Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.106

kavatarCapin slid one foot out, probably by instinct, setting himself in perfect balance, ready to defend himself. His cape, however, remained at ease, flipping gently in a wind of its own devising. Obviously, it knew something its wearer did not. Bluewolf’s apparent lack of concern also seemed to echo the cloak’s non-aggressive sentiment.

“Blindside, eh? Hadn’t heard he was coming to town.”

The newcomer smirked. “Wow… I knew something before Ol’ Blue. Get me some smelling salts, I think I’m gonna faint.”

Capin looked between the two. Realizing at the very least that this was not an enemy, his stance relaxed a little. Bluewolf just half-smiled and shook his head. “A comedian to the last.”

Blindside began to wobble a little, finally catching himself, but voluntarily taking a knee anyway. “No seriously… I think I’m gonna faint.” He let out a few short, sharp coughs, the kind felt deep in the chest, and tasted the distinct flavor of copper in the back of his throat.

“What the hell are you doing out?” Bluewolf asked as he and Capin moved with near perfect synchronization to try to stabilize him. “You look like complete…”

“Look, feel… yeah, pretty much,” Blindside said, using both of his compatriots to stabilize himself further. “But dead or not, I’ve got work to do.”

All the pieces fell into place in Capin’s mind, and he looked to Wolf. Wolf just nodded and turned his attention back to Blindside. “If you’re not dead now, you will be when your lady finds out you’re out on the town.” He cocked his head to the side slightly, giving his associate a quick once-over. “So are you out looking for her, or are you following up on information she got out of the schedule she ‘borrowed’ while we kept your buddy Begnini distracted?”

Blindside smirked somewhat weakly as he forced himself back to his feet; he couldn’t say he was surprised Bluewolf had noticed his little addition to the plan. “The latter. Though I wouldn’t be exactly unhappy to see her right about now,” he answered leaning heavily against the nearest wall.

“I get the feeling I opened this book in the middle,” Capin interjected, taking a moment to brush his knees free of the dust they’d accumulated while kneeling to help his friend. “Want to fill me in?”

And so for the next few minutes, Blindside and Bluewolf filled Capin in on the events of the last few days. They stopped for questions when necessary, but the only real tangent erupted after the “So the whole thing about you and the lady thief is true?” question.

“She’s a thief,” Blindside answered, “but she’s a good thief. Y’know, a ‘rob from the assholes give to the victimized women’ kind of thief.” That seemed to be enough of an explanation, at least for the time being, and they finally got around to finishing the explanation and moving on to current events.

“I was hoping to find you, though, Capin. I need a costume that isn’t Ol’ Blue here to help me with a little something.”

“Oh?” Bluewolf interjected, not entirely surprised he couldn’t be involved.

Blindside nodded, “Begnini hired me to kill someone, and I need a convenient local vigilante to show up and put a stop to it. If I don’t at least make the attempt, he’ll know and this will all have been for nothing.”

“Who do you have to kill?” Capin asked with a light smile.

“Nobody too high-profile, well-guarded, or politically-important…” he began to answer with just the faintest touch of sarcasm. “Detective Andy Pope.”

“You ever have any trouble carrying around that much irony?”

Blindside smirked. “It makes an excellent conductor.” He paused for just a beat, his eyes darting over to another pier. “So, will you do it?”

“Consider it done.” Capin answered, his cloak curling under a bit as if getting ready for a fight. “Just leave me the time and place in the ‘usual’ method.”

“And Wolf, I’ve got a little favor to ask of you too.”

Bluewolf smiled slightly, “I was beginning to feel left out.”

“Begnini’s got me receiving a 3-mil shipment tomorrow night two docks down,” Blindside said, his tone serious once more. “I was wondering if you might be able to put your ear to the ground, see if you can sniff out the source.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

Blindside nodded. “Good. If I can get Begnini to confess to calling a hit against Pope on a wire, and I can get him in the same place as those drugs at the same time, I should be able to finally close the book on Alfonse.” He paused for a second, glancing back to the dock he’d be ‘working’ on the next night. “But I’d like to know in advance who might be trying to take over once he goes down.”

They continued to talk for a few minutes, working out specifics, before Blindside finally took his leave. He hit the roofs, skipped across the Docks to his bike, and took off for Vivian’s condo. I just hope I can beat her home, he thought with a half-smile. And I hope even more that she comes home…

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