Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.09

kavatarEddy shut down his computer and slid his keyboard back under his desk. He hadn’t been able to sleep, so he had decided to get some work done. That was the good thing about freelance… you make your own hours. The bad thing was the salary… if his brownstone hadn’t been paid for while his father was still alive he’d be in serious trouble.

Still, money was the last thing on his mind this morning. She had been hesitant about giving her name… and there was that “something” in her eyes… he had assumed it was gratitude, but maybe… nah. He was letting his paranoia get the best of him. There were far too many reasons to just let it slide and forget about it. Yeah… reasons like “no woman like that would ever give ‘Eddy’ the time of day” and “even if she was interested in the vigilante, there was that whole mask thing.”

Yeah, better to just forget about it. But man was it a serious bug in his bonnet. Damn it, why couldn’t he just trust somebody for once. So she was “uptown,” that didn’t automatically mean she was hiding something… and Billy Joel was probably wrong anyway… most of these thoughts came while he was still dialing the phone. Some came while it was ringing.

“8th Precinct, Detective Pope.”

Eddy grinned, something he allowed a lot more when he wasn’t wearing the suit. “Andy! Long time, no hear… you missed dinner Wednesday.”

He could hear the irritation on the other end, even before the voice followed. “I was on a case… I left you a message.”

“My machine must be busted.” He knew Andy knew better, but it was a running joke between them. Andrew Pope was Eddy’s best friend and a Detective for the GCPD. He was also the only person besides Alex that knew the whole truth. “Listen, I need a favor.”

“How did I know that was coming?”

“Come on, Andy, I don’t ask for that many favors…”

“No more than two a day. What do you need?”

Eddy hesitated. He still wasn’t sure if he wanted to do this. “I need a background check on one Vivian Green. Go deep.”

“You looking for anything specific?” Eddy waited to answer, maybe a bit too long. Andy got to talk again before he did… and that was never a good thing. “This isn’t business, is it?”

“It’s always business,” he answered, his voice changing to the one he preferred… Kardiac’s voice.

Andy paused for a second. “Damn, I hate it when you do that.”

Eddy sighed, rubbing his forehead. “Sorry… look, can you do this for me?”

“I’ve already started,” he answered. “But you’re going to owe me big time.” Andy said that every time he did this kind of favor, but he never collected. Eddy never expected him to… but he paid him back every chance he got. That’s what friends do.

He paused for just a second before replying. “Thanks. I’ll buy the beer tomorrow night.” It was Thursday. Eddy owed Andy a Friday night, and he wasn’t about to welch on it. This time, he’d put business behind him and just try to have a good time.

“Sure you will…” Andy answered. There was humor in his tone… there usually was. “Don’t get dead.”

“Right back at you.” It was how they said goodbye… it was how they’d been saying goodbye since the Academy. Hanging up the phone, Eddy walked into the kitchen to pour himself a bowl of cold cereal… the whole time praying that he had some milk left.

It was going to be a long day.

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