Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.03

capvatarIt was almost as if the sun never set on the Garrison’s Golden Strip. A twenty-four hour anomaly of neon lights and sound. Still as the sun set and the Darkness crept its way over the rest of the city, the glowing lights of the casinos would only stretch so far, making the rest of Riverside seem that much colder and darker. Despite its glowy exterior, it didn’t take much to look past the marketing campaign to see it’s dark center.

A late fall wind whipped through the streets. The cold was rather fierce atop the buildings. Cloaked in the darkness outside of the casino strip, Capin looked out at the luminescent Strip a moment longer and then checked his watch. It was almost midnight. He pulled his hand back and the cape that draped over his shoulders seemed to close around him, leaving only a thin strip of white to peak out from his chest. The tips at the bottom loosely kicked at the rooftop ledge in the wind, as if they were weighted only slightly.

He let out a small breath of air. It hung for a brief moment in front of his face like a tiny low flying cloud before dissipating. Capin took one last look at the bright strip not too far in the distance and then hopped over the ledge onto the fire escape. The loud clanging sound echoed out into the alley. He paid it no mind and climbed down to ground level.

Capin headed toward the casino strip by way of back roads other alleys. He’d learned the streets or Riverside and much of the rest of Garrison quite well. He felt steering clear of the main drags would be best. The closer he got, the brighter the streetlamps became. The cleaner the roads. The late hour didn’t stop people from using the sidewalks. There noise got louder. The sound of people, cars in the streets with their radios blaring.

Capin paused a moment before stepping onto the main drag. The MetroGold Casino almost looked like a palace. It was highly ornate and stood several stories tall. Its red carpeted front was decorated with carved lions. Several Large gentlemen stood before its tall glass doors, checking ID’s as people entered. Capin scanned the building’s face. The thirtieth floor was private. The ‘high rollers’ played here, as did several of Garrison’s criminally well to do. And of course, the MGC was owned by Tony Adriani. Not exactly a model citizen.

Still that wasn’t what had brought Capin here. He’d been following up on the kidnapping of Anna Holliday. The police’s leads had come up with nothing, but his investigations had uncovered a bit more. Just prior to her kidnapping, Anna’s father, Peter had been a chemist for Acta Biochem. Capin’s arrows were pointing to Arthur Schultz, the biochemical company’s president. Another ‘model citizen’. Peter was keeping something from his former employer and Schultz was willing to pay for it with the girl’s life. Capin had tracked down one of Schultz’s right hand men to the MGC’s thirteenth floor. He was the boy who handled the ‘less than legal matters’. Apparently he also had a tendency to gamble.

He tugged the glove forward a bit and checked his watch once more. “Midnight.”


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