothers out there. They had good times and bad. Fights would start over the small things, and the big ones. Tommy was a brother that didn’t come with any of the baggage of spending years fighting to vi for the attention from various parents and adults. Bobby was sure when Kevin started school next year there’d be someone like Tommy for him. Still, Bobby avoided the “Brother” word and Tommy in the same sentence whenever he could.

“I know son. I know,” Jamie Britto said softly while hugging her son.

“Good. So stopp worryin’, okay?”

“I’m a mum, it’s in my blood now. Can’t help it,” she smiled at him, to which Bobby just rolled his eyes.

“Michael dear are you sure about this?” His mother gave him a worried look as he continued packing.

“Seriously mum,” Tom grumbled, “it’ll be fine. It’s not like I’m going overseas, I’m going to Wales. It’ll just be like going to Gran’s.”

Milly folded her arms, “Yes but your Grandmother is a witch, you are planning on spending a week with out your wand. Without being able to use any kind of magic?”

Tom shrugged, “It’s not different than that vacation to Ireland last summer.”

“Yes well,” Milly tried to think of a response, “Your father and I were with you then.”

Tom smiled, “I’m going to be fine mum. I’m almost of age, and I’m an animagi. I think I will be ok.”

“Well at least take this,” she handed him a green velvet bag.

Tom took the bag and examined it, “Floo powder?” Tom smiled.

“Just in case.”

“Alright mum,” Tom smiled and nodded, “For you.”

“Tommy said he’d be here any moment now,” Bobby stood near the fireplace waiting. He was looking like a teenager peering outside the window waiting for his friend to show up on a bike at any second now while staring at the fire place.

Suddenly the fire in the fireplace roared larger almost filling the entire of the fireplace and Tom stepped out of the flames, “Hullo Bob,” Tom smiled as he wiped some of the soot off of his t-shirt.

A smile was shot back at Tommy, “Still one of the best ways to travel, magic or muggle.” Bobby hugged his friend after he brushed himself off. Behind Bobby stood his mom, Jamie, and Scott, his father. Long ago they were called something else, but that was another time. Kevin was off in his room for the moment. “Tommy. You remember my folks from the party right?”

Tommy nodded, “Of course,” he stuck his hand out to Bobby’s father, “Hullo sir.”

Scott shook Tommy’s hand, “Bob calls you Tom and Tommy, what do you prefer lad?” he asked with the utmost sincerity. His grip was firm but far from challenging to Tommy.

“Either’s fine,” Tom smiled and turned toward Bobby’s mother, “and thank you for allowing me to stay ma’am.”

Jamie smiled at the boy, it wasn’t often she heard the word “ma’am” when it wasn’t from shop keeps or someone giving a forced sense of civility. To hear it said genuinely made her beam. She liked Tommy already, “Please…don’t be formal. Call me Jamie, or call me mom.” Whether Tommy liked it or not, he was pulled into a hug. Mrs. Britto was a huggy sort of mom.

“Yes ma… Jamie,” Tom caught himself.

She was a little disappointed he didn’t call her mom, but it just mean the boy was raised right. “I’m sure you two don’t want to be ’round us all this time. So off with ya both. Supper will be done in a few hours, don’t fill up on sweets before then.”

Helping Tommy out Bobby led his fellow housemate up to his room. As to be expected Bobby’s room was littered with plants and various notes posted on how many times to water them. They were cared for by his parents while he was away. The plants didn’t really carry a lot of odor as dad was allergic to a few of Bobby’s favorites. Next year he’d try and work on ways to mask the smells from such a diligent nose.”This is my room. Before the night’s over mom will bring up a nice little cot. One of my Uncles had one that he lent,” besides plants there was Gryffindor colors and banners spread out pretty decently on the white walls. Despite his quiet nature someone was quite the fan of his particular house.

