Agents of MAGIC – Hogwarts Year 6: Lines Drawn and Lies Told 3.8

Danny year 6 avie1Tom sat at his usual corner seat in the library. He tapped his quill on the table as he waited for his appointment.

“Brither,” Danny said as he slid into a chair opposite the Gryffindor. “Sae whit dae ye hiv fer ideas?”

Tom gave Danny an evil grin, “Ah well sir,” he said in a haughty fake accent, “on today’s menu we have,” he flicked through a few pieces of parchment, “Leprechaun mummies?”

Danny cocked an eyebrow. “When did their luck run oot?” He pulled out a notebook of his own. “Whit aboot ‘Britain’s Secret School of Magic’?”

“Interesting…” Tom said as he nodded his head, “but where is it?”

Danny shrugged. “Ah dinnaekin, Wales? Camelot?”

“I like Camelot,” he held up his hands in front of him, “The Merlin School of Magical Mastery.”

The Ravenclaw added Tom’s notes and circled the entry. “Whit else?”

“The Minister for Magic has a secret stash of snitches that she can let loose that will hunt down and slice to ribbons any of her enemies.” Tom’s eyebrow raised smartly.

“Minister’s Sinister Snitches,” Danny mused. “Nae bad. But hou’s she control ’em?”

Tom held his wand in between his hands and wiggled it around, “Like this?”

Danny laughed and flipped a page in his notebook. “Very funny, Mr. Llewellyn. Ah’ve also got…” He looked through his notes. “Lost apprentice of Merlin leukin’ for his successor in New York, Heirs o’ the Greek an’ Roman gods living in the United States an’ glittery vampires battle teen werewolves.”

“Are you mad?” Tom looked at him incredulously, “no one would believe any of that.”

Raising an eyebrow the Ravenclaw asked, “Nae even Xeno?”

“Well maybe him,” Tom smirked, “He’s mad though.”

Danny spun his quill between his fingers and leaned back in his chair. “Some woud say the same aboot us.”

“Maybe you,” Tom nudged Danny with his shoulder, “but you are in Ravenclaw.”

“Says the man whose hoose is aw aboot charging headlong intae danger wi’oot a thocht.” Dan grinned at his friend. “Sae which ane are we doin’?”

“I would say,” Tom stared down at the list, “I really love the hidden school. What about you.”

Leaning forward again, Danny flipped his quill back onto the table. “It was my idea,” he said with a grin. “Sae Ah’m wi’ ye.”

“Right then,” Tom cracked his knuckles, “let’s get this started. How does sources within the department of mysteries report that under the promise of anonymity some of their number have not only found the ancient and thought lost castle Camelot, but that Merlin is still alive and teaching a secret school within the castle’s walls, sound as an opening?”

Danny cocked an eyebrow. “Ah wis thinking more Accidental release of documents reveal the existence of a secret school on the ancient site of Camelot. The school is thought to be founded by Merlin as a balance against the divisive sorting policies of Hogwarts.”

“Hmmmmm,” Tom thought for a moment, “yeah I like that.”

Danny pulled out a scroll of parchment and wrote Britain’s Secret School of Magic by Prof. Michael Kieren

A few hours passed and the library was shrouded in the deep shadows of candle light when the two finally looked up from the parchment spread below them on the table.

“I would say this is a mighty fine piece of handy work if I do say so myself Mr. DuMorne,” Tommy grinned, “Now shall we use my owl or one of the schools for this most important letter?”

Danny thought about it for a moment, “A reck’ one of the schuil’s. We shouldn’t uise yer owl, he kin be recognized.”

“I knew it!” The librarian descended upon them out of nowhere. “I have been watching you all evening and knew you were up to something.”

With practiced sleight of hand, Danny deftly slid their work of fiction into his sleeve and replaced it with another scroll, one he offered to Madame Pince. “Tis juist an anonymous opinion piece tae th’ Daily Prophet supporting th’ Muggle-born Protection Acts that huv bin afore th’ ministry a’ year.”

The librarian took the scroll and unrolled it, eyes scanning down the text. “Didn’t you and Mr. MacFoozle do something similar early in the year, Mr. DuMorne?”

