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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: Ink and Rails 1.20

Danny year 6 avie1A nice and quiet evening had turned into a nice and quiet night at Hogwarts. Just the few echoing sounds of birds and crickets from the forest. As the ground settled into darkness, one solitary light and four travelers trod through the grass toward the cave that was nestled at the edge of the forbidden forest.

“We’re awmaist thare, and th’ wey is clear,” Orlando said to the others as he pulled his wand away from lighting the path ahead, and pointed the tip at the Marauder’s Map.

“It’ll be good tae see the old homestead again,” Dan grinned.

“I hope Wordsworth made it through okay,” Gryffindor’s Gentleman thought out loud as he walked through the darkened grounds his hand holding Céilidh’s.

“Ah wid think sae bein’ a magical safe an aw,” replied the Hufflepuff...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: Ink and Rails 1.19

Nicolette year 6 avie1The door to the Ravenclaw common room opened wide and Tom’s head slipped through, “About time I found you,” Tom grinned as he finally found Nic on the couch.

Looking up from the surprisingly huge pile of letters strewn about the table, the Ravenclaw girl blew an errant hair out of her face, from the looks of it she had been sifting through the dozens of letters for something specific. “I was missing?”

“Well,” Tom threw himself into one of the chairs, “I checked the Great Hall,” he ticked off with his fingers, “I checked the Library, I even looked out by the lake, finally I found you here.”

A smile tried to pull her lips. “Go figure, I was in my common room the whole time,” she teased. Even as she spoke, her fingers filtered through letters, some recognizable, most not...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: Ink and Rails 1.18

Laun year 6 avie“Ah another year,” Sam slid her arm effortlessly around Fors’s as they sat underneath the large oak that sat near the lake. The two Hufflepuffs watched as several first years were marveled by the lake’s squid doing tricks for their amusement.

“Yeah,” he said as he got closer to Sam. He smiled as they watched the first years. “I know I’m far too young to say this, but it’s hard to believe that we were ever that young.”

Sam giggled as she pushed up her glasses, “I was just thinking that. I can still remember that first time we saw the squid.”

“You pushed me in and shouted “FRESH MEAT!”.” Laun said as he and Dee approached the young hufflepuff couple.

Sam snorted, “How was I supposed to know you could swim, I just met you.”

“Ah those were some days...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: Ink and Rails 1.17

Orlando year 6 avie1Orlando strolled out the massive doors. Though it was dropping, the sun still hung in the sky over the trees, filling it with oranges and yellows and reds. It was like a sky full of autumn. The door swung shut behind him. He lifted his head and took a deep breath of the Hogwarts grounds. It felt so good to be back. They hadn’t been back long, but he was already feeling better. Lighter. Hogwarts always somehow managed to do that. Perhaps it was part of it’s magic. After all, even as far as magic places went, Hogwarts was special.

The Hufflepuff trotted down the steps with a bit of a skip in his step as he hit the cobblestone path that wound through the grass. He couldn’t deny it. After all that had happened last year he was worried that somehow the things might have been tainted...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: Ink and Rails 1.16

Rose year 6 avie1“Come in, come in, Rose my dear,” the charms master smiled brightly as he welcomed the sixth year prefect into his office. The diminutive professor wrapped his arms around the girl’s waist, “How was your summer my dear?”

Rose couldn’t help but smile. Even in the worst of times –which she hoped were in the past now — there was something almost absurdly homey about this office. Professor Flitwick was a professor, an adult she admired, but he was also the head of her house and someone she trusted. “It had it’s ups and downs. But thank you so much for the gift you sent. I think my dad’s going to play with it more than Halcyon will.”

The little professor squeaked with laughter, “Yes, well,” Professor Flitwick cleared his throat, “we both know your father.”

The tiny blonde nodded and laughed s...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: Ink and Rails 1.15

Hogwarts-CrestForster still couldn’t believe it when he woke up the next morning. He was sure that Dumbledore would say yes, but for some reason, it still came as a shock. He wondered if the smile had left his face for even a moment, it would certainly explain why some of the first years had been giving him a rather wide berth since he had met with the Headmaster after the feast. He looked at the clock and realized that if he was going to be early like he originally planned, he was going to have to skip breakfast. He hurried to his feet, donning his robes, and taking a brief moment to polish his prefect badge before he attached it.

He looked around his section of the room, scanning to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything, when his eyes lit on the bag of robes he had bundled up for his new duties...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: Ink and Rails 1.14

Danny year 6 avie1It was profoundly depressing. Halfway through her new romance novel, and Rose still couldn’t decide if she liked it or not. Thankfully it was time to start clearing the common room. Setting the book aside, making sure to save her place in case she really did want to read more, the little prefect unfolded herself from the end of the couch and went to encourage the few night owls in Ravenclaw to head towards bed. Though a pair of second year girls gave her unkind looks after she interrupted their gossip session, most complied without complaint. After all, they were Ravenclaws. Most, if not all, were genuinely looking forward to the new classes.

As silence fell over the velvety blue room, Rose pursed her lips in thought for a moment then settled back onto the couch...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: Ink and Rails 1.13

Tommy year 6 avie1As the Headmaster dismissed the students, Tom shot a look toward Rose. The little Ravenclaw smiled and nodded. As the masses filled out of the Hall, prefects barking orders to the first years of each of their respective houses, Tom slid out the door and up against the wall. A few moments later, Rose also walked out the door. Tom grabbed the little blond by the elbow, “Let’s just wait here till the crowds calm down,” he grinned, “You got the flowers right?”

“Of course I do,” the Ravenclaw replied with a toss of her golden curls. “It’s not like this is our first year doing this or anything.” She grinned, refusing to let any other issues ruin the evening, and wrapped an arm around his waist in a light hug...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: Ink and Rails 1.12

Hogwarts-CrestThe second through seventh years all piled into the Great Hall. Though the start of the term was old hat to most, there was still something magical about the first night back in the hallowed halls of Hogwarts.

Tom and Céilidh were two of the first Gryffindor’s in the Great Hall. As the two walked in hand in hand, Tom’s eyes floated up toward the head table and first Professor Dumbledore. He gave the Headmaster a warm smile before his eyes landed on the man sitting next to him. He was a large, powerful looking African man. He wore impeccably well-tailored pinstripe robes. The man’s attention was not on the entering students, but rather Professor Snape, who he was deep in conversation with.

Tommy’s eyes went wide and stopped dead in his tracks...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: Ink and Rails 1.11

Laun year 6 avieThe great hall slowly filled, sorting wouldn’t be for awhile yet and they all knew that the first years were practically peeing themselves outside the big doors…the anticipation and anxiety nearly eating them alive: it was a fun time for all.

Laun pretty much ran through the room, as he found all the people he had missed so much and had yet the opportunity to see. He hugged Corrina tightly, nearly tackled Sam before finally sweeping Shelley McDale up in a huge hug. It hadn’t quite dawned on him how many of his closest and dearest were pretty young women…he truly had himself a charmed life. It was this ironic thought that hit him when his eyes fell upon Nicolette Ainscough.

The slytherin boy bit his lower lip as he watched her say her ‘missed you!’s and ‘how was your summer?’s to her variou...

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