Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.109

fovatarThe Fox turned her masked glare on the man on the stairs. “Yeah, of course it rings a bell, how could I forget him. He’s the one that knocked up his secretary, refused to take any responsibility for it and then fired her when he thought she might tell his wife.’ She was even more angry sounding now.

“Uh huh……..AND I’M THE JOLLY GREEN GIANT, LADY.” Savate yelled. “Sounds more to me like a desperate attempt to stall for time” he snapped at her,making his way back down the stairs. ” You’re gonna have to do Better than that….”

She snorted in reply, “Looks like you didn’t do any homework on this job. Tsk, tsk. How very sloppy of you.’ She shrugged one shoulder, not looking too worried about the situation, her anger melting away for some reason.

“And what in the hell is that supposed to mean anyway?” his right eyebrow instinctively shot up as he asked her. “I’m not a high school kid and you have about 30 seconds to give me a more thorough explanation of what’s going on before I hogtie you and throw you on the back of my bike,I have a bounty to collect.” he warned her, his voice developing a less angry and more of a cockier sound to it.

She shrugged her shoulders, rolling the kinks of out of them. “Its just like I said. The guy was a scumbag. Cheated on his wife repeatedly and didn’t care about those he hurt in the process.” she paused for a moment, “”Had you done any sort of homework on me you might have seen some sort of pattern to my ‘jobs’. I’m not the bad guy here, guy.”

“AND YOU HONESTLY EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE THAT HUH?” Savate screamed as he asked her.,though something about her tone had started to convince him that maybe she was telling the truth after all. he grabbed her by back of the hair and as he looked into her eyes for a few brief seconds, something he saw in them finally convinced him that she was definitely telling the truth after all. “DAMN” he screamed as he picked up a chair and sent it crashing through a large window in his basement. “That Lousy no good sonofa…. he’s gonna pay for this” Savate growled as his captive stood there watching.

She blinked at him, “Woah, and they say I need anger management classes. Chill, guy, chill.” Wow, her kidnapper had real issues. She shrugged again. “He already did pay for it, handsomely.”

“He’s not done paying yet.” Savate threatened,his voice seemingly softening just a little. “Nobody crosses Savate and this guy is gonna find out the hard way. I am gonna make sure he spends the rest of his life rotting in a cell,after I get done beating him within an inch of his life. I’ve got a score to settle…..you’re free to go lady…..unless you would like a ringside seat.” he replied as he grabbed his helmet and headed towards the door.

She tugged at her bonds, “A little help?” she asked with a quirky smile. “Sure. I really do need to get home to the den and check with with a few people. I’d suggest you take a little time to clear your head as well. No good going after him all fired up. How about we meet tomorrow night?”

Savate thought to himself for a moment as he grabbed a knife and cut her free of the ropes that held her.*Maybe a little time to cool off wouldn’t be a bad thing just to make sure I don’t end up doing something I am going to regret.* he thought to himself. “Alright then,tomorrow night,where do you want to meet? his voice softened as he replied before taking his helmet off

She flexed her arms as she stood, “There’s a an old movie theatre in the warehouse district. Meet you there, midnight?”

“Alright I’ll see you then” Savate nodded as he answered affirmatively. “I have some….”personal matters I have to take care of tonight anyway” he remembered.

Fox made her way home as hastily as she could, Eddy was no doubt freaking out about her absence, and more importantly, she needed a shower and some sleep. She was just about to swing down to her balcony when she noticed an unfamiliar costumed man entering her apartment. ’Oh great, I so didn’t need this tonight.’ She waited for him to enter and then silently made her way to the balcony. Sliding the door open as he made his way further into the apartment she poised herself, ready and then dashed in making a flying tackle in his direction.


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