Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.100

Teotihuacan Archaeological site, Mexico –

Everything seemed to happen in a flash, rather than in the slow motion these type of events usually occur. Leaping at her assailant had actually caught him off guard. This combined with the enhanced agility and reflexes her feline form granted her, Kaye was able to escape. She had to assume the Jackal had some type of low light or infrared imaging capabilities, so once she was clear of the site and well into the surrounding brush, she shifted shapes again… this time to something smaller, a bobcat.

After several minutes of haphazard changes in direction Kaye stopped to listen. Nothing – no sign of pursuit – yet. It was growing dark, and Mexico City was a scant forty or so miles to the southwest. Once there she could try to get a call out, maybe even a flight. She was worried about Aaron. Whoever it was had targeted her as a means to get to him, or they already had him and were just tying up ‘loose ends.’ Either way she had to get out of the immediate area. Shifting once more to take the shape of a puma, Kaye began her trek towards the bright spot in the sky that would be Mexico City.


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