Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.124

bwvatarAaron – actually Ryu – propped himself up on an elbow, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. His dream vision was still very prevalent in his mind, but the smell of brewing coffee wafting up from the kitchen, was a reminder that he had a houseguest whom was apparently awake. He stood, tossing the pillows back onto the bed as Enry flowed back over his upper body to give the appearance of a tight-fitting black T-shirt. Glancing into the large mirror hanging above Kaye’s dresser, he wondered how much control he could exert over the symbiote.

He concentrated and watched as the black faded into a deep blue-gray. Another thought, and he was covered in yellow with pink polka dots. Yet another shift of thought and he found himself wearing a crisp herringbone dress shirt. Interesting. Enry reverted back to the blue-gray as Aaron stepped out of the room and headed down to the kitchen.

Aaron found himself seated at the breakfast bar, sipping a steaming cup of coffee. Even with the amount of time that had passed, which in reality hadn’t been long, it was still a little unnerving to see himself from an outside point of view. A second cup sat waiting for him, as he took a seat next to himself.


“Yes. Yes it is.” Taking a long sip from the cup, ‘Ryu’ savored the roasted bittersweet taste.

“Sorry, I wasn’t sure how you took yours, so I fixed it like I usually do. Black with two sugars.”‘Aaron’ smirked. “I had to cut mine with some water… not used to this taste thing of yours.”

‘Ryu’ chuckled, “Yeah… it’s good, actually. I might have to get a regular on the way to the office. We only keep decaf here; increased metabolism that I have to deal with. Regular coffee makes me crazy hyper.”

“I figured that was the reason I feel like eating half a dozen eggs and a pound of bacon.” They both laughed at that, then slipped into silence as they sipped their drinks. “So did you…”

“Yeah. I have a good understanding of what happened, but I’m still a little fuzzy on how to fix it.”

“Glad I’m not the only one.” ‘Aaron’ frowned, “Hey, how did you get him to do that?” He asked, plucking at the front of Enry.

“I just sort of thought about it and he did it.” ‘Ryu’s’ eyebrows shot up, “You never thought about it before?”

“Well, yeah but… Let’s just say it took me longer than one evening to get it right.” ‘Aaron’ smiled, “Remind me to have a chat with my cape after we fix this.”

‘Ryu’ grunted, “You’re assuming we’ll be able to remember anything. My interpretation is that we’re just covering each other’s respective memories for the short term.”

“I can agree with that,” ‘Aaron’ nodded. “And we have limited access to each other’s long-term memories.”


“But what that doesn’t explain is why we can both remember things from our own long-term memory.”

“Hey, I didn’t say I had it all figured out.”

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