Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.10

fovatarWhile the two heroes were enjoying their breakfasts, Vivian was still curled up in bed, enjoying a prolonged period of beauty sleep. One of the benefits of being a thief, besides the income, was the hours. Sometime around noon she woke up, ate, made a few calls to further secure her ‘cover-job’ and then went back to sleep.

Sometime around dinner she awoke again, ate, showered and started sorting through what would go to the fence that day. Despite the beauty of some of the pieces of jewelry she lifted the night before she wouldn’t keep any of it. They felt dirty to her. Not because they were stolen, but because of they had sleazoid cooties.

Once darkness fell and the good people of the city went home to their families, she started work. Her first item of business, a visit with her new fence. He, like she, kept odd hours to cater to his suppliers. She went in costume of course, not waiting to worry about any loose ends later.

Ernie had been a purveyor of fine stolen goods for over ten years now and knew the city fairly well. He had heard rumors about the green clad vigilante from his clientele, so it came to no shock when Fox asked him about Kardiac. Her garb was more of a surprise to him, but he had learned in this business it was safer not to ask too many questions and safer still not to make comments.

“Yeah, I heard some stories about that one.” He told her while peering at a diamond bracelet though a jewelers loupe. It was a sweet piece of work, if he could sell this one to a good buyer it’d be more than he’d make in a week.

“Hear he gives the boys in the warehouse district a real headache. He don’t like them drug dealer types.” he added as he set the piece down, picking up a handsome looking Rolex.

“Has he given you any trouble?” She asked, closing up a few now empty pouches on her belt. “I’d like to keep a low profile, as you can well understand.”

Ernie shook his head. “Nah, I’m small potatoes compared to them.” he replied with a somewhat less than perfect smile, removing the loupe and collecting the jewelry on the counter to tuck it away someplace safe.

She nodded, humming to herself. She noticed him clearing off the counter and smiled, “Shall I assume you’d like to do more business in the future?”

“You keep bringing me stuff like this honey and you’ll be my number one gal.”

The comment drew a sour look from Fox and her displeasure was made known with a snort. Ernie just shrugged and tried to give her a winning smile. She tried not to let it irritate her too much. Business was business, and Ernie was the best. She’d let it slide this time, but just this once.

“Know anything else about him?” She asked, turning the conversation back to Garrison’s oldest vigilante.

Ernie looked confused, he was still adding up the money he’d make from the stash she had brought him. “Oh? Him. Nah. I don’t wanna, either. He can stay far, far, away from me and I’ll be happy.”

The nagging little voice in the back of her head started to make a sarcastic comment, but it was cut off before it could.

They talked for a few moments longer, Ernie telling her about a few more of the rumors he had heard. After Fox was paid for the goods she left quickly, cash tucked away in an inner section of her belt for safe keeping.

She had learned a lot about Kardiac’s supposed exploits, even possible patrol areas, but nothing about the man himself. Vivian told herself it was a purely professional interest. And though she was great at subterfuge when it came to her targets, she wasn’t very good at lying to herself. The warehouse district was nowhere near her next target’s home, she started out towards it.

‘It wouldn’t hurt to learn the city layout better.’ she told herself.

‘You’re looking for trouble in all the right places.’ replied the nagging voice in the back of her mind.‘You know, prison stripes won’t do a thing for your figure.’

Concentrating on roof hopping, she forced the nagging voice to be quiet. She knew it was right, on both accounts.


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