Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: Ink and Rails 1.18

Laun year 6 avie“Ah another year,” Sam slid her arm effortlessly around Fors’s as they sat underneath the large oak that sat near the lake. The two Hufflepuffs watched as several first years were marveled by the lake’s squid doing tricks for their amusement.

“Yeah,” he said as he got closer to Sam. He smiled as they watched the first years. “I know I’m far too young to say this, but it’s hard to believe that we were ever that young.”

Sam giggled as she pushed up her glasses, “I was just thinking that. I can still remember that first time we saw the squid.”

“You pushed me in and shouted “FRESH MEAT!”.” Laun said as he and Dee approached the young hufflepuff couple.

Sam snorted, “How was I supposed to know you could swim, I just met you.”

“Ah those were some days.” Dee said wistfully grasping Laun’s hand lightly.

Forster chuckled, “And then when you finally got out you dripped water all over my Dark Arts homework.”

Dee giggled, “I feel kind of bad I didn’t come out of my shell until second year.”

“I should probably get around to doing that one of these days.”

Sam gave Forster a sideways glance, “Doing what?”

“Coming out of my shell. I’m a quiet recluse. Didn’t you know that?” He tried to keep a stoic look but his face cracked and he started to giggle.

“I’ve always suspected.” Laun smirked.

“Be nice,” the redhead giggled as she pinched Laun in the ribs.

Laun locked eyes with Sam, “Well that was more about the meatloaf…”

“What?” Dee asked completely perplexed by this strange conversation shift.

“The Meatloaf… You know, it’s a muggle thing.” Sam covered badly.

“Yes and it’s delicious.” He rubbed his stomach, “But what’s that got to do anything?”

“Oh nothing.” Sam said breezily.

“Yeah, not important. So,” Laun said pointing ahead of them, “Who wants to go tell that first year that he’s been chosen to be the taste tester in Potions? Not as mean as my whomping Willow idea from last year but also less likely to end in expulsion.” Laun laughed.

Dee giggled next to him, “That’s never a good idea. Remember you did that to Mather first year? I think that’s what happened to him.”

“Oh I never actually have them go through with it, and I gave that boy pumpkin juice dyed purple no matter what he tells you.” Laun smirked.

“Yeah, really potent pumpkin juice,” He grinned.

“So I’ve talked with Sam nearly too much about what happened over the summer but what about you Fors?”

“Not possible.” Forster said with a sigh. “Classes will be starting soon, and while I’m glad to be back, I’m holding onto summer as long as possible.”

“I am in total agreement Fors,” Dee sat down next to Sam and Fors, “but now that Devon is gone, there’s such a weight off of my shoulders. I’m so ready to have fun.”

Sam and Laun shared another look.

“So… did I tell you that I’m talking to Nic again. We’re giving letting it go a try.” Laun smirked.

“That’s great,” Dee smiled.

Forster smiled, “That’s fantastic!”

“Yeah, I was very proud when he told me after it happened, cause you know it was totally my idea… I may have forgot to say it out loud but… he could just sense it.” Sam smirked.

“Of course I could. And Tom’s taking quidditch advice from Ollie Wood.” Laun laughed.

Dee leaned back against Laun, “So do you all think this year will go smoother than last year did?

“They’re still offering defense against the dark arts right?” Sam asked

“Right.” Laun said wary of where she was taking this.

“New teacher this year, right?” Sam grinned.

“Right.” Laun sighed.

“Then no.” Sam said simply with a smile, causing Laun to roll his eyes so hard he nearly dislocated one.

“Does someone have a pool going on what’s gonna get this one fired?”

“You bite your filthy tongue! Amen Qasim is what we like to call a living legend!” Laun said his arm bolting up in only partially faux indignation.

“Take a chill pill Laun,” Sam laughed, “We’re just kidding. We all know though that there is that curse on the Dark Arts post though.”

“He’ll beat it.” Laun said smugly, “Oh he will beat it my friends.”

“So, that’s 5 Galleons on him lasting till next year?””

“I’m in.” Sam giggled.

“Hrmn” Foster thought for a moment as he scratched his chin, “Just as unlikely as him coming back next year, but I’m gonna say… he develops an allergy to House Elves.”

“You know I’ve been guilty of this in the past as well but it’s got to stop, why do we always blame the house elves first?” Laun laughed, “They are just poor little wandless guys and… girls? there’s female ones right?” he paused for a nod in the affirmative from Sam, “and girls who make the best food I have ever tasted, I love our cook at home like family but she’s actually not that great.”

“Well folks,” Sam threw her arms around her boys, “here’s to a much better sixth year,” her lips parted into a huge grin.

“To higher grades and lower body counts!” Laun smirked.

Forster grinned, “I could drink to that!”

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