Next to the bed rested a nightstand that held up a few photos of him and Tommy through the years. Some were just them and others had others like Rose, Céilidh, and other faces posing for the various photos they seemed disappointed with since they didn’t move. Bobby wasn’t sure if magical photos were allowed in the muggle world. He decided not to take any chances. There was also a closet that held his clothes and had a small area for shoes, pants, and the like. Between the extra space in the closet and the mini dresser like area inside it, there’d be enough room for Tommy’s. “Make yourself at home lad.”

Tom found himself staring at the non moving photos. He picked up one of them with Rose in it and studied it carefully. “Wow,” he breathed, “I’ve heard about these in Muggle Studies, but never actually saw a muggle photo before.”

“Not as good as the magic ones, eh? But trust me, most of the stuff you heard in the muggle studies do exist. Watch this,” Bobby turned the lights to the room on and off, even flickered them fast like a five year old, showing Tommy there was indeed no candle or anything of the like. “Meet Ben Franklin’s electricity.”

“Blimey,” Tom stood as he looked up at the glow from the light, “again heard about that in Muggle Studies but never in practice.”

“You try mate. The switch goes up and down,” Bobby moved out of the way to let Tommy in on the wonders of muggle technology.

Tom studied the plastic switch for a moment or two before flicking it up, “And I thought magic was cool. So how exactly does this work?”

Bobby paused for a moment before deciding on the best route to explain, “A lot, but not all muggle things… especially in houses run on a thing called electricity. Rather than using magic, muggles have found ways to use science. Where you have spells that can light a whole bunch of candles in a room, we have light switches. The on position turns the light on and off position turns it off.” He said hoping that was right but not entirely sure. Herbology was more of his forte.

“That is ingenious,” Tom marveled. He had seen a bit of this electricity, like in the few muggle shops he had been in, but never saw how it actually worked.

It was more than just switches, Bobby knew that, but all of the hows were lost on him even. There were electrical lines and wires involved, but that was about it for Bobby’s knowledge. He set down a few of Tommy’s things, “We muggles get by. You should see all the different things we’ve done to compensate for Floo and brooms. Tube trains, taxis, busses, bikes, cars, skates, and skateboards to name a few.”

“Seen most of those,” Tommy beamed as he plopped himself down on the bed, “I’ve even taken a ride or two on the Knight Bus.”

“What about the Tube Trains?”

“Now that,” Tommy smiled, “is a different matter altogether.”

“How do you do it mate?” Bobby asked Tommy as he stared out the window while Kevin played around with a few of his own mates that were about since Bobby had a friend over.

“With what?” Tommy pulled himself away from the decidedly boring muggle comic book.

“Careful with’ that. Marvelman is my favorite book. But what I meant was,” Bobby sat down near his friend, “how do you deal with a sibling’ at the school? How do you keep them safe? No one picks on Kevin sides’ me,” a grin danced on his face.

Tommy flopped backwards on the bed, “Never really thought about it,” Tom stared up at the ceiling, “I’ve always had family at Hogwarts. Hell I was the little brother starting at Hogwarts after my brothers. It just felt natural when Cecelia started there.”

Bobby nodded, “When do you know when to back off and when to be the good brother?” he asked trying to make mental notes. If Kevin would ever ask about this talk and if it ever happened, Bobby would claim it never existed.

Tom laughed, “I usually know when to back off when Cecelia hits me. When it comes to stuff like that though, I trust her judgment. If she needs me, I would step in.”

“Another Britto in Gryffindor,” he beamed with open pride marveling at the idea for a brief moment before his face turned to a grimace. “What do you do when they threaten stuff that should stay in private? To home or school? I’m sure you’ve worried about her telling the family you’ve been snoggin,” he asked looking toward his friend just imagining all the tales that could be told to his parents. “Mum. Today I saw Bobby run off with his girlfriend Rose they went to the astronomy tower…No one was there as far as I could see. Love Kevin,” suddenly blue eyes looked toward Tommy, “How do you keep from zapping Cissy at times?”

“Well for one thing, Cecelia and I have the kind of relationship that she couldn’t go running to my mum,” Tommy nodded, “second, I have as much blackmail material on her as she does on me.” He grinned.

