Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.105

fovatarStill slightly out of it from the drugs, Fox woke up thinking she was back home. That was, until she felt the restraints around her arms and legs. She knew, or at least hoped, Eddy wasn’t into that.

Slowly her eyes opened, trying to focus in the dim light of the basement. Through foggy vision and a headache she began to try to get the layout of the room.

With her hands bound she couldn’t get to her belt, or the knife in her boot, so escape wasn’t looking too good at this moment. She’d have to wait for an opportunity to be handed to her.

‘Begnini. Eddy is going to flip.’ Her first thought, much like everyone else’s involved, was that the mobster had to behind this.

Her mask was still on then. What did that mean?’It was hard to think with whatever drug Savate hit her with still wearing off.

‘I wonder what time it is. Eddy is going to be going nuts.’ She retraced her steps last night, hoping somehow something would lead back to Eddy.

Not Andy. One, he didn’t know she was Vivian and two, he thinks Eddy is dead.

Bluewolf. Their paths did cross. But with Kardiac out of commision, she had no idea how often the two were in communication.

‘Sigh. This does not bode well…Plan. I need a plan.’

“Help! Can anyone hear me….HELP!” ‘Oh, real original girl.


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