Hard Boiled – Episode One: A New Day 1.125

capvatar“I’ve done a lifetime of meditation and self-searching. Being raised by monks will do that to a guy. A lot of folks don’t buy into the whole soul, spirit thing.” ‘Wolf’ stared into his coffee, it’s thick organic smell filling his nostrils. “I’d hate to make assumptions about you, but I’m pretty comfortable in saying that you’re soul isn’t dull. It isn’t dark.”

‘Ryu took another sip, “I’d hope that were true, otherwise I wouldn’t have been granted the power i have in the first place.” He tipped his cup in ‘Aaron’s direction, “Nor would you.”

Ryu half bowed Aaron’s head as if in thanks. “Except beneath all that bright clear energy was this dull blue sphere.”

“Ok, I see where this is going.” He set down his cup.

“Psyche pulled the essence of you out and stuck it in me, and vice versa.” He paused a beat, mulling it over. “But maybe the trick was a little to complicated to pull a full replace so quickly.”

“Hence the reason neither of us really believe that it’s permanent. I imagine we’d have had different visions, otherwise.”

“One thing concerns me.”

Across the table ‘Ryu’ leaned back hooking his arm around the top of the back of his chair. He looked right over ‘Aaron’s’ shoulder and out the window, watching the trees move in the breeze. “Just one,” he chided with a smirk.

His lip hooked up on the edge in a smile not unlike the one ‘Kokezaru’ was sporting, but he didn’t look up from his mug. Perhaps he didn’t want to get too used to staring at his own face. “When I broke through that barrier… I could feel me in there.” He took a sip and then looked up. “And I’m not talking about guided meditation. That aura that’s got you trapped in here,” he tapped at his chest, “I think it’s leaking through.”

“And vice versa, again.” ‘Ryu’s’ brow knitted, “That being the reason for the overlapping and intermixed memories.”

“Right.” ‘Aaron’ could feel the coffee in his empty stomach. It reminded him that he hadn’t eaten. He checked the clock on the microwave. “My concern is that the more of me that seeps into you, the more permanent our situation becomes. I could probably manage to pull my aura off of you with some serious effort, but I don’t know…” The wolf in him growled, but he shook it off as hunger. “It might leave you a shell. It might leave you fine.”

‘Ryu’ sat quietly for a long moment. His mind flashed. The vision was gone in an eye-blink, but the impression was enough for him to get an idea of what they would have to go through. He saw the Shaman, Manitu Tan-Ka and Master Murakami standing opposite one another, each holding a shimmering ball of energy; one azure with a silvery aura, the other argent with a blue aura. He could tell there was a third presence, but it seemed to be grounded in the natural world. ‘Ryu’ blinked, then looked at ‘Aaron.’ He nodded, an unspoken affirmation that he’d witnessed the same vision. The aura’s had streamed from the orbs, flowing like a river through spiritual air to encircle the opposite orb, making them complete once more.


‘Aaron’ pushed back from the table, picking up his mug by the lip. He wore Wolf’s pensive expression almost perfectly. He rinsed it and slid it into the dishwasher hidden under the counter. “We should get going. You’re going to die if I don’t eat something soon.”

‘Ryu’ chuckled, getting up as well. “Seeing as how your car is a bus pass, we’ll take mine.”

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