“You’ve had time to learn some. No dirt on him yet…” he grinned watching him.

“There’ll be plenty of time,” Tom stood up and crossed the room, “you’ve been at Hogwarts a while. You know as well as I that there’s always blackmail worthy events showing themselves.”

“I hope to get some give him some blackmail worthy stuff this year….if I’m ever caught,” he watched his house mate with a cheshire like grin.

“Oi,” Tom admonished, “Rose is practically my sister.”

“Not like that you bloody git!” Bobby rolled his comic and began to come down acting as if he was going to swat Tommy, but decided against it. The book would be bent up if that happened, so he slugged him instead. Shaking his head, “I’m not gonna deny what I want to do with Rose, but give me some credit. Anything I’d ever share about that with you would be VERY limited. I’d expect the same from you mate, no offense but what you do with a girl when I’m not around is none of my business. What I meant was having fun, enjoying myself. Maybe get into trouble like the lot of you did at the Alley. What’s the point of living if you don’t break a few harmless rules,” said Bobby showing off a new side to his lease on life that had been blossoming over the summer.

“Where did this come from,” Tom’s eyebrows raised.

“Been thinking on it… Kinda wanted to do something or be a part of something. I mean what’s wrong with being a little truant? Or breaking curfew here and there? Long as no one gets hurt in the long run, no harm done right?” he shrugged.

Tommy blinked. He ran his fingers through his hair, “Yeah that’s what Danny and Lando thought and look at what happened to them, getting framed and all. I’ll stick to the straight and narrow thanks.” Tom thought he handled that awfully well.

Another nod was given to him, “You wished the drama would have gone away sooner than it did. But everyone did,” Bobby said nonchalantly.

“Of course, but…” Tom stopped mid sentence, “did you just…?”

An eyebrow raised as he stared at his friend, “Just what. You were talking about the drama about Lando and Danny. The framing and then the drama of it all. How you wished it ended sooner,” Bobby said looking at his friend very confused.

“That is not what I said at all,” Tommy gave Bobby a worried look, “I thought it though. How were the lessons going from the Professor?”

“Fine Tom. We had one big long lesson before leaving… felt different, but fine everything’s fine,” Bobby constantly failed to push the panic in his voice away. He shook his head in constant disbelief not really wanting to believe his friend. “Everything is… fine… just fine.”

Tom held up his hands, “Whoa, hold on a tick. I wasn’t angry, I was concerned. I really wanted to know how things were going with the lessons.”

Starting to calm down and taking things slowly, “The last lesson we had… was the most intense. I thought something weird happened, but didn’t think too much of it..”

“What happened?” Tommy’s look of concern grew.

“You know what it feels like to play quidditch with no good beaters around?”

Tom smiled, “I think I get the picture.”

“No you don’t. It was like that… in your mind, for five games at the same time, and done for an hour straight,” he smirked. That’s what’s it like.”

Tommy gave a low whistle, “I’m sorry.”

He shrugged, “Normally you get used to it, but last time was a doozy. I felt drained and kind of… well. Not sure, it wasn’t good though. I thought it had it under control again.”

Tom grinned and threw his arm around Bobby, “Don’t you’ll get it.”

A low chuckle came from Bobby’s lips, “You sure?”

“Of course.”

“What’s the big deal about the houses? What’s the difference in wands? Are they just any old piece of wood? Can any old piece of wood do?” asked the auburn haired boy known as Kevin Britto.

“Kevin. Quit annoying Tommy with all your questions,” Bobby snapped a little staring at his brother as the three of them were sitting at the dinner table.

Tom laughed, “It’s fine Bobby,” He turned his attention to Kevin, “So you want to know about the houses eh? I’ll start with ours. Gryffindor is well known for bravery, daring, nerve, and chivalry. Hufflepuff is well known for loyalty, fair play, honesty, and tolerance. Ravenclaws value wit, creativity, beauty, and wisdom. And Slytherins value ambition, cunning, resourcefulness, and pure blood heritage.”