Shrugging, Danny gave the librarian a sheepish smile. “We ken loads muggle born ‘n’ hauf blood fowk. Tis an issue we’re feelin’ strangly aboot.”

“Exactly,” Tom nodded in agreement, “muggles need as much help as they can get.”

The Hogwarts librarian nodded in approval. “Very well. But I’m still watching you.” She handed the scroll back to Danny then pivoted and walked away.

“Did you ever notice how much she looks like Professor Snape,” Tom smirked.

Danny’s eyebrow popped up. “She does huv th’ same buzzard beak o’ a nose,” Danny said with a smirk. “Ah kin it’s possible.”

Tom looked at Danny for a few moments. “How you doing mate?” He said with more than a little bit of worry.

“Ah’m fine. An’ Ah’d be a lot better if people woud stop askin’ that.” Danny said, a note of exasperation in his voice. “Th’ twitch is gaun, Pomfrey fixed me richt up.”

“Yeah well,” Tom punched him lightly in the shoulder, “we were all worried. Usually when something like that goes down you’re getting blamed and not getting put in the hospital wing.” Tom laughed.

The Ravenclaw sighed. “Ah’m nae shuir which is worse.”

“That’s hard to say,” Tom nodded, “but when you are in our line of work you’re used to being ahead of the game, and for the past two bloody years we have been behind first Eric and now whoever is doing this to us. It’s getting bloody damn frustrating.”

Nodding, Danny switched the scrolls again. “All of the odd happenings, a near fatal frush for half of the school, Douglas’s weird behaviour. There’s something happening again. And Ah kin it’s coordinated.” The Ravenclaw lad looked around conspiratorially then said in a low voice, “And Ah think Perfesser Qasim is involved.”

“Well like I said that night in the hospital,” Tom nodded, “I’m beginning to believe you.” There was a few moments of silence as Tommy sealed the letter. “So when are you going to tell Rosie?”

Danny blushed. For a moment he wished he hadn’t said anything to the Gryffindor, but Tom had always been one of Danny’s two brothers, one of the two people he’d frequently confided in. “Ah’ve nae even… Ah mean, Ah’m waitin’ for the richt time…”

Tom nodded. “So, will I have a beard like Dumbledore’s by then?” He said acting like he wasn’t paying attention.

“Well,” Danny said, an eyebrow cocked. “Ah thocht Ah’d take a crack at Dee and Tatiana first. Just tae hiv ane from each hoose.”

“Oh well that’s good then,” Tom nodded again, “and by the by, I already dated Tati. You don’t go after a brother’s ex, mate. That’s just not done.”

“Shite,” Danny said with a laugh. “That eliminates Sammers too. Ah’m oot o’ luck wi’ Hufflepuff ‘less I kin steal the attention o’ Tonks away frae Lando.”

“Oh yeah that’s right,” Tom nodded, “Well there’s always Corrina.”

Danny grinned. “Rina’s a richt bonnie lass,” he said thoughtfully, but then added in a mocking tone, “But Ah ken Ah’ll leave th’ gingers tae ye, brither.”

“Yes well,” it was now Tom’s turn to blush, “seriously though, you might want to hurry. I heard that seventh year Ravenclaw is thinking about asking Rosie out.”

Reflexively the Ravenclaw’s hand went to his wand. “Which seventh year?”

“That one,” Tom snapped his fingers, “with the hair. What’s his name?”

Shaking his head, Danny smiled. “It doesnae matter. Ah hiv a plan. An’ Ah’ve already started it.”

“Glad to hear it. Something having to do with her birthday?” Tom grinned.

“Nae,” he said, writing out a quick cover letter for their article while suppressing a smirk. “But mebbes Valentines day.”

“If you say so,” Tommy laughed, “but I’ll be happy to see when it happens.”

The Ravenclaw laughed. Mebbes Ah dinnae want anyone around. Ah’m plannin’ on having a nice little romantic dinner.” He rolled the letter around the scroll with their article. Looking back up at Tommy, he smiled. “Mebbes ye ken help wi’ the build up…”

“Well that sounds interesting.”

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