Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.02

fovatarThe cool crisp night air greeted Vivian as she quietly closed the penthouse door behind her and stepped out onto the balcony. If this had been her apartment she’d be settling down into the expensive patio furniture with a glass of wine, deep in thought as she savored the skyline of the city she was calling home this month. But, it wasn’t her home, rather the expensive pad of some business man she had met earlier in the week at a nightclub. He had been kind enough to invite her up for a drink afterwards, giving her a chance to scope out the layout of the place. Divorced he told her, likely thinking himself clever for his story, since it provided a cover-up for the ring mark on his finger. She knew better though, he was still married. She’d met too many like him before and the place still had a woman’s touch to it. A refined touch, not the mistress, or flavor of the month touch. She had begged off when things heated up, citing an early business meeting the next morning for an excuse. That was two nights ago. A glimpse at the man’s Day Runner while he was making drinks told her he’d be out tonight, the opera with his supposed ex-wife.

She had returned to the penthouse in costume, breezing past the security system that she could have beat with blindfolded and in her sleep. The safe, hidden behind a painting of course, was just as easily broken into. Much to her delight, the man, despite being a sleaze, had good taste. She made sure most of what she took was his, taking only a few of his wife’s bobbles, to be fair. She didn’t want it to look like his wife, to Vivian, the innocent and injured party in their marriage, to be somehow blamed for the break in. She was in and out of the place in less than twenty minutes, hardly a work out for someone of her skill level.

Out in the balcony she made sure all of her gear and ‘earnings’ were secured before raising her arm, a hushed *woosh* followed by a *kertunk* as the bolt at the other end of the line sunk deep into the concrete of the empty office building next to the expensive apartment building. It took only a few minutes for her to swing over and reel the line back in. It was from her new vantage point that she could see the harbor, and the fireworks alight in it. It gave her pause for a moment; a boat fire was something new for her. She kept an eye on it as she continued to hop from building to building, as if using them as giant steps, working her way down to street level and a secure alleyway. ‘Hopefully there wasn’t anyone on it.’ she thought to herself after the harbor and the burning boat were no longer visible due to city obstructions.

The alleyway she picked, the place she started out only a few hours ago, was no longer empty. Her motorcycle was still safely hidden behind a dumpster, but there were people blocking her route to it. At first she thought it was some couple stealing an intimate moment away from the prying eyes of the populous. It only took a few moments and snippets of dialogue for her to realize it was quite the opposite. She sighed inwardly…this could cause a problem. Stealing from sleazoids like the man from the penthouse did nothing to gnaw at her conscious; she wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep over it. But, what was about to happen below couldn’t be ignored. She might have been a thief, but she still had morals and ethics, even if they were twisted to suit her own needs.

Below the scene was escalating, the man had the young woman pressed up against the building, drawing a knife to add weight to his demands that she ‘play nice’. They were only a single story below her, just a hop, skip and a ….

“I don’t think she likes you. Maybe you should try a dating service instead,” quipped the masked woman as she landed near the man. Not giving him a chance to reply, or do worse, she lashed out with a kick to his hand. He called out loudly in surprise, then pain, the knife being dropped to the ground. The victim caught by surprise as well, yelped, but with the wall to her back and nowhere to go.

The man, a seasoned criminal sort, was only caught off balance for a moment and quickly reached down for the knife. Having his way with the young woman was forgotten, now he had someone new to play with.

“Nice tail.” he said with a crooked toothy grin as he leered at Fox. “Think I’m gonna have to have me some of that.” And with that, he started to advance on her with the knife. Luckily, this gave his victim the opportunity she needed to escape, and she did, taking off down the alleyway and out into the street.

Vivian rolled her eyes behind her mask, how many times had she heard that…tail jokes, ear jokes…If there hadn’t been sentimental reasoning for the costume she picked she might have dumped it for something a bit less…easy. She’d worry about it later though; this man was a good foot taller than her and had a weapon. Of course, if there was one thing Vivian had learned…size really didn’t matter. Then again, how well a man wielded his weapon WAS definitely worth pause for thought.

He had a knife, but she had smoke pellets, caltrops, tranq darts and a deep seated hatred of male slime. After he was blinded by the smoke and hopping from foot to foot in pain as sharp metal cut into his feet, she gave him a sharp nighty-night prick and left him with the rest of the trash.

“These boots were made for walking…” She started to hum softly to herself as she walked over the fallen male towards her bike, making sure to land a well placed boot heel as she did. He’d wake up later with more than just his feet hurting.

Ten minutes later she was home. Not a bad night all in all. She hoped her little detour in the alleyway hadn’t been seen by anyone, she’d hate to have to leave town already, since this place has such promise.

After stashing her loot away she flicked on the TV, turning to the news as she changed out of her costume and into something more suitable for what remained of the evening. She had been invited to a party by a few people she had met earlier in the week and planned on at least making an appearance.

Vivian left her apartment building, dressed to the nines and ventured off by foot to the party. Not knowing the area too well she made a wrong turn, taking her closer to the less than desirable area of the city.


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