“Pure blood?” the soon to be first year asked curiously.

“Something we ain’t and never will be. We’ve grown up in the Muggle World, the place where non-magic people come from. When a muggle discovers they have magic powers they’re called Muggle-Born. Some Wizards say there was a relative at some point who chose to give up magic, and others just chance,” Bobby interrupted.

“Magic users had to come from somewhere, right?” Bobby and Kevin’s father chimed in from the kitchen as he helped Jamie about. The smell of oven baked potatoes, oven roasted chicken with a sprinkle of various herbs ranging from rose mary to a hint of garlic wafted into the air along with the smell of peas, beans, biscuits, and freshly brewed mint tea.

“Exactly. But some people in the Wizarding World think coming from a magical family makes you better. I just tell them that isn’t true. I even know one that’s from a magic family that’s pretty bad actually, and just tell them to find Tommy over here,” Bobby grinned at his friend as he joked fully expecting a slug.

Tom laughed, “Yeah well besides that, the thought that only pure blood wizards should be taught is a bunch of trash. My older brother Monty used to tell me about this girl who was Head Girl his second year. She was a muggle born, and he told me about how amazing she was. I think he had a bit of a crush on her,” he smiled.

By now the family had started to place dinner about trying to make this a good family meal. There was the traditional grace, which in this household was very nontraditional by comparison to other homes, before passing out the food. As the chicken was being served by Scott. Jamie just smiled.

“Speaking of amazing girls, Robert when will we be seeing Rose again?”

Turning slightly red Bobby tried hard not to duck down a little. His mom was a little too eager to see Rose at times, “She has a new sister nearly on the way. Could be anytime now, she’s staying home to help out around the house. I told you that last week.” Scott just rolled his eyes to his wife thinking she expected too much from the fickle nature of teenage love.

Kevin giggled watching his brother turn red before looking at Tommy, “What’s a head girl? Why do pure blood wizards think they’re superior?”

“Not all of us do,” Tom replied, “As a matter of fact most Wizards don’t really feel that way at all. There are some…”

“A wizard that no one likes to name, did a lot of bad things to muggle-born wizards. He did cruel and unspeakable acts to them. Well him and his crew of narrow-minded thinkers.”

By now everyone had stopped eating at the table. This wasn’t the part of Hogwarts the Brittos signed their children up for. They listened on afraid, over the years of protesting the actions of people with guns….Too many ideas ran through both the Britto parents minds of what these people could do, would do, with magic.

“What happened to them? Scott asked trying to ignore all of his fatherly instincts to suddenly pull both sons from school. There had to be a reason no one brought this up until now.

Tom looked at each of the other faces around the room, “He was stopped though, killed. The story is that The girl I was talking about, Lily Potter, was his last victim. The story is that…” Tom stopped stammering on the man’s name, “he was defeated by her one year old son.”

Bobby nodded, “Some are already saying the kid is going to be the most famous wizard out here. I don’t know about that, but surviving all of that….When you’re one. The babe was either real lucky or real powerful. Maybe a bit of both. The point is bad things can happen in that world just like this one. Hogwarts and the other schools out there, try to teach children better. How to use their abilities in a productive way. A lot of muggles think wizards about blasting things at first, I’m no exception to that one. When in fact it’s years before you do anything like that anyway. Sure you’ll learn how to move objects, call things, change things, but when did we get our first taste of defense spells Tommy?” Bobby asked before taking a nibble of a biscuit after adding honey on it.

Tommy smiled, “All the way back to first year,” Tommy thought out loud, “but,” Tom could feel a certain tension from Bobby’s parents, “that’s only a small, small part of things. The sad thing truly is,” Tommy took a bite, “that as little as you all know about the wizarding world we know almost as little about yours, and those who say they are experts, get it very wrong.”

“I still get a few asking me what a rubber duck is,” he absently replied before eating a piece of chicken.

