Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.59

bwvatarSnow was falling again. Nothing heavy yet, but enough to make Bluewolf’s search of the eastern half of the city less enjoyable than it already was. One night to find Kardiac and the Fox, one night to convince them Silhouette’s plan might actually work. Hell, he wasn’t sure if he was convinced they could pull it off, but they weren’t left with very much room to maneuver.

Standard spiral search pattern, starting at the docks and traversing east through Hiland. South through Eastland, then cutting back west just north of the Garrison Heights area, and angling northwest back to the docks, rinse and repeat until you caught a solid trail or simply ran out of city. The latter would be bad, but he had the utmost confidence in his techno-gadgetry added with his natural abilities. The new suit was performing up to spec so far, and was so lightweight that he could hardly tell he was wearing it.

Bluewolf was on his third pass through the Midland Bay docks when the comm link in his helmet popped to life. There was a short pause, but the voice wasn’t the one he hoped it was…

“Wolf, are you there?” Jenna’s voice came crystal clear in his ear.

“I’m sorry, Bluewolf isn’t here right now. He’s vacationing in sunny Aruba. You’ve reached Soggy Cold Wolf, I’ll be taking all his calls while he’s out,” Wolf quipped.

“Cute. Strategoi has received information that the Organization has put the feelers out for a new operative in Garrison. Apparently they didn’t take your resignation well,” Jenna reported.

“Well isn’t that just dandy. Any details?”

“Nothing yet,” she replied. “No sign of Romeo and Juliet, I take it?” Bluewolf merely grunted in reply. “I’ll keep you updated.”

“Likewise.” The link beeped as the connection ended.

A few hours past midnight, or before dawn depending on one’s point of view, Bluewolf stood atop the snow-covered roof of a high rise he was all too familiar with. You always find what you’re looking for in the last place you think to look. It wasn’t the last place he’d thought of really, but he had made up his mind from the outset for this to be his final destination.

Infrared signatures placed them together, sleeping from the looks of it. At least they had been, as one of the figures roused and fumbled around the floor looking for something. Looked like a cell phone. Bluewolf scanned the airwaves, but couldn’t pick up anything sounding like Kardiac or Fox’s voice. Must be his secure line. Eavesdropping wasn’t his preferred method of information gathering, but he’d settle for the time being. He took two steps back, then leapt across the gap between buildings, landing silently on the Fox’s balcony. From here, his ears could manage at least half of the conversation.

And an interesting half it turned out to be. Just as Jenna had feared, Bluewolf came to the conclusion that the Fox needed to be included in the equation. There was just too much of a chance that things would turn out bad otherwise. He sighed. “I just hope someone puts on a robe before they answer the door,” Bluewolf said, knocking lightly on the glass pane of the sliding door. When there was no response, he knocked again, slightly harder. Again, nothing. He tried the door, and it slid open with a quiet roll.

Bluewolf stepped into the main room, noting a box of purloined items, and various bits of the Fox’s costume. “Lady Capulet! Lord Montague! You have a visitor.” He heard several exclamations, the interior walls of the apartment doing nothing to dampen his sensitive hearing. Bluewolf could hardly resist a broad grin as the two stumbled from the bedroom, the Fox having tossed on Kardiac’s shirt and he wrapped in a bed sheet, his visor slightly crooked.

Vivian look worried and perturbed all at the same time. Kardiac simply sighed, “Let me guess, ‘we need to talk,’ right?”

Again, Wolf could not help but smile, “Not only will I have to take back your superhero union card and secret decoder ring, but for this,” he gestured to Vivian, “I’m afraid I’m going to have to kill you… But I’ll wait for the both of you to get presentable first.” At that, he took a seat on Viv’s couch.

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