Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.118

bwvatarBluewolf heeded Capin’s gesture of caution. It really wouldn’t do for both of them to be made, and he did intend to follow along anyway. From his concealed position and enhanced aural sense, Wolf managed to pick up both ends of the conversation and smiled, despite what could be a potentially dangerous situation. Capin slid into the car and pulled the door closed with a muffled click. Wolf raised his left arm, and with a shot of compressed gas, fired a tracking device that landed securely on the limo’s bumper. Just in case, he thought. Things didn’t always go according to plan, even when the plans were made up as he went along.

The sleek black limo wove its way northeast through Garrison. It’s casual pace and lack of any circuitous changes of direction seemed to confirm that the driver didn’t know he was being tailed. Or they just don’t care… The only time Bluewolf had to rely on his tracking device was as the car made its way across the Davidson Bridge to Lakeview Island. He’d needed to swing line his way underneath the bridge, before picking the trail up on the other side.

Lakeview Island had a ‘drumstick’ like shape to it, and was home to the city’s main airport, Lakeview International. Due to the lack of the taller buildings of the city, Bluewolf trailed a good distance behind as the limo navigated around and access road that circled the airport and branched off along the narrowing landscape. As they neared the eastern tip of the island, Bluewolf became aware that the airport wasn’t the only thing Garrison City kept on its outskirts. The medium gray walls of the Lakeview Psychiatric Care Center grew out of the darkness.

The limo reached a formidable looking gate, pausing only momentarily as the heavy iron bars parted, then continued on. Even in the dark of night, crouched atop concrete walls, Bluewolf could see that the Lakeview Center wasn’t exactly a premier facility for the mentally ill. A complex of brick and concrete buildings – none more than four stories tall – it surrounded a small central courtyard of pavement. The scene was broken here and there with a few landscaped areas dotted with small trees. Not what one would consider therapeutic at all.

The car made its way toward the back side of the complex, though another access point, and rolled down into a subterranean garage or loading dock area, where it was quickly swallowed up by automated bay doors. Bluewolf noted their position on his visor display, a stylized wolf-head signifying the vehicle had stopped, at least for the moment. “Time to unlock some secrets…”

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