Both parents blinked while Kevin laughed. At first they had fears of maniacal mad men wielding powers beyond the normal, or muggle as they call it, world’s comprehension. Now, they were puzzled because how could something so powerful not know what a bath toy was? It boggled their minds along with inadvertently easing them.

“You’re serious son?” Scott asked perplexed while picking at his peas.

Another nod was given, “Very. Where we use batteries and electricity they use magic. A lot of things that we use like cassettes don’t even exist.”

Scott nodded as he put two and two together, “Explains a bit. I thought I saw a vintage record player in a store down in that alley where you get everything for class. During that first year we took you. It was confusing, but then I saw a lot of that music you listen to on vinyl. Some of that music you listen to now, I was surprised I didn’t see anything more… vintage.”

“That’d be why, pop. But just because they don’t know about us doesn’t mean they’re not sharp on the wit. It’s just like everyone else here. You got good people and bad ones, happens. I mean look at Christmas…” Bobby blurted out in his explanation before suddenly shutting up.

Looking at her son with the utmost concern, “What happened at Christmas, son?”

Tom caught Bobby’s eye. Then they found quite a bit of interest in his plate.


“What was that Robert?

Kevin started to eye his own plate. Although the younger britto had the comfort of not having a full first name to yell out, he knew that tone all too well.


“What happened in December son?” Scott Britto asked with a firm, but quiet voice.

“Robert James Britto! What happened in December!”

After hearing his full name and wishing he could duck down like Kevin and Tommy were at the table, he conceded. This was a fight he couldn’t win, “I got attacked…” he confessed.

“It was by what’s his name, or one of his followers, wasn’t it?! Because you’re not a pure blood,” his mother yelled with a mixture of anger and concern leaving her chair pacing in the kitchen.

“Why didn’t you tell us, son?” Scott Britto sat firmly in his chair waiting to see how everything was explained. Being a banker gave him the gift of patience.

“Because… I didn’t want either of you two worry,” he got up to try and speak to his mother.

“It’s our job to worry son. We’re your parents, we’re supposed to protect you! How can we help if you don’t even tell us if there’s something wrong.” Jamie pushed aside her tears as she knew the real issue was starting to rear it’s head a little. Having a son that’s magic off in a magic world at a magic school made her feel well…helpless. How could she help her son from some Dark Wizard that killed off dozens of people when she couldn’t work a lighter right?

“I didn’t tell you because I knew how this would be how you two would act! You two would pull me and Kevin out of school. I got my arm broken, I was left in the rain roughed up. It was by one of the Slytherin boys. They tend to think they’re better than everyone. He couldn’t stand it that me and Tommy earned our way around the school when he expected to go everywhere on lineage alone. He got smart with the two of us one day and I got smart back…And then one night he found me alone tending to Professor Sprout’s greenhouse. Minutes later I couldn’t scream, had my arm broken, and I could barely move in the rain.”

“You’re right we’re going to pull you out of school,” his mom said firmly as her motherly protective instincts kicked in.

“Jamie. Let the boy speak,” Scott interjected seeing that his son had more to say.

“You didn’t know about it until now. And look, my arm is fine,” Bobby moved the once broken arm freely.”If you send Kevin to a normal school, something bad would happen. Imagine what they would do if they find out he could? It wouldn’t just be one house against him, it’d be a whole school. Even the teachers would be. At least at Hogwarts he’ll be among friends and I guarantee nothing will happen to him, because I’ll be there. And so will Tommy and Rose, and a whole bunch of good people you haven’t met yet. The best staff. Hogwarts has never seen anyone go hungry or get hurt, and the only reason the boy that attacked me wasn’t expelled… was because of me.” Bobby stared at his parents letting them take his story into account.

“I was afraid if the school kicked him out he would turn into something worse like the wizard who’s name we don’t speak. I showed him mercy. You both taught me to never stoop down to or lower than someone’s level, and I didn’t. I could have and I wanted to. Granted, I thought like Dad a bit before getting back at him. Now he won’t be hurting anyone. Hogwarts is just like anywhere else, someone’s bound to be a bad person. Just Hogwarts will accept people like me, Kevin, and Tommy. And you’ve seen us long enough to know we’re not bad.”

