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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.03

capvatarIt was almost as if the sun never set on the Garrison’s Golden Strip. A twenty-four hour anomaly of neon lights and sound. Still as the sun set and the Darkness crept its way over the rest of the city, the glowing lights of the casinos would only stretch so far, making the rest of Riverside seem that much colder and darker. Despite its glowy exterior, it didn’t take much to look past the marketing campaign to see it’s dark center.

A late fall wind whipped through the streets. The cold was rather fierce atop the buildings. Cloaked in the darkness outside of the casino strip, Capin looked out at the luminescent Strip a moment longer and then checked his watch. It was almost midnight...

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Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.02

fovatarThe cool crisp night air greeted Vivian as she quietly closed the penthouse door behind her and stepped out onto the balcony. If this had been her apartment she’d be settling down into the expensive patio furniture with a glass of wine, deep in thought as she savored the skyline of the city she was calling home this month. But, it wasn’t her home, rather the expensive pad of some business man she had met earlier in the week at a nightclub. He had been kind enough to invite her up for a drink afterwards, giving her a chance to scope out the layout of the place. Divorced he told her, likely thinking himself clever for his story, since it provided a cover-up for the ring mark on his finger. She knew better though, he was still married...

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