Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.117

fovatarFox was a block away from the appointed meeting spot when she stopped atop an apartment building for a rest. Noises from the street below grabbed her attention and she looked over the edge of the building. Below was a young couple, perhaps her age. They looked like they had just gotten out of a car and were entering the building. They sounded happy, laughing and teasing each other. There was a rather long kiss and then they moved out of sight.

What are you doing? she asked herself. You’ve finally found the right guy and you’ve left him home, battered and with a death wish. There was a moment of internal conflict as the old Fox and Vivian struggled. She wanted revenge against the man who sent Savate after her. So much easier for her to run on autopilot: anger, revenge… her old ways.

After pacing about on the rooftop for another fifteen minutes or so she came to a decision. There was no way she was letting Eddy go out alone in his shape, even with Wolf and this new tuxedo guy watching his back. She was the one with the biggest investment in his back, and the rest of him, being watched and coming home safely. Savate would have to deal with his double-crossing employer on his own. Turning homeward and turning over a new leaf, she made her way through the night. Eddy would just have to learn to deal with having a full time partner, in and out of bed.

She slid the balcony door open quietly and slipped inside the apartment. Hoping not to wake sleeping beauty she let herself into the bedroom and crept over to the bed. The TV was still on; a rerun of Superfriends was going to commercial break. Vivian smiled slightly as she picked up the remote from beside the dozing Eddy and turned the TV off. Her costume was removed and haphazardly stowed away in its hiding spot before crawling back into bed beside him. “Lucy, I’m home.” She whispered in his ear and placed a soft peck of a kiss on his cheek. She too fell asleep rather quickly, feeling much better to be home, a sleepy yet watchful eye over the best prize she had ever stolen.


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