Scott sat up from his chair and grabbed his wife taking her off to the house further. There voices could be heard in the kitchen, all the while Bobby just looked at the two near by him awkwardly. He smiled grimly trying to comfort them before his parents returned.

“Tommy. I’m sorry you had to see that, and you’re still welcomed to stay as long as you’d like. Bobby’s punishment won’t happen until after you leave,” said looking at Tommy her anger going away slightly, and it was a apparent a few tears were had in private. “Bobby, as for your punishment… Your father told me it wouldn’t be right to be too severe over something that already happened, and given the situation I may have overreacted. But you don’t keep things like this from us Bobby, so you’ll be weeding my garden for the rest of the summer…with no tools. So shall we pick up where we left off? I made mini-pies for dessert. You like fruit right Tommy?” Jamie was unsure what Tommy liked in terms of fruits and veggies. Bobby talked a few times about the different herbs and she wasn’t sure what the agriculture was like in the wizard world.

A sigh of relief came from Bobby’s mouth as the punishment was far less than anything that raced through his mind. For once in his life he was actually happy to be doing weeds in the not too distant future while Tommy and his mom talked.

“It’s time to turn the tables lad. I gotta ask you about something about the magic world,” Bobby asked Tommy in his backyard. The morning sun beat down on the two as they sprawled out on the grass of Bobby’s backyard. “How do I keep up on this? I got a kit for it, but don’t know how to use the bloody thing,” Outside with them was Bobby’s broom which he gestured to and a sleek leather bound book. Gold letters scrolled across it, “Handbook for Do-It Yourself Broomcare,” it read. Later editions would have eventually replace the gold with silver. This talk should have been done in Bobby’s room, but it lacked the space proper space. Staring at his friend he confessed, “I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to this.”

Tom laughed, “Sure.” Tom held out his hand to take Bobby’s broom. Tom surveyed the Nimbus 1500 carefully. “Well, the first thing you gotta look at,” he lay his eye on the end of the straw and looked down the handle, “is the alignment.” He handed back the broom, “What do you think?”

“You mean if it veers off to the left or somethin’ when I’m on it?”

Tom nodded, “Exactly.”

“It likes to go to the right a bit.”

“Yup,” Tom nodded, “So what you would need to do is trim a bit on the left side.”

Bobby nabbed a few items and started to make his first actual trim as the book said, “Like this?”

“Brilliant.” Tom nodded.

Once the Bobby got his friend’s approval he started to work more diligently on his broom. He looked back at Tommy, “Do people ever customize their brooms? With paint and stuff, like a car Or similar to names on a boat?

“Yeah,” Tom nodded. “Tarver Holmes of the Appleby Arrows has flaming arrows painted on his.”

An idea mulled in Bobby’s mind as image after image of custom designs flashed through his head, “What about rebristling? Do I need to worry about that? I want to keep my broom ready for Keeper next year. Even been reading’ a few books on Quidditch to learn a few new things,” he beamed a proud smile finally understanding the addictive appeal to the game Quidditch.

“Every few years,” Tom shrugged, “Long as you take care of it though, you shouldn’t have to worry that much about it really.”

“So what should I be practicing’ on during’ the holiday?”

“Well,” Tom said with a sigh, “I would say the best thing to work on would just be your flying. Dips and dives, weaving through traffic, all of that.”

This raised an eyebrow on Bobby’s forehead, “I normally don’t have to worry too too much about that being keeper and all. Mind tellin’ me why tommy? I’m not getting demoted am I? I mean if I am needed elsewhere I’m all about it. I mean heck, I’d do damn near bloody anything at this point. I finally see why you n’ Aeryn have prattled on about it for years. So I wouldn’t mind doing something new either.”

“Doing something new eh?” Tom smiled widely, “What do you have in mind?”

“I…” Bobby thought for a moment, “I don’t know.” He was dumbfounded. “There’s just too many interesting things out there mate. I’m not even sure what I’m suited for besides Keeper.”

“You sell yourself short Bobby,” Tom laid down in the grass, putting his hands behind his head, “You are a hell of a flyer, especially for someone who has only been doing it a few years. Add to that the fact that you have really proven yourself over the past year. I’m betting you could do whatever you want on the pitch.”

“I’m not selling myself short out there Thomas,” Bobby said staring at his friend intently after laying down in the grass also. The feel of the freshly cut blades were soothing a little, “It’s because of my lack of experience with the game I’m not sure what I’d be best suited for. I wouldn’t even mind taking seeker if no one was opposed. I was only asking because if the team ever had an assistant coach, it’d be you.

Tom grinned, “Yeah well who the hell knows what’s going to happen this year, Aeryn is getting sent by her mum to Beauxbatons, so there’s gonna be a new captain this year.”

Bobby smiled with a small chuckle as he joked, “If my bid for Captain falls through, you got me vote Tommy.”

“Heh,” Tommy laughed, “I appreciate the support sir.”

As the two Gryffindors sat on the ground, a thrush of wings above them set their eyes skyward as two owls landed in front of them. “This must be our O.W.L.S.”

Blue eyes darted between the two before Bobby grabbed the one that had his full name on it, “Here goes nothing…” He whispered while opening the envelope. Surprisingly there was an O next to his Charms score. That was… pleasant. Hell, that was exhilarating. Herbology, O, the direct opposite of his last test. Muggle Studies, E. Bobby rolled his eyes thinking about all of his “corrections” being counted as wrong.”Is there anyway we can petition the tests?”

“Ha,” Tom laughed, “sadly no. What scores budding you?”

“Muggle studies. I should have gotten an O, but only got an E. I had to correct the tester on a few items… Or tell him a couple of questions were dated.”

“That my friend is why I am not taking it next year. And don’t feel too bad, I only got an A in it.”

“Potions was my A. What else did you get?”

Tom looked down at the parchment, “Not bad. Os in Transfiguration, Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Charms. Es in History of Magic, Arithmancy, Astronomy and Herbology.”

“Charms, Herbology, Defense Against the Dark Arts…. how in the heck did I get an O in that?” he questioned the parchment for a moment before looking back at Tommy. “Somehow I got an O in my Defense Against the Dark Arts. My Es included Muggle Studies, Astronomy, and History of Magic. And my A in Potions.”

“Not bad at all Bobby,” Tom grinned. The two sat there looking up at the sky. Watching the white clouds as they moved across the sky.

“Yeah. I even got the an E in Divination,” he added staring at the clouds moving. He pointed toward the sky to an odd form of clouds, “Sorting Hat.”

Tommy squinted at the cloud then laughed, “Sure looks like it.”

“Now that we’re getting near our end at Hogwarts, ever think of what you want to do out there Tommy?”

Tommy shrugged, “All my life I’ve been told by my mum that I should become a healer. That’s all I’ve ever heard. Now it’s a good idea, and I still think that’s what I’m gonna end up with, but I’m exploring other options. I mean being an auror like Monty would be cool, and I’m still not ruling out playing quidditch forever, I’m just not sure.”

“I’d love to be in Quidditch forever, but if my pro career doesn’t pan out, I’d like to do something dealing with the muggle world here. If you woulda asked me earlier this year I would have said I’d like to be among the muggle-rights activist. Y’know Nora Southwind, Lester Worthington, and the lot of them. Then the fight with Nicolette sorta changed that. I’d rather educate or help out the magical world with their muggle knowledge. Not sure how to do that yet, I know the ministry has a branch that deals with the misuse of muggle things, but there’s a lot of options out there Tommy. How bout’ we make a deal? If we don’t have jobs by the time we hit 30, we just give up and become teachers at the school? You could teach healing potions while I talk about the complex nature of the rubber duck. Sound fair?” Bobby chuckled again clearly enjoying himself.

“Deal.” Tommy grinned.


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