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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: The Ties That Bind 2.29

Tommy year 6 avie1Jackson frowned at Giles and folded his arms across his chest. “Wait, so you’re telling me that during a test that is administered and sanctioned by the Ministry of Magic completely separate from any scholastic endeavors, the Headmaster ordered an extra layer of tests?” the American wizard shook his head. “How can he do that? How can he put our kids at risk like that?”

Giles smiled as he leaned back in the chair he sat in, and took a sip of fire whiskey, “I’m not saying he’s right, Jack,” he gave a wide smile, “but he’s Dumbledore, he has his reasons. We’ll figure it out soon enough.”

“That’s the thing. We shouldn’t find out soon enough, we should know ahead of time. It shouldn’t have happened.” Jackson shook his head. “The guy from the Ministry should have given you a reason...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: The Ties That Bind 2.28

Danny year 6 avie1Danny scribbled commentary in the margins of his notebook while Professor Qasim’s words. As the words reached the end of the page, Danny flipped to the next sheet.

“For next class,” the former auror swept through the classroom. “I will require two feet focusing on the best ways a person can keep themselves safe from the Durags that live in Anti-Taurus Mountains of Southern Turkey.”

Glancing at the notes in his book, and at his own annotations, Danny smiled. He flipped the cover closed and stood up, shoving the enchanted notebook into his backpack.

As the bell rung and all the students began to pile out of the class, the Professor called out again, “Mr. Dumorne, if I may see you for a few moments?”

“Shuir, perfesser...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: The Ties That Bind 2.27

Orlando year 6 avie1A quick scamper across the grounds and a brief encounter with the Whomping Willow found the two Scots inside the dusty confines of the Shrieking Shack. Pulling out the map, Orlando waved his wand and spoke the activation charm. Slowly, the buildings and landscape around the tiny town of Hogsmeade filled in. Like the castle, the Shack and the other buildings seemed to be jumbles of ink layered atop one another.

“Tha’s gauntae tak a wee bit o wirk,” Foozle said, looking at the muddle of lines that surrounded the two footprints and their names that stood beside the red triangle that indicated the map’s location. The Hufflepuff’s mouth puckered, twisting from side to side as if he’d been sucking on a lemon...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: The Ties That Bind 2.26

Rose year 6 avie1It was a oddly mild November day. The leaves had started falling on the grounds around around Hogwarts since early October, and Hagrid the grounds keeper had started the long process of clearing the leaves.

Tommy sat against the large tree next to the lake. With Céilidh off doing whatever it was she was doing, Tommy was left to his own devices so what better time to get in some extra practice. He lazily leveled his wand at a large mound of leaves. He flicked it and a silvery glow shot from the wand and slammed into the leaves which burst into flock of canaries that happily chirped into the air and off above the Forbidden Forest.

“Not bad,” he admired his handy work as they flew over him, until he noticed one of the birds had a large maple leaf tail. “Well damn...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: The Ties That Bind 2.25

Céilidh year 6 avie1“Go salaí na gráinneoga cealgrúnacha do chuid calóga arbhair!” The redhead hissed finally.

That bisected brow rose over the Hufflepfuff’s eye. You didn’t need to be fluent in Gaelic to get the gist of the redhead’s grumbling curse. There was plenty of context to read in her face and tone. “Problem?” He glanced over to the tight black bun that poked up over Madam Pince’s wooden desk. She seemed to have taken no notice, but he shifted the books stacked on the desk to the edge anyway, building them a nice little privacy fence of leather-bound knowledge and ancient lore.

“Och, A juist… A dinnae unnerstaund th’ lass.” Céilidh moved closer behind the improvised wall to keep from raising her voice...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: The Ties That Bind 2.24

Nicolette year 6 avie1The bell signaling the end of potions couldn’t have come at a better time. The Volubilis potion she and Tommy had been working on had been a spectacular success. If spectacular meant that Tommy now had Professor Flitwick’s voice. Even Professor Snape seemed mildly amused at the Gryffindor’s predicament, assuring him that the effects would almost certainly pass sometime after noon meal.

“I’m gonna head back to the dorm until this wears off,” Tommy squeaked. “I’ll catch up with you later.”Her boyfriend looked crestfallen while Céilidh tried her best to keep from bursting out in laughter.

“That’s okay loue,” she leaned in and kissed him on the forehead, mostly to conceal her smile, “ah dinnae think ah cuid git ony studying dane wi’ ye sounding lik’ that anyway.”

Tom took on a look of mock af...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: The Ties That Bind 2.23

Hogwarts-CrestAfter a few days spent mustering up courage Bobby finally went down toward the potion dungeon. He stopped in front of the door to Snape’s office. He paced at the door for a few moments, before finally knocking.

“Enter,” came muffled through the other side of the large oak door.

“You were right. You were right about our last lesson and that I wasn’t ready. You’ve always been right when it has come to my gifts and our lessons,” he spoke candidly to his Professor.

“Of course I am,” The tone was even, but the Potions Master’s eyes burned with anger.

Bobby tried not to wince, “I just wanted to apologize. I don’t expect you to forgive me for anything. I wouldn’t if the roles were reversed. Whatever it would take to be your student I will do.”

“What it takes” the Professor locked eyes with Bobby...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: The Ties That Bind 2.22

Rose year 6 avie1“Stop being so greedy!” Breath steaming in the chill November air, Rose sat alone on a bench overlooking a frozen courtyard. With winter nearly fully upon them, she’d taken up her yearly tradition of making sure that the birds and other wildlife didn’t starve during these long months. Of course, with the tiny Ravenclaw throwing down pieces from every sweet bakery delicacy she could get her hands on, the animals were in far greater danger of becoming overweight. But it made her happy. And, despite the squabbling to get the largest crumbs of brownie, it seemed to make the birds happy too.

Tapping the bench with her wand to add another heating charm to the cold stone, the sunny blonde waited until the ground was almost crumb-free before reaching into her bag for another brownie...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: The Ties That Bind 2.21

Céilidh year 6 avie1The bell rang, signaling the end of another Defense Against the Dark Arts. There were several groans as Professor Qasim informed the class that a meter of parchment would be due at the start of the next session detailing the Basilisk and how to avoid certain death if ever faced by said creature. As the dejected group filled out of the classroom, the professor motioned Aiden Lynch over to his desk.

“Yes, Professor?” the Hufflepuff asked with a hint of curiosity.

Dark eyes looked the boy over as the former auror stood. “I noticed that your duel with Miss MacAllister is coming up. A tough matchup so early on.”

Aiden shrugged. “If you say so, Professor.”

“I know her grandfather well,” Qasim said, stepping from behind his desk. “If you don’t mind, I could give you some advice…”

Céilidh MacAlli...

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Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: The Ties That Bind 2.20

Tommy year 6 avie1Normally even on a Sunday Tom would be up as soon as the first streams of light came through the window of his dorm room, but with Céilidh’s manic extra practice and the celebration that Orlando and Rose held for Ravenclaw’s victory he had been exhausted and it was nearly eleven before he sleepily plodded down the stairs into the common room.

Tom yawned heavily as he it the last step. He was sure Céilidh was already awake and out on the pitch working out. He laughed to himself at the thought of her being so upset about Nicolette.

“Someone slept late.” Curled up in a chair by the fire, Reagan looked up from her book as her housemate hit the landing. “Though, I have to admit, yesterday was a little bit crazy.”

“Heh yeah,” Tom stretched as he threw himself onto the